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Students coerced into participating in anti-fracking assembly

Students coerced into participating in anti-fracking assembly

Middle school students in one school outside of Denver, Colo., were recently confronted by a couple of in-your-face environmental extremists known as the Earth Guardians.
The duo presented a rap song called “What the Frack,” which claims hydraulic fracturing “poisoned the water, poisoned the air [and] poisoned the people.”
Evidence backing up the activists’ claims is tenuous at best and prominent leftists have long been attempting to marginalize and discredit the efficient drilling method.
When these protesters are allowed to spew their unfounded claims directly to a group of captive children without an opposing viewpoint, the term ‘indoctrination’ seems an appropriate description.
Making sure to get the kids involved, thus giving the performance more impact, Earth Guardians exclaimed, “When we say ‘What the,’ you say ‘frack!'”
I might be old-fashioned – and proudly so – but I also have a problem with a middle school class being forced to shout a word that is obviously supposed to be a less-profane placeholder for a vulgarity.
School administrators apparently recognized the error in judgment and issued an apology – but only after several parents complained.
Principal Kristopher Schuh indicated he planned to have a conference with the teacher who planned the event, present the other side of the argument to students, and instate a more thorough background check for prospective speakers.
It is positive to see Schuh respond in such a manner, though I wonder what, if anything, might have been done if parents had remained silent.
As children spend much of their lives within the walls of their school, completely reliant on the views and opinions expressed by their teachers, it is imperative that parents remain involved and engaged in their lives. Administrators certainly won’t volunteer the fact they are forcing leftist propaganda onto the next generation.

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