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You No-Longer Have State’s Rights! You Have Government-Provided Allowances



Whether or not everyone agrees with or supports same-sex marriage is beside the point when individual state’s are being ripped from the people and states.

What is most important today is our government—federal, as well as state and local. It has overreached into our Fourth Amendment rights by invading our homes and lives to redefine us, now government has decided it has full rights to redefine all of our 10th Amendment states.    

Congratulations, you no longer have State’s Rights, you have government-provided allowances!

Whether or not Americans—gay or straight—continue to have 10 Amendment Rights, or anything written and singed into the Bill of Rights, should be of great concern to all. Facts are facts: We Americans have handed over our lives to the government that tells us it is better capable of determining our lives, life-styles, religion, how we speak, act, think, talk, spend our money, whether or not we can conduct businesses without government regulation and control, and so forth.

We allow the government to convince us that the Supreme Court is a superlative entity so infallible; it is the second coming of Christ in nine black robes–Judicial Supremacy.

Don’t bother trying to find that phrase in the Constitution. The supreme Court invented it in 1958 with the Cooper v. Aaron case: “[T]he Supreme Court for the first time, made the sweeping assertion that ‘The federal judiciary is supreme in exposition of the law of the Constitution.'”  And there’s  “no mention of the power of judicial review in the Constitution,” because the Founders did not want the Supreme Court to be “supreme in the exposition of laws of the Constitution.” The court upholds the law, but they are not the lawmakers:

judicial power was to decide cases according to law. The judicial power was given to the federal courts. And that Article VI tells you when you want to find out what the law is, where to go. And the Constitution is there.


But Americans took the bait, allowing the Supreme Court and Federal Government to define our lives and how we should live.

For some bizarre reason, many Americans enjoy being shackled to a government ordered society that strips people of all free will.

Gov Screws You

The latest Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act was followed by the sending of Proposition 8 back to California, where it technically belongs.

You’ll have to excuse me, I foolishly assume that California voters, who voted against same sex marriage in their state, have rights to vote freely for laws and policies they want and do not want in their individual state, which has nothing to do with the other 49 individual states.  

Apparently I’ve been misinterpreting the 10th Amendment which states “The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Notice “to the people,” who no longer have a say concerning their individual states and lives. Activists must decide, because the Federal Government has made activists the final arbiters of the Constitution’s laws.

Some individuals, gay and straight, do not agree with same sex marriage. Some of those individuals do not agree with heterosexual couples living together outside of marriage.  Many voters disagree with single motherhood. Whatever one’s social views, shouldn’t individuals have rights to express those beliefs and opinions without the Federal Government invading states and mandating government judgment upon the people?

Not according to the government. You see, if people think and act through self-determination, they understand every person is a God-created being with free thought and will. Free-thinking people will in fact determine the truth that lie within the Constitution and understand their rights. When that happens, as in 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, all hell breaks loose and government loses its grip of control, while people gain liberty.

That cannot be allowed in a country where government elites wish to rewrite liberty in the government’s image!

Look what former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Professor Steven Markham of Hillsdale College says concerning activists rewriting the Constitution and Amendments:

Proponents of a ‘21st century constitution’ or ‘living constitution’ aim to transform our nation’s supreme law beyond recognition—and with a minimum of public attention and debate. Indeed, if there is an overarching theme to what they wish to achieve, it is the diminishment of the democratic and representative processes of American government. It is the replacement of a system of republican government, in which the constitution is largely focused upon the architecture of government in order to minimize the likelihood of abuse of power, with a system of judicial government, in which substantive policy outcomes are increasingly determined by federal judges. Rather than merely defining broad rules of the game for the legislative and executive branches of government, the new constitution would compel specific outcomes.


This week’s Supreme Court rulings are not truly a gay-straight issue, rather a state-by-state’s rights issue being abused in order to rip liberty from every individual’s hands, making people subjects of Washington politicians seeking the gay vote to keep politicians in power in case the black and single female poverty vote ever fails to continue its magical spell of oppression for personal power.

If gays really think the Federal Government desiresautonomy for individual, they are kidding themselves. Gay Americans are the latest propaganda means used by greedy politicians and leftist activists seeking further erosion of the 10th Amendment for political self-gain.

Markham notes that

Since shortly after the Civil War, the privileges or immunities clause of the 14th Amendment has been understood as protecting a relatively limited array of rights that are a function of American federal citizenship, such as the right to be heard in courts of justice and the right to diplomatic protection. In defining the protections of the privileges or immunities clause in this manner, the Supreme Court in the Slaughterhouse Cases (1873) rejected the argument that the clause also protects rights that are a function of state citizenship, asserting that this would lead to federal courts serving as a ‘perpetual censor’ of state and local governments. This decision has served as a bulwark of American federalism. Although a considerable amount of federal judicial authority has since been achieved over the states through interpretations of the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, many proponents of a 21st century constitution seek additional federal oversight of state and local laws. Their strategy in this regard is to refashion the privileges or immunities clause as a new and essentially unlimited bill of rights within the 14th Amendment. The practical consequences of this would be to authorize federal judges to impose an ever broader and more stultifying uniformity upon the nation. Whatever modicum of federalism remains extant at the outset of this century, considerably less would remain tomorrow.


Unlimited rights not in the Constitution are already pushed for power.

The Federal government has poverty votes generating more black poverty via racism. Where’s the 10th Amendment right to not have government tell a particular race of human beings how and where to live because of race and skin color? It’s there, but government convinced black Americans that slavery incurred black poverty and teen pregnancy and government running black lives is the only way to become emancipated.  

Darn Abe Lincoln for not signing that Emancipation Bill!

Don’t forget the War On Women: Single women were convinced if they don’t vote Democrat, they will lose their breasts to cancer! Suddenly free birth control means you receive already performed mammograms in America where legalized abortion is not legal enough.

Quick Note: Even if Roe V Wade were overturned, abortion would still be legal in Democrat controlled states, especially Massachusetts where Democrat politicians do the over-crowded planet a favor by drowning the pregnant woman with the baby.

Then there’s the Amnesty Bill: Shock! Illegal aliens are forbidden to live in a country they illegally entered. That’s because white Republicans hate immigration and the only way immigrants can enter America is illegally.

But that’s not enough to abolish the 10th Amendment and your stat’s rights.

Progressive leftist activists have been clamoring to place gay Americans in the Emancipation Proclamation. Gays have been enslaved! Gays are forbidden same-sex marriage! The last time I checked marriage is not a Constitutional Amendment; marriage is not a federally mandated rule of law, rather state-by-state laws: Couples must go to their local town hall to obtain marriage licenses. But progressive activists are determined that marriage become a Federal Government law providing marriage rights.

Look out America! Don’t think the day can’t come when D.C. mandates marriage and Americans beg D.C. for marriage licenses. Imagine being told:  “Sorry, you can’t get married if the government does not have a marriage equality quota of gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim (which will no doubt demand Sharia Law be pushed into a Constitutional amendment) polygamy marriages (don’t assume polygamists are not plotting to get their marriages federally legalized), etc.

It could happen in America with a progressive government that signed off on the Constitution.

We are not looking ahead, but allowing government to mandate our lives, while destroying the Constitution and our rights.

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Lisa Richards

Lisa Richards is a life-long Conservative Republican with a capital "C," fighting leftist progressivism like a hyped-up hormonal verbal paper-shredder on over-drive. A writer of politics and history, Richards believes in upholding an defending the Constitution and American Exceptionalism without apologies. Lisa Richards Holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University. She resides in her native state of Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals

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    1. That’s not what this column is about, it’s saying that if Federal Government is allowed to define our marriages and personal lives, it will attempt to place further restrictions on the people—as it has done for a century via progressives. We are not considering the future and what an overreaching government can do. Look what it has done over the past 100 years. This is about losing our 10th Amendment rights and keeping Fed Gov out of our State’s Rights, out of our personal lives and not defining that

      Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.

  1. What are you talking about “restricting freedom?” This decision broadened freedom for a large number of people. Unless your definition of freedom is sneering at the fact other people don’t have the same rights as you, this should not affect your freedom at all.

    1. If you are talking about DOMA, I agree with court because you cant say gay couples dont have same benefit rights as straight couples. I side with the court on that, and never say the opposite in the column, and you know that.

      The column is talking about all our 10th Amendment rights gay and straight being absconded with by the Federal Gov. If you think the government cares about gays, you are wrong. The government does not care about the people gay or straight except taking our rights in every way from us and making all our rights government provided.

      Gay marriage should be a state-by-state issue since marriage is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. And for a reason, it’s left to the states and the individual people of every individual state to decide the issue. The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to step over state’s rights if something is not in the 17 Enumerated Powers.

      That belongs to us the people. The government is already taking away religious and speech freedom, what’s to say it wont try to mandate marriages if it is given power to define marriage. Government has no place in marriage gay or straight.

      If you think government should get involved, look out, it will move beyond gay and straight marriage and next Islam will use gays and Heterosexual marriage issues to push Sharia Law into our Constitution, where Islam has no place, because Islam only adheres to Sharia as do all Islamic marriages, and Sharia demands honor slaughters if the wife does not obey.

      Worse, Sharia Law dictates all gays must be executed and Gays are being tortured and executed all over the Middle East and Europe because Islam commands their deaths.

      I believe in Civil Rights to gays, but we better be careful in allowing the Federal Government to get involved in defining things it has no business doing. Look what DOMA did: It said gays can’t will their benefits to each other. I think that’s wrong. SCOTUS was right to smack down that Fed Gov law.

      But SCOTUS is right to send Prop 8 back to CA and let CA court decide, not Fed Court. marriage belongs in the individual states and no government should get into the private lives of the people

    2. Do you really think we have as much freedom as the Founders signed into the Bill of Rights? Really? You haven’t seen the erosion of the Bill of Rights? I see Americans losing freedom in every way and its because we gave the government too much power it does not have in the Constitution

      1. My day to day life has not changed even slightly, and the quality of my life has improved. I also think that the quality of people’s lives in CA will improve as well.

        1. I’m glad your day-to-day life has improved. It has not for many who are finding themselves extremely regulated by Fed Gov reaching into states. I Want Americans to have the entire Bill of Rights, and not see it eroded as I see it being eroded by confiscating guns, excessive regulations on business, now getting worse with an Amnesty Bill that demand fines for any biz that hires American citizens–that’s literally in the Bill. Hire illegal, no fines, hire Americans, you are fined.

          That’s not an improvement in the quality of any American’s life. Its the destruction thereof. And there will be more to come, because the Fed Gov has been allowed too much power since 1933 and then again with LBJ and now Obama.

          You obviously find big government, expansive unconstitutional government works for you. I find it takes from every citizen and that is not liberty for anyone

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