The Land Of The Free, Think Again

Little by little, I have noticed that many freedoms are being taken away from us, but we do not seem to care; as a matter of fact, we seem to laugh and make light about it. I am not talking about big freedoms, but little things. But a freedom is a freedom, and it does not matter how small it might be. Many people do not realize that when the Government limits choice, it is limiting freedom; and that is exactly what it is doing today.

Everyone is probably aware that the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has banned sodas larger than 16 oz. Everyone I know says,that is ridiculous, we should be able to drink whatever size soda we want — after all, this is America. Bloomberg also indicated an interest in enforcing limits on other high-calorie foods like movie theater popcorn, coffee drinks and milkshakes.

So, we all talk about it, laugh a little and go on with our lives — it is forgotten about. Did you know that the Mayor also banned baby formula at hospitals, because he says breast-feeding is better for the baby? The hospital will still carry formula, but it will be kept under lock and key and forms must be filled out if the mother insists on using formula. He has also banned smoking on beaches or in the parks.

Why has he done all of this? Because HE says, it is better for us. We are too stupid and ignorant to think for ourselves, Government seems to know what is best for all people and they make sure they let us know about it. We once were the freest nation in the world — what happened to us? According to the Index of Economic Freedom, which is produced by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, the United States just barely makes it into the top ten: ranked number nine in the world.

Among the 179 countries examined in the Index, Hong Kong is ranked first, followed by Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, and Denmark. These nations all outscored the U.S. across ten categories, including taxes, free trade, regulation, monetary policy, and corruption. The rights that Americans have lost over the years are just too many to fit on this page. I give small examples, but there are much bigger ones to be sure.

A while back in New Jersey, a couple had their son taken away by the state, because they named their child Adolph Hitler. Let me be clear, I would never name my kid that and I am sure you would not as well, but do we not live in America? Now, because the Government does not like a name, social workers can come in and take your child. What if the Government decided it do not like the name Olga, does that give the state the right to take your child? Where does it stop? We should be free to raise our children the way WE see fit, not the way the Government sees fit.

Every year there are new laws, new regulations and policies that restrict our freedoms and control the way we live our lives. The latest is Obama-Care. At last count there were 180 new bureaus, boards and commissions that have to be set-up for the new law, with them come 2700 pages of new taxes, laws and regulations — more freedoms we can kiss goodbye. The Government can now force you to buy coverage, tell you what doctor to use and what procedures you can have. Freedom? I don’t think so, but once again, the Government tells us what is best for us.

So if you keep saying that we are still the freest country on earth, you need to wake-up, because each year that goes by, we have fewer and fewer freedoms to enjoy. And with Obama as President for another four years, be prepared for our rating as a free nation to drop even further.

Soda, popcorn, smoking, baby formula are all little things, but they are all freedoms of choice which have been taken away. How many more little freedoms must be taken away before we have all had enough? I guess we are not there yet, but sooner or later it is going to come. But by then we will not be able to do anything about it.

This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. For years I have watched this country sliding and I agree, with Obama in office we will be hitting bottom a lot sooner.

  2. You got it right brother, I am a Viet-Nam Vet, when I left the U.S. to go over there, the U.S. was still fairly free.
    My Dad was a WW11 Vet. One day we were talking, and he asked me what happened to this country, I told him that the Commonest were taking over and he said I think that you are right. I have been telling people for more then 10 years that this was going to happen but people just laughed at me and said the you are crazy. I am glad that I am not alone in my prediction.

    The word must be spread NOW, There is NO TIME To Lose.

    1. Ronald, you are not alone, millions of people feel like we do. We are probably the same age, so you will remember the “Silent Majority” I think they are still out there. It seems the left has the voice, while the rest sit back. It’s sad.

  3. Do what dudes? This assdouche was just reelected. With the most dismal record in our history, HE WAS REELECTED. We’re doing the big swirly now. If you’ve got any bright ideas, ahhhh, I think NOW is a good time to hear them.

  4. Tha old ‘silver lining’ may be stretched mighty thin these days, but it’s still there & OUR FLAG still waves…Like a snowball, the discontentment & awareness is growing, by the time ‘it’ reaches the bottom it will be large enough to bounce pretty darn high & clear some of those storm clouds so we can all grab a piece of the lining. I’m not a pollyanna, just ONE AMERICAN that has faith in my family of Americans. The going will range from tough to downright ‘really tough’ but we CAN & WILL succeed. Perhaps some of the clean up will be left for the next generation, but at least they’ll have something worth while to clean. IF we focus each day on changing what we can & leave what we cannot change today we will move to restoration one step at a time. It may be with agonizingly slow, but beat the heck out of lying still & making us a target to wipe feet on. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY….

  5. if you read Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21 which i highly recommend, you will see what sitting back and doing nothing will do –

    communism in the form of “sustainable development” by the UN infiltrating in our local governments. while we are fixated on what they are doing in DC, THEY are taking control under our very noses. Get involved locally !

    1. Glenn Beck didn’t write that. It was ghost written by a woman named Harriet Parke and Beck purchased the writes to the story and then presented it as a paranoid fantasy.

      1. so, what’s your point?
        would anyone have read it/bought it/ under just Harriet Parke’s name ?
        it’s a way to get the message out

        Paranoid fantasy? let’s ask someone from Vietnam or China or any other communist shithole how they were overthrown eh? it didn’t happen overnite, it was incremental in small steps like they have been doing since the 70’s with the green movement.

        1. If you can’t lay this out for me in the form of a chalkboard rant I don’t want to hear about it.

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