Hey Marco Rubio! After Boston Do You Still Want to Legalize Foreigners With Questionable Backgrounds?

Senator Marco Rubio and his Gang of Eight, which should be renamed “Gangsters of Eight,” wants 12 million illegals granted amnesty, i.e. citizenship, because they’ve lived and worked in America for five years or more. Rubio knows many illegals have turned out to be violent criminals crowding U.S. prisons, but he is ignoring that as well as the fact that over the years many foreigners living in America have bombed America in an act of Islamic jihad like the two Boston bombers, granted citizenship right after 9/11, despite their background.

America welcomes people from across the globe, but leaders like the Gang of Eight seem more interested in grabbing immigrant votes than saying no to uneducated, low-skilled immigrants, as well as people from questionable countries where Islamic terrorism reigns.

First: Many illegals south of the U.S. border are proven to be low-skilled and uneducated, and that downs the American economy.

Second, the problem with legalizing 12 million illegals is many are violent criminals now filling our prison systems.

illegal criminals

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office

At the federal level, the number of criminal aliens incarcerated increased from about 42,000 at the end of calendar year 2001 to about 49,000 at the end of calendar year 2004–a 15 percent increase. The percentage of all federal prisoners who are criminal aliens has remained the same over the last 3 years–about 27 percent. The majority of criminal aliens incarcerated at the end of calendar year 2004 were identified as citizens of Mexico. We estimate the federal cost of incarcerating criminal aliens–Bureau of Prisons (BOP)’s cost to incarcerate criminals and reimbursements to state and local governments under SCAAP–totaled approximately $5.8 billion for calendar years 2001 through 2004.


The next problem is assimilation.

According to the Department of Justice:

[I]n fiscal year (FY) 2010, slightly less than 1 percent of the 40,651 foreign national inmates from treaty nations in federal prison were transferred to their home countries.”

The DOJ says its reason for low transfers back to native countries is many illegal criminals cant speak English, therefore:

insufficient translation services may keep some inmates from fully understanding and participating in the program.” As a result, “Overall, [the Bureau of Prisons] BOP and [International Prisoner Transfer Unit] IPTU, combined, rejected 97 percent of requests from foreign national inmates because they determined the inmates were ineligible or not suitable for transfer. Specifically, from FY 2005 through FY 2010, the BOP rejected 67,455 of 74,733 (90 percent) transfer requests.

In other words, it pays for criminal illegals not to assimilate and speak English, that way they can stay in the U.S, on the taxpayer’s dime where they will be well taken care of, on the taxpayers dime.

The biggest threat is terrorism: We have foreigners, both legal and illegal from Islamic countries with connections to Islamic terror. Despite those threatening connections, the word “racism” has forced the government and Americans to express apologetic tolerance to anyone connected to Islam, even when they have YouTube and Face Book pages demanding jihad against “infidels,” whom they believe must be exterminated.

As a result, we are faced once again with terrorism in our nation committed by two foreign nationals from an Islamic terrorist nation—Chechnya.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The Boston Marathon Bombers were brothers who arrived in America after 9/11. 26 year-old Russian-born Tamerlan Tzarnaev, the suspect police killed, has been a legal permanent U.S. resident since 2007. His younger brother Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, a 19-year-old, also reported as living here legally, was born in Kyrgystan or Chechnya. Before coming to the United States, both men attended school in Dagestan, which Russian journalists say contains an Islamism extremist insurgency. It is also reported the two brothers came to the U.S. on grounds of asylum and had difficulty assimilating and making friends.

But was it really difficulty assimilating or refusal to become Western, because their social media pages show growing anti-American Islamic extremism.

Just because some immigrants cannot make friends has nothing to do with Americans not welcoming people. Americans welcome people from all over the world. Those who do not assimilate do not want anything to do with this country’s culture. Those who say they do not have any friends after 10 years do not want friends and that right there is a sign that something terribly wrong with those individuals.

Were the brothers connected to Islamic terror? Yes.

Tamerlan’s Youtube page features Islamist terror videos by Sheikh Feiz Mohammad who “urges Muslims to kill the enemies of Islam and praises martyrs with a violent interpretation of jihad.”

In Tamerlan’s YouTube profile he states he is Muslim and doesn’t drink or smoke anymore because “God said no alcohol,” and he believes “There are no values anymore…people can’t control themselves,” and as a Muslim “I’m very religious.”

If this bombers had talked about purchasing AR-15’s and posted Rand Paul videos, they would have been incarcerated long-ago on the grounds of terrorism.

More Islamic terror connections: The Boston bombs are the same as IEDs used by jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Times Square Bomber used a similar pressure cooker bomb; bombs jihadists can learn how to build at home with instructions from the Al Qaeda magazine Inspire. But that doesn’t matter to the left-wing media who are disappointed the bombers were not “far right-wing American militia nuts” with Sarah Palin bumper stickers and reading NRA magazines.

For the left-wing media, it’s a huge disappointment to hear Islam is still terrorizing America when too many white men continue to vote Republican!

Never mind the two Boston bombers are white. The fact they are Islamist terrorists makes them off limits.

Facts are facts: These Islamic connections should have been a heads-up warning with U.S. immigration when the two men arrived after 9/11. The YouTube pages by these men should have been a signal to the government that these men posed a national threat, but the government is more interested in spying on innocent, law-abiding Americans, who, heaven forbid, may legally own firearms for sport, hunting, and protection from violent criminals.

Tolerance must come first above the security of American lives.

And Rubio still wants to legalize 12 million illegals? We must ask important questions to Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight:

1. Should these two Chechens have been granted citizenship? They were from an Islamist terror nation with radical beliefs and became more threatening over the years. They plotted and bombed marathon spectators and then killed a cop in and high speed car chase.

2. Should America legalize illegals demanding citizenship because they live in this country five years or more?

3. Do Americans owe foreigners citizenship just because they demand it and Washington leaders need votes to remain in office until we watch their feet leave office first?

4. How many illegals waiting for amnesty in this country are violent criminals?

5. How many illegals from Islamic countries are living here with dangerous plans for America?

Thanks to vote-grabbing politicians, we don’t know until it’s too late.

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Lisa Richards

Lisa Richards is a life-long Conservative Republican with a capital "C," fighting leftist progressivism like a hyped-up hormonal verbal paper-shredder on over-drive. A writer of politics and history, Richards believes in upholding an defending the Constitution and American Exceptionalism without apologies. Lisa Richards Holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University. She resides in her native state of Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals

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  1. Just think, it was only a week ago that John Kerry was complaining about those poor, foreign students who felt unsafe coming to US schools because of our guns.

    Maybe more guns would keep more of them away.

    1. Pathetic on Kerry’s part when we all went to college with kids from other countries and none felt unsafe, at least those I attended with. They felt grateful to be here. Did they become citizens? No, those I attended with came here to get English degrees to go home and teach language arts. But that’s besides the point, Kerry is a moron as much as Rubio is a moron. Both parties have become progressive and don’t care about us unless it’s election time.

  2. Those people who are against the Mexican nationals or any of the Mexican people here that were not born in this country are using this incident to boost their position against legalizing Foreigners…however I have NEVER seen or heard of a MEXICAN person to do any harm to the US or use any acts of terrorism against the US or its people….kind of like saying…don’t let any Germans in the US because of Hitler…..same stunted mentality!

    1. Up until now there was also no history of any Chechnyans involved in terrorism. This family is an example of chain immigration. We all know the violence of the Mexican cartels and it’s just a matter of time for that to carry over here especially because our officials turn the other cheek to the people who sneak over here in the name of future votes. People who are legally working toward becoming legal citizens should be given priority. I am uncomfortable with the 360 turnaround of Marco Rubio. This reeks of pandering to the left for ‘future considerations’. The 10 year supposed wait for legalization will turn into 5. This is what always happens. Next will be terrorists sneaking over the Mexican borders. President Obama has refused to even visit the borders. He knows what he’ll see.

      1. Actually Chechens have history of terrorism in Russia: Russian theater not that long-ago, just one example. Chechens have track record of Islamic terror. And these 2 brothers were on a watch list here, Russia warned us after 9/11 that they were involved in terror, that they were a threat to us, and 2 years-ago were were warned again about these 2 brothers, but ignored because we are supposed to be tolerant.

        As to Mexicans never harming anyone in this country, explain the data on violent crimes committed by Mexicans and South Americans here illegally who are filling our prisons? This is not going after legal, law-abiding Mexican and South American immigrants, but there are illegals here committing violent crimes. Janet Napolitano released over 2000 two months-ago and says she will release more illegls from prisons. So illegals are committing crimes other than the crime of being here illegally, without legal paperwork, which we would be in prison for in Mexico if we dared try cross Mexican borders illegally. Americans can’t get away with that in Mexico or South America, but foreigners can here, because of the Ted Kennedy 1965 Immigration Act that opened borders further than any leader ever did and allowed for influx of illegals from south of border while rejecting Europeans on grounds of being white and America being too white–that is Ted Kennedy’s reason, not my opinion. And Kennedy had a record in the Senate of doing things like this.

        But these 2 brothers had a history and we have been warned about them for 10 years and our government refused to heed the warning because we are to talk negatively toward Islamists despite their plans for us

          1. So that’s your excuse for America allowing illegals, giving amnesty? Give me a break. Try a better argument. That one doesn’t wash anywhere. Just because there are violent American citizens is no excuse to legalize illegals living in America. They are breaking laws we can’t break in their home countries if we tried.

          1. Fine Lisa,

            However, you did accidentally say MS 13 was from Mexico and NOBODY would disagree with your point that illegal ‘bangers need to up locked / strategically deported.

            As for my original point one ought to consider that Republicans have IGNORED US border security for te last 40 years meaning they didn’t care ANYMORE than liberal Democrats.

            On that fact, I’m inclined to side with Rubio

            https://BorderLandBeat.com | GREAT SITE

          2. I never said MS-13 was from Mexico, so don’t try to fudge with words your trying to place in my mouth. Everyone knows where MS-13 comes from. I disagree with Rubio because you dont reward anyone with citizenship who’s been here illegally, no matter where they come from. We have Constitutional laws, but Rubio simply wants to be president and have power as both sides do while both parties screw us over.

    2. In fact, they ask you if you are or were a Nazi on the immigration paperwork. And there are many Mexicans associated with the drug cartels doing damage to the US, just not in this way. Yes, I agree the majority of Mexican nationals living in the US wish it no harm, those that do should be deported. The rest of the discussion is another matter.

    3. According to FAIR, Pew Hispanic, Az Border Defenders, Retired Border Patrol & others, the following is true & on record.
      1) in 2007-08 there were 15-20 VIOLENT crimes each day such as rape, murder DUI deaths committed by ILLEGAL/CRIMININAL TRESSPASSERS against legal residents..NOW that figure is close to 100 VICTIMS EACH DAY…2) in 2007 there were 7200 Crimininal Trespassers(illegals) in convicted SEX Offenders in Federal custody in Texas alone. I don’t have current figures, but a fairly large number of them are repeat offenders & have been deported several times.

      This is just a smidgen of crimes. It does not include the spin off crime commited by gangs working with drug cartels or loss of property.

      We have Borders for the same reason you have doors & locks on your home….we gave American families living in fear..not freedom because there are no closed doors or locks…there is no security..

      A crime is a crime, a broken law…only the magnitude may vary. One has a choice…abide by the law or risk punishment by breaking it.

    4. Read the prison stats. Our prisons are filled with illegal violent criminal Mexicans and South Americans who have murdered, raped Americans, etc. This incident is not being used to stop legalizing illegals. Illegals have no right to be in this country because they are here illegally. If you enter Mexico or South American countries illegally, you will be imprisoned for a very long time without any care or concern for you, because you broke the law.

      We should secure our borders and stop allowing illegal influx, as well as people with questionable backgrounds like the 2 terrorists we have been warned about for 10 years and U.S. gov ignored, because heaven forbid we insult Islam while it blows us up

  3. Time to drop-kick anything other than STRICT ENFORCEMENT of current immigration laws! Otherwise we the people will take care of this problem and close the border until the illegal problem is taken care of!

  4. Since the Republican presidency of Hoover & the Republican Congress of 1994 – the US Mexican borders have remained UNsecured.

    Liberals got their voting base & Republicans Got their $ ghost labor.

    1. Both parties are wrong on immigration. We have an immigration law inside the Constitution. Pathway to Citizenship is just a progressive catch phrase or rather what I call “Vote-Catch” by both parties to win elections by obtaining foreign votes from those not legal or not nationalized. Now offering amnesty is another con job by Rubio and his Gangster of Eight who simply want to remain in office and Rubio who has been saying for years he wants to be the first Hispanic president. We’ll according to polls, he wont get the Hispanic vote, because polls taken by Hispanics said they will vote democrat for free stuff GOP wont give but Dems will. So GOP should give up foolish pandering and follow laws Founders laid out so Americans can be safe, get jobs illegals are stealing, as well as keep our culture that many foreigners come here and reject while demanding we pander to their foreign culture they wont give up in their homeland for American visitors.

  5. USA Cannot Afford to pay 230+ multi millionaires in Congress , Foreign Aid to American enemies & the cost of deporting 10 + million illegal immigrants who purposely allowed to border jump for influencing Liberal Votes & Cheap Republican labor.

    1. America should NEVER give foreign aid to enemy nations. That’s idiotic. As to illegals, we give over $1 billion per year in welfare money just to illegals. End that and end food stamps to illegls and let’s see how many go home without deportation. And we can deport, we know where they are if they receive any government aid. But Dems and GOP want their illegal votes and dont care about voter fraud, so we wind up paying for criminals

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