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What even hunters must fear from Washington

I went deer hunting with my father for the first time when I was only ten, duck hunting at 13 and pheasant by 15. The current approach to violence being taken by those in Washington may endanger my ability to do the same things with my children and you with yours.

Sure, for now, they are going after those evil “assault weapons” which are nothing of the sort. But even if they confiscate every one of those firearms, some crazed lunatic will use a bolt action gun or non-“assault weapon” and kill just as many and that will be the call to go after even those more commonly used to hunt game. If the line is not drawn here, there may never be a line from which we can defend our rights.

Many politicos have uttered the now overused line that “I hunt and I never need more than 3 bullets in my gun to shoot a deer”. That’s all fine and good, if the second amendment had anything to do with hunting. But let’s tackle that crap-tastic line just for the sake of argument.

Firearms like the AR-15 are now very commonly used to hunt. Many use the “evil” AR-15 and Mini-14/30 to hunt feral hogs that are tearing up much-needed farmland and to put down coyotes that endanger game and livestock. The truth is that in the hunting world, those guns do far more good than evil and the truth must be used to create reason in the debate.

Our second amendment rights were written down and agreed to, not because our founders had some naive idea of how firearms would evolve or that they wanted to protect our right to hunt mule deer, but because they knew that power-hungry ideologues would some day seek to slowly enslave the people.  It has happened before in so many countries, the same way, little by little until the people had no way to defend themselves.

Evil people will do horrendous things – we cannot stop them. Laws cannot stop them. Only a narcissistic populace can be led to believe that they or their government have the power to stop evil. A thinking people realize that evil exists and will use any means necessary to carry out terrible deeds. Only citizens with the means to defend themselves and others can belay such things.

The tragedy in Newton is a prime example. While an evil man happened to use a firearm to cause such pain, remember that he could as easily have killed his mother with a bat and used the car he stole to plow through the bus line at the school to have the same effect. Would we then outlaw cars? Of course not. We would look to the source of the problem, not the weapon used in the crime.

For the political elite, the answer is laws. Make this illegal or that illegal, as if the evil-doer gives any care to what is or is not legal. Adam Lanza didn’t care that he illegally murdered his mother, that stealing the guns was illegal, that possessing them was illegal, that stealing her car was illegal, that bringing the guns to a school was illegal, that murdering children and teachers was illegal or that suicide was illegal. Everything that happened was already supposedly prevented by laws on the books – but they failed as they always will.

Consider the legislation that Feinstein, Biden, Obama et al are planning to push. Make a certain firearm illegal, stronger laws against firearms on school grounds, laws against magazines – none would have stopped Adam Lanza. He broke a slew of laws to commit his horrific crime. How would one or two more matter?

The guns did not cause Adam Lanza to kill anyone. There were warning signs, actions not taken and mis-steps made along the way by everyone that knew him. The wake-up call should be that we, as a society, don’t know how to deal with people like him before they commit these atrocities. Why not?

The news is focused on his tactics and tools, not his motivation and the failures by so many to prevent his spiral into darkness. America can do better.

The easy thing is to blame the inanimate object – the weapon. Explosives, firearms, knives, clubs and vehicles would already be considered illegal if used in a crime, but they still are used to kill. Should we outlaw all those things or just begin to understand the cause and admit that sometimes evil happens.

If every gun owner does not decide that all guns are rightful and only humans are evil, then all guns will some day be labelled evil. At that point, even your field over-and-under shotgun will be considered a dark and unnecessary thing.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. A represive govt can not exist where the citizenry is well armed. If a person fears the govt, that is a bad thing. If the govt fears the citizenry, that is a very good thing.

    1. Citizens [most] already fear the government.

      Evidence; What do people do when they see a cop radaring?

      You cannot have a victimless crime. Speeding is just that. It is reckless, dangerous, and idiotic, but until a wreck happens it is victimless. This is why insurance exists. In case I decide to act like an idiot and someone gets hurt.

      This is the exact same argument they are repackaging for gun control. Pre-crime doesn’t exist.

      1. I love it!! So true! So simple & obvious! When will people learn that you cannot legislate moral behaviour or common sense, you can only legislate a means to dictate.

        IF pre-crime did exist, guess we’d all be “pre-criminals”??

        1. Already are! It’s damn near impossible to not break some law on a day to day basis and then when some cop gives you a fine they say ignorance of the law is no excuse. That’s why in court you are guilty until you prove your innocence.

          People know this. But after years and years of being told, “shhh, be civil. Don’t yell. Come now, no one’s advocating that, we just want…”

          “We just want…”

          Free indeed.

          First they came for the Automatic’s, and I said nothing because I don’t have an Automatic.

          Then they came for the Semi-automatic’s,
          and I said nothing because I don’t have a semi-automatic.

          Then they came for the Bolt Action’s and revolvers, and I said nothing because I have neither.

          Then they came for me, and no one was armed to fight them off and so we were placed into the states custody so that we may produce as much as we consume or perhaps a little more. To work for the greater good. Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz! we shall yell in the spirit of Hitler.

          “The common interest before self interest”

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