Atheist website aims to turn kids away from God

Atheist groups have long advertised their agenda in an apparent attempt to recruit more people into a life devoid of purpose greater than this human existence.
These activists have every right to spend their money on billboards or any other outreach project they deem appropriate but believers can — and, in my opinion, should — speak out against the more distasteful campaigns.
One such plan, a website backed by the American Humanist Association, speaks directly to the next generation with arguments designed to cause them to question their faith.
The site, Kids Without God, is designed to teach kids “there’s another way to learn about morals and values,” said a spokesperson for AHA. “It doesn’t need to come from traditional religion.”
Advertising for the site will come in several forms, including $30,000 earmarked for bus advertising in and around the nation’s capital. Several popular websites are also running ads, though Disney and National Geographic Kids thankfully refused based on content.
AHA hopes to attract children whose parents are “traditionally religious” as well as those “from families like that of President Barack Obama, whose mother was a secular humanist,” the spokesperson explained.
With tag lines such as “I’m getting a bit old for imaginary friends,” he said the site will address kids who have “already made up their minds to reject supernatural explanations” as well as those who “are just questioning.”
A press release indicates what children can find on the site, including topics such as sexuality and discrimination. Bill Nye the Science Guy’s defense of evolution is included as one of the featured videos.
The perceived need for an anti-God website for kids arises from the fact that there are a “plethora of websites geared toward teaching kids about Christianity, Judaism, or Islam,” the spokesperson explained, contending that “its time to make available an online resource that’s built just for kids without God.”
I’ve never been quite clear about why atheists feel the need to proselytize. Believers in a higher power try to convert others because we trust in an eternal hope and life after this one. Atheists think our worldly body represents the extent of existence and seem desperate to add numbers to their ranks.
When they bypass adults and directly target children, though, they are using an age-old leftist tactic of indoctrination that makes an end run around parental influence.
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B. Christopher Agee

B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

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  1. The last paragraph positively exudes irony. If the religious didn’t indoctrinate children it would be extinct within a few generations.

  2. I’m feeling pretty brave this morning so, please, allow me to jump in with another theory….one that includes the “assume” bugger..My understanding is that children under or not exposed to a particular belief in formative ages often figure there is a ‘creator’ of one kind or the other sans any real definition. So perhaps the AHA spokesman(unidentified) would be more accurate to say they want to attact youth TO something & NOT AWAY from anything….If you have no ingrained belief, there is no ‘from’…Teachers cannot teach what they don’t know & parents are the primary teachers…& their parent before them…Making ourselves feel ‘good’ took priority & left God sitting outside relagated to the sidelines of our homes, schools & even some mega churchs. We all require a sense of ‘belonging’ to something/someone greater than self & generally migrate towards that which accepts us. Most proclamined Atheist, for the most part, have a strong sense of morays& values. Like most organizstions, they also have fringe activist groups. IF you truly want your child to be raised in traditional Christian religions then perhaps we as parents should learn & teach while taking them to church. This would seems to be an effective defense againt the undesired.

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