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2nd Amendment Ad Too Controversial?

Award winning singer and song writer Steve Vaus was inspired to write “Come and Take It”  a song that invokes memory of  the Battle of Gonzales which occurred during the Texas Revolution. Meant to be a warning to the current administration and congress about gun control the song is a metaphor about current gun control proposals reminding us of the right to bear arms in a strong Second Amendment theme.

According to Vaus, the song in a shorter ad version, is currently seen as too controversial, too hot, for talk radio stations to accept.  He is still looking for stations that will accept his airtime purchase.

What do you think? Is it too controversial?

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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at and follow along.

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  1. YEA!!! Have sent this to my contacts as well as a conservative talk radi show…..Hope all will take a minute to listen & repeat….thanks

  2. I have already written a letter to each one of my representatives and emailed other one’s, and have just now heard this video, with the words “Come and get it!”. I told them that they had better talk to other conservatives, and liberals on both sides of the aisle, that they had better give it another thought about any and all gun laws that would lead to gun registration and/or confiscation. They had better think about what it would look like if they one morning looked out the window of the Capital building and saw what looked like about 500,000 armed citizens coming towards the steps to “come and take our government back”! Our song would be, “Before you come take our guns away from us we’re going to use our Constitutional right to come and take our government back from the enemies of this nation, before it’s to late for everyone!”.

    And that’s what Ben Franklin(I think)said that, “From time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” And that’s where we are now. I don’t feel threatened when I email or write letters to other representatives with the words “armed” and “take back” because I’m confident in my knowledge that the Constitution DOES give us the right to take our government back by force if necessary, and that IS the whole meaning of the 2nd Amendment and that’s why it was put right after the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech. It’s the right to have freedom of speech as a warning to our legislator’s that if they don’t straighten up and fly right that we are going to come to Washington, and as the Constitution says, “Remove”, them and as the sentence continues, “Replace”, them with a Constitutional government.

    And if anyone, including Rush, Hannidy, and Levin aren’t going to mention it because they don’t want to get themselves in trouble, then I’m sorry they feel that way because I’m not afraid to say those words of what the 2nd Amendment was really meant for. That’s why there is all this talk about a government that fears it’s people is a government that obeys the laws, etc., etc.. I don’t remember how it goes exactly, but I’m not into cliche’s anyway, I’m into straight talk like, Obama is a Communist and there are literally tens of members of both the U.S. Congress and the Senate that hold members of both the Socialist Party and the Communist Party masqurading as Republican’s and Democrats. In the Socialist Party alone there are 70 members of Congress who have allowed the Party to reprint their names on the membership roles you can see on the Internet. I have copied them. These people need to be expose for who they are and that they are the enemy, not lovers of freedom and liberty for all American’s but for people like them who probably are liberals and leftists.

    We have been taken over by these people and their handlers in Europe. Obama is a Communist. He joined the Communist Party when he came back from Harvard to run for city council member of South Chicago in the mid 90’s. The news paper articles call them “progressives” but it includes the awards given them for carrying on the cause from the Communist Party USA office in Obama’s district. Obama was raised by Frank Marshall Davis, and many other Communist in Chicago. He has been using the Communist Manifesto to bring America down and he has been allowed to get away with it by all the Socialists and Communists in the Democrat and Republican Parties. That’s how he gets away with SO MUCH.

    How can we stop the ultimate total takeover of our nation by these enemies? There’s only one way. And that is to act on our Constitutional right to have the kind of government we should have according to the Constitution and not the one that these idiots who keep electing these so-called Democrats to office and have elected Obama to office twice. They will just have to accept the conservatives who we appoint after we take the government back. We’re not trying to overthrow the government we just want it the way it’s supposed to be. We like government, just not a Communist one.

  3. And I am in no way talking about some romantic “revolution”. The Socialist and Communists are the one’s who have been embarked on a revolution to overthrow our form of governance since the turn of the last century. That’s why when ObamaCare passed into law, Nancy Pelosi who is a member of the Socialist Democratic Party, not to be confused with the Democrat Party which she falsley ran under to hold onto her office, said “There have been alot of people who’ve worked hard for a hundred years to see this day come.” See her reference to “a hundred years…”? She meant those of the Communist and Socialist Party have been trying to take over the health care of this nation because that is how a free people are finally brought under control and that is through their health care. If they don’t live the way the government tells them to in every way their health care can be dropped and they will die, and they know it. Want to watch yourself in the mirror shrivel up and die right in front of your family and children because you wanted to stand up to the government in order to be free, and you more or less killed yourself. When all you have to do is very simply just do what the government tells you to do, in how you live. What you eat, how much exercise you will get, where you will work, what kind of house you’ll live in, whether or not you’ll be allowed to drive a car, and if you are a nice little boy and work real hard you’ll be allowed to have a old broke down car, but won’t that be so wonderful to not have to walk a mile in the freezing temperatures, and snow to stand and wait for the government public transportation service buses to pick you up at 4:30 in the morning so you can get to work by 8:00am?

    What a wonderful life Nancy wants for all of us? And the 70 whose names are on the list of members of Congress who are in the Socialist Party aren’t by any means all that there are. Those are just the one’s who said it was okay for the Party to print their names. That means there are many more. And there are only a few in the Senate who allowed their names to be printed. Barney Frank was one of a few who are in the Socialist Party. Doesn’t that explain why he got away with committing so many crimes while he was over Freddie and Fannie and was allowed to get away with causing such sever damage to this nations economy when those two monsters collapesed that we may never be able to repair it all. And what did the “Democrats” do when Obama was elected? They put him right back in charge of it again, him and Chris Dodd who I am sure is also a Socialist although I don’t know for sure, what else would he be? He also has gotten away with murder while in office. And Charles Schumer? He is a Socialist and doesn’t even try and hide it. Doesn’t that make sense now and explains some of the crazy stuff he is always getting away with.

    I’ll guarantee you if we had ordinary Republican’s and Democrats like it was back in JFK’s day, they would never let these people serve in our government. There is alot about JFK that people don’t like, but I can say one thing, he HATED Communists and did not let them stay in the government once he found out about them. That’s probably one of the reason’s why JFK was killed and that is he was on to some real high up Communists and had found out stuff they had done and he was going to get rid of them by exposing them and destroy what all they had done in our government. So they killed him. Yeah, yeah, everybody has a therory, and that is as good a reason to kill him as any other reason. And whoever it was, was probably in the CIA to.

    It’s that kind of stuff that I don’t want my children to have to live under. And Obama is worse than anyone when it comes to under the table backroom deals, secrets, and secret dealings. And the most recent one is Benghazi. Leon Pennetta told the truth on him though, I have to hand that to him.

    But the kind of taking the government back that I want to see is we would not tolerate anykind of lawlessness, riots, looting, or random shootings just for the heck of it. Absolutely NOT! This I would want just like the military did in Honduras where a group of the military went in and arrested the President in order to prevent any kind of blood shed if there had been a hunta, or full military takeover. I don’t believe we’d see anything like that here, but I mean the part where military leaders who are patriots go to the White House unannounced, walk in to the oval office and arrest Obama without warning. And if Obama resisted or had his security people try to stop it, they would have to be taken out. Obama needs to go either way. The people who voted for him didn’t believe the evidence on him when he ran the first time, so it wouldn’t make any difference to them to know any truth we would try to tell them AGAIN. They didn’t listen then because they just want a Black man to take over the country. They don’t care anything about his being a Communist even if they know what that is.
    It isn’t important enough to them to make them change their mind. And they would be very angry about it to even if it were Black soldiers who arrested him, it wouldn’t matter. All they see is a Black man as President and that’s all that matters to them. That’s why they can’t be counted on to make the right decision when it comes to voting correctly. They are the racists, not White people. And it’s true, what would they have done if White people said the only reason they were voting for Romney was because he was a White man? And Blacks said that was the only reason why anyone was voting for Romney was because they couldn’t stand to see a Black man in the White House. So they are going to think that no matter what we do, so to bad. It’s obvious they don’t care about their own country or who’s running it, or what kind of government we have. They just want it all Black. We cannot have people like that making our decisions for us. We would lose every time, all the time. Someone has to do the right thing here and unfortunately it won’t be them, at least for the most part. And that’s to bad because being a patriot has no skin color, you either are one or you are not. You either see what we need to do in order to save this nation or you don’t. You either have the forthright thinking about it or you don’t. And if you don’t in any of these cases then you just need to get out of the way and when it’s all over, if we’ve won, America will be a better nation for it. Hopefully it won’t ever happen again.

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