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What has changed?

The GOP increased their majority in the House of Representatives.  The “progressive” Democrats held on to a slim Senate majority.  Barack Obama still occupies the White House.

With fifty three House members demanding that Obama answer questions about the lethal, ham handed disaster in Benghazi and the equally bungled cover-up, do not expect a sudden flowering of bipartisan harmony.

Especially since the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin have expressed happiness at Obama’s reelection.  America will now find out what “more flexibility” means.

In the wake of Obama’s re-election, stocks nosedived across the board Wednesday morning, plunging over three hundred points.  Worries about the pending “fiscal cliff” and fears that America will follow Europe over the precipice chilled investments.  The Dow traded under 13,000.  For the first time since early September the S&P 500 fell below 1,400.

Fears that Obama will introduce a carbon tax as a way to cut the U.S. budget deficit also frosted Wall Street.  With the continuation of Obama’s hostile energy policies, perceptions that such a tax will have a major impact on America’s deficit are largely based on European style speculative wishful thinking.

Obama will attempt to reinstate Clinton-era tax rates on Americans who run small businesses; those described by Obama as “not paying their fair share”.  Without the development of America’s domestic energy, a move that would create millions of jobs that could not possibly be shipped overseas, there is no reason to anticipate an economic boom in the United States.  Without such a boom, Clinton-era tax rates will simply dampen investment, destroy small businesses and further damage the American economy.

The government’s $16 trillion debt and the looming $600 billion tax increase scheduled, along with mandatory spending cuts, otherwise known as the “fiscal cliff” further complicate the economic outlook.

Americans can fully expect that Obama’s second-term will lead to increased federal spending.  As he did in his first term, Obama will expand government.  Because he remains in the White House and “progressives” retain control of the Senate, obamacare will be fully implemented, yet another wet blanket on the economy, as well as a death sentence for aging Americans.

Welcome to the divided States of America.

While “progressives” celebrate a continuation of the downhill fundamental transformation of America from a Constitutional Republic into a run of the mill low growth high unemployment European style cradle to grave nanny state, half of the American population remain fully opposed to such plans.

As founded, America is the greatest nation in the history of the world.  America’s founding principles and the up to then unknown personal freedoms and liberties they unleashed are being replaced by the enticement of entitlements and empty promises of a free lunch.  Without America’s founding principles leading the free world, mankind stands at the precipice of a thousand years of darkness.

Those who believe in American principles must continue to stand up and push back against the anti-growth, anti-prosperity, anti-morality, anti-God, anti-American agenda of “progressives”.

In 1776 George Washington’s Continental Army lost the battle for New York City.  The year 1777 saw the loss of Philadelphia.  In 1779-1780, his undermanned, underfunded, and underequipped army suffered greatly and shied away from major battles.  It was not until the victory at Yorktown in 1781 that victory was achieved and Britain recognized the independence of the United States.

For Americans, this is today’s Valley Forge.  The outlook is bleak and victory seems beyond grasp.

The choices are to give up or continue the fight.

In December 1944 during the battle of the bulge Brigadier General McAuliffe and his battalion were besieged within the city of Bastogne.  German General Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz gave McAuliffe two hours to surrender the town.

What was McAuliffe’s response?

To the German Commander: NUTS!

Today, in response to the smug, holier than thou attitude of the self-imagined, self-appointed members of the institutionalized “progressive” intellectual elite, there is no better response.


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  1. Still whining, Mitchell?

    Stop, you lost, take it like a big boy “hitman”

    Barack Obama has been, and will continue to be known as the President who united both parties, provided universal health care, rescued the US from the brink of economic ruin brought about by the failed policies of the Bush administration, and avenged the countries honor while saving countless more lives by killing the beast known as bin Laden.

    Perhaps you right wing religious zealots will join us in the 21st century, the age of science, reason and technology.

    Leave your sky fairies in your imagination, where they belong, they’re not part of “reality.”

    Thanks to Obama, and his HHS secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, we can move forward with the promises of human embryonic stem cell research (hESCR), regardless if it affects your delicate, Tea Party, god fearing, sensibilities.

    Cures for every disease imaginable may be found in pluripotent stem cells, not on Dubya’s watch, but Obama’s.

    I can go on all day, but it’s time for you to join us, instead of dividing us.



    1. Zoe,

      Obama will continue to be known as the “president” who united both parties?

      Don’t quit your day job.

      You’re reply is not worthy of detailed response. It’s so filled with “progressive” Party Pravda talking points that it’s ridiculous.

      Join you? It is better to die on your feet a free man than to live on your knees.

  2. Michael, I’ve noticed that some do not just ‘sip’ the kool aid, but jump right into the pitcher & experience total saturation by osmosis. Sadly, dehydration is almost impossible & once extracted they just stand & leak puddles & we’re left with a mess to clean up.

  3. As Maragaret Thatcher once said Socialism the problem with it is you run out of other people’s money.

    Emjoy the misery you and your fellow “useful idiots” have strived to create.

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