Sean Hannity Slams Hollywood Liberals over Foolishly Embarrassing Anti-Nuke Ad

by Jeremy Griffith

Sean Hannity of Fox News slammed Hollywood Liberals again for their hypocrisy and ignorance after they recently released an anti-nuclear proliferation add. Watch the video and and Hannity’s comments here.

In the video, famous Hollywood actors like Matt Damon, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Davito, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert Deniro and others call for the end of nuclear weapon proliferation and the reduction of the US store of these weapons to zero. They say that among other things, this massive arms reduction would bring about peace around the world and that it would be ‘cowardly’ not to try. These Hollywood personalities have no understanding of the need for guns among the private sector to defend families from random violence, and so they have no concept why a nation as powerful as the USA would need a nuclear arsenal for the same reason, to deter violence on behalf of rogue states abroad who wish us harm.

Sean Hannity cuts the heart out of their argument immediately with his comments at the end of his Fox News Show broadcast. The elimination of weapons does not eliminate evil, and it is precisely because evil exists that good people need the means defend themselves.

Hollywood Libs show their ignorance as well as their arrogance when they make these dopey claims to be against street violence and nuclear weapon proliferation. They are out of touch with the Average American and with reality. The key to preventing violence is not disarmament, but well thought out preparation. When two young men can make a bomb out of simple household items, and more sophisticated organizations build much more destructive weapons to kill on an even greater scale, the Hollywood Lib will bemoan the interolerable situation, wring their hands and place themselves in front of cameras. That’s not helpful, it’s stupid.

Sean in his comments eleoquently reminds his listeners of all the times disarmament led to trouble, when overbearing governments committed genocide countless time on their own people in the last century. He also points out the instability of the world and how a Hollywood Lib will criticize governments for weapons of mass destruction and the people for legal gun ownership, while they themselves have staff who protect them carrying high powered guns.

They don’t get it, but Sean does and so do most Americans. We need more than just a nuclear detterrent. We need a shield. The technology exists now to knock down nuclear weapons out of the sky before they deploy on the homeland, a purely defensive weapon that can save billions of lives, but the shield is incomplete and more batteries and development are needed. With the rise of Muslim Extremism, we don’t need fewer weapons, we need more, and more of the right ones. Because everyday extremists hurry to arm themselves with anything they can get to kill us, as our leaders at the same time, try to disarm us, even as they are arming rouge soldiers in far flung civil wars, like the genocide now going on in Syria.

These artists have a lot of nerve using their clout and fame to tell us to disarm ourselves, especially after the producing the kind of entertainment they’ve made that have made them rich. Nice Job, Hollywood. But no thanks. We’ll keep our weapons of mass destruction, with the hope of never using them, and we’ll build a shield, so we will be safe from harm. We won’t be drawn in with the lie that not having a weapon will make us safer.


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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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