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Global warming now ‘Widely Accepted’ to be a falsehood

The hockey-stick, global warming, climate change .. whatever you want to call it. Skeptics have been called flat-Earthers among all other names, but now scientists are agreeing – climate change seems to not be happening.

While a two decade pattern of proven scientific data has directly contradicted the global warming alarmist view, some scientists say that we just haven’t waited long enough.

International Panel on Climate Change chairman Rajendra Pachauri recently told The Weekend Australian the hiatus would have to last 30 to 40 years “at least” to break the long-term warming trend. – The Australian

In the most non-nonsensical of  statements, the Whitehouse said that whatever is going on with non-rising temperatures requires explanation because the pause in temperature rise has occurred despite a sharp increase in carbon emissions.

Oddly, the Obama administration’s own statement may say more than they intended. If carbon emissions are rising at some epic scale and global temperatures aren’t rising then the cause-and-effect models that global warming leaders like Al Gore have been using .. are fundamentally false.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. This is absolute nonsense.

    Because of specific atmospheric conditions over the last decade or so most of the increased retained heat has gone into the ocean.

    If you’re unaware of this you need to do a little research. If you are aware then you’re a liar.

    1. Fabulous. Another zany theory. “The heat went into the ocean” and (I love this part!)it’s due to “specific atmospheric conditions” which we will undoubtedly need more grant money to explain.

      So, tell me: which climate science computer model predicted that the heat would go into the ocean and the global warming trend would “pause”?

      None of them. That’s how many. None.

      Not one prediction from the pseudo-science of the warmists has come to pass. Not one. In science, just like in sports, a score of zero means you’ve lost.

      Do you factor undersea volcanic activity into your theory of warming oceans? Or do you like to ignore volcanic activity, since it can’t be blamed on humans?

      Face it: industrialization has made our lives better and it hasn’t ruined the planet. Only to a psychopath is that not regarded as good news. Only a psychopath is depressed and angry when his doomsday prediction doesn’t come true.

  2. Ah, yes, Global Warming…no doubt a subject that will smolder & permeate the atmosphere for years to come….all the while providing Universities & Scientists sizable grant monies & fodder for the “Average Joe & Jane” or would-be experts something to latch onto &.. ‘sound’.. informed. For instance, I recall, that in the early nineties both Al Gore & Hillary Clinton wrote books on enviorment & climate effects in South America & the Dakota/Wyoming areas. Neither having credentials in the field…still the ‘subject’ became vogue…everyone was talking & scientists rushed for taxpayer money funded grants…100 world recognized authorites came together & hailed their personal reseach ‘proving’ climate change to be Fact ! All but ONE & he was osterized &dismissed. Funny his study has proved ‘more’ correct. It appears that every decade (amere 10 yrs) new opinions surface. We know opinions are like body parts & everyone has them.

    What I found interesting in you post is that you did NOT offer ‘specific’ facts, and your source.

  3. @ Alan Vallis

    Really? And did you see the big white rabbit too? You will have no trouble showing me the science which supports that unproven assertion, I take it.

    So let me guess. All the ‘extra heat’ from plant food in the air, which was never there in the first place, and isn’t there today, called a meeting and decided it would go play hidey in the ocean, right? Is it counting with its little eyes tight shut?

    The scam’s over mate. You and others got away with it whilst, coincidentally, temperature and CO2 were both increasing from the late 1970s until the late 1990s. Since then, temperature has flat-lined, if not decreased slightly. Correlation does not equal causation and you no longer have correlation. The anthropogenic greenhouse gas theory is dead. Finished. Hint: look at solar activity for the same period and also where it is headed. Within 10 years you will be begging for some global warming.

    1. Come on! Weren’t you won over by his brilliant rejoinder? “Because of specific atmospheric conditions over the last decade or so…”

      In other words, “Due to a factor that I’m not at liberty to divulge at this present time, you need to trust me!”

    1. “Idiots” indeed. Screw you, you drug-addled hippie leftover.

      Excellent comeback to my remark on undersea volcanic activity: utter silence.

      And that alarmist website you sent me to! Brilliant! “If we remove the effects of El Nino and La Nina and look at the data…” Now THAT’S science! “Let’s take away the factors of the climate adjusting and taking care of itself and make things panic-worthy.”

      Zero. You have nothing. Not one prediction of the past 20 years; not one computer climate model.

      Why don’t you go see if you can sell a boy’s marching band to a small town somewhere.

    2. I think you will have to do some more “name calling” Alan before we believe you….you must be aware that brow beating is a sign of unequivocal scientific fact. Answer this Alan, why is government suddenly interested in weather etc. could it be that they have found another way to part you from your income?….no I’m sure it’s pure concern for Nature…Oh and don’t forget to tell us that only the scientists that tout Global Warming are correct, the ones that don’t agree must all be wrong…sure.
      No one wants to harm the Earth, we want to preserve it for our children Alan….but the government will help you fix the changing weather patterns if you will give them more of your money.

      Hey did you read that NASA’s Dr.James Hansen Says Coal Is Greening The Planet!?!

    3. Mate,

      Your credibility started at barely positive with your ‘gone in to the ocean’ missing heat theory. To then send grown-ups a link to SkS – I’m still wiping the tears away.

      Let me help. Read this and discover that the atmosphere cools the surface. It can not, and does not warm it. Warning – contains science.

      Yes, I know Mr Miatello first qualified as a laywer etc etc. I read it on SkS. An ad hom’ is usually their only rebuttal.

  4. Guys,

    Maybe we should back off on the replies to Alan. I haven’t spent 3 years of independent research of this scam to end up clubbing a baby seal.

  5. To all who over the past 5 years have replied to my comments expressing my disbelief in AGW with childish name calling and personal attacks, “Told you so”.

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