It’s Never Enough: Why the American Left Won’t Stop Until It Has Ruined Everything

Such as it is that most leftists do not realize that the freedoms they have so vocally and stridently advocated for so long — the social freedom to say and do whatever you want, and the economic freedom to avoid meaningful employment — are about to be obliterated. The useful idiots will be astounded to find themselves in a full-fledged police state and bound in a state of serfdom to the demands of the central government.

“Comply or starve. Submit or face elimination,” will be the government’s refrain. The masochistic, subhuman degenerates will be all too glad to grovel to their Democrat Party masters.

When all is said and done, what will the leftists have rebelled against? A nation where forty hours (1/4 of the week) of the worst employment provides a standard of living higher than that of 95% of the world’s population? Where twenty minutes spent mindlessly slinging burgers and fries at McDonald’s can buy you enough calories to last the day? Where one of the ubiquitous public policy crises is not starvation, but obesity?

This is a country where we are being economically oppressed?

This is an economic system that needs to be “fundamentally transformed”? This is a country we are supposed to be so damned mad about?

And why? Because there is inequality? Of course, there is inequality, you fools! If I sit here and blog instead of sacking coal in a mine, then do I deserve to be paid as much as a coal miner? No! If I lay on my couch eating bon-bons and watching Judge Judy should I make as much money as the grease monkey who just expertly fixed a broken-down Volvo? Again, no!

So why in tarnation is everyone up in arms about Mitt Romney’s “gifts” comment? Why do people lose their collectivist minds when Romney talks about the 47% of takers, whom he accurately predicted would never vote for him? His comments hit a little too close to home, that’s why, they touched a nerve of truth, and they outraged those who feel entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. Good!

But Mitt Romney was wrong when he said that too many Americans were taking “gifts” from President Obama and that’s why he lost the election. When someone gives a gift, generally, he has to make it or pay for it. The president did neither; he just looted the private sector and redistributed Obama money to his voter-clients, who excused his theft with a shoulder shrug and the amoral rejoinder “well, that’s democracy.”

So what about America’s imperialist foreign policy, you say?

  • Like when the U.S. entered World War I to defeat the initiators of the war in Europe?
  • Or when GIs were plunged into WWII by Japan, whom we roundly defeated and rebuilt even stronger than before?
  • Or when we helped defeat the Nazis and saved much of Europe from Nazi and Soviet domination?
  • Or how about fighting for South Korea, which is a virtual paradise compared to its communist neighbor to the North?
  • Or maybe Vietnam, which saw tens of thousands of people killed or made refugees when the North Vietnamese finally conquered the South?
  • How about the Cold War, which saw the vilified Ronald Reagan proven correct about the moral and economic rot of the USSR once and for all?
  • Or what about Saddam Hussein, a genocidal madman who personally oversaw rape and torture rooms, and who used wmds on his own people?
  • And what of the Taliban, whose sick medieval atrocities defy polite description?

American foreign policy may be misguided at times, but it is far from imperialistic. The U.S. doesn’t enslave nations it fights for or against, it liberates peoples and does its best to protect and improve their lives. That doesn’t make the U.S., or any nation, perfect.

Of course, opposing the evils of communism and fascism, as well as the economic misery of socialism, makes Americans belligerent warmongers out to conquer the world, correct? Good little Leninists take note that the warmongers in each case cited above were not liberal democratic nations. And for further counterfactuals to the left’s insipid imperialism narrative, just ask the Canadians and Mexicans how unashamedly expansionist we are.

The left’s hunger for a perfect world can never be sated. That is why the shining beacon of liberty that has been the United States is derided as culturally imperialist or hegemonic —  because freedom frustrates utopian totalitarians. There always has to be more demands. There’s never enough to quell their envy and dissatisfaction with life.

But there won’t be anarchy and chaos if capitalism is crushed, says the unblinking leftist; you see, for some magical reason a spontaneous new order will arise and we will all be “new” human beings and we will all love each other equally and there will be peace forever and ever. Amen.

There will be peace – the peace that comes from the desolation of all that gets in the way of the left’s diabolical machine. The peace that comes from the absence of resistance to socialism. The peace that comes from assimilation to the Borg. And following that peace will come stagnation, societal and economic decay, alienation, apathy, and a ruling class entrenched above the whole tragic, despicable mess of it all.

But this is the left’s paradise, removed from the sappy, sanguine figments of their overactive imaginations. This is the brave new world of Barack Obama and his ilk. This is the eerie “transformation” of America that the Democrats were talking about.

The signs of collapsing societies throughout history were everywhere for everyone to see. Yet paradoxically, people were always baffled when their misery and destruction came upon them like a thief in the night.

The lazy, the ignorant, and the ideologically corrupt, naively believing empty slogans like “Land, Bread, and Peace,” wake up one day to find themselves deprived of all property, starving, or in a constant state of war — with other nations, against their own government, amongst each other, or even versus nature itself.

Soak up the misery, lefties. But never say we didn’t warn you.

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  1. Three wars for independence were fought in this country. The first was our War of Independence. The second was the Civil War. The third was the war to oust Obama and people who think like him.

    The War Between the States was also a war of independence, at least for half of the country. Of course it was an ill imagined enterprise. However it serves as an example of sorts of where conservatives who think like me are today.

    When the south lost the war the losers struggled home. They were beaten. Devastated. Disillusioned. The LAST thing they wanted was more war and strife. They just wanted to be left alone.

    Of course, they were not left alone. The carpetbaggers beset them in droves to steal what little they had. And how did they get away with it? They got away with it because southerners were beaten, devastated and all the rest. They simply did not care any longer.

    Of course, this is simplistic, but it is true.

    Conservatives came winding out of their homes, knowing that God and reason was on their side. They gave the battle much of their soul, knowing that the side good would triumph in the end.

    When, at the last, the last of their strength spent on the four year long campaign, they sat before their TV’s watching the tragedy of tragedies unfold…well…their heart and spirit left them.

    Day by day after, dwelling on the magnitude of their loss, Obamacare, the Supreme Court, radicalism, socialism, gimmeism… their despair gave way to apathy.

    So, what’s the happy end to this tale, you ask?

    Well, I don’t have one. As films go, this is some kind of crazy French film we’re participating in now.

    See, when you are defeated in a struggle as epic as a war of independence when you KNOW you are right, you sort of give up. You just go through the motions. The old fire in the belly extinguished.

    It took 110 years for the American people to get mad enough to carry out another war for independence. Can they muster enough of what we had the last time around…and a little more…to do it again four years from now? Frankly, I don’t think so.

    I spent four years in the lonely trenches, doing my part with an enterprise somewhat like the CDN. I wrote scores upon scores of brilliant opinion pieces to fire up the troops. I put my heart into it and in the end my heart was broken.

    Would I do it again? Damn right, were there a purpose to it.

    Once upon a time a few weeks ago I knew that I could devise a purpose if called on. Now I know that I probably can’t.

    It’s no shame to admit when you have been totally butt whipped by your opponent. To deny is the tactic of the left. We, you and I, are realists.

    Going forward someone is just going to have to step up to be our leader.

    I saw in the year of the war that the same old same old wasn’t working. Rush, Hannity, Beck, and the rest kept our blood boiling, but they lent no leadership.

    We needed a plan from our radio leaders. They had none. They wouldn’t even work with one another.

    Well, we were ripe for leadership four years ago. Ripe and ready. Leaderless, we still came close to winning.

    This time around, though…many of us conservative war wounded can’t be stirred to life again with hot sticks. It is a simple fact.

    Conservatives, like the walking wounded of the south, just want to get on with life…even life in the coming crazy world of Obama and his minions. They know the worst is coming but they lack the will to get up and do it one more time.

    Honestly, it may be one hundred years coming again…and in a world vastly different than this one.

    But, if a leader comes along and wants to do it one more time, I’ll be there, boots on. But right now. Well, right now, I just want to be left alone. Just endure. Take the beating I know is coming.

    Sounds a little melodramatic, doesn’t it? May be so, my conservative friend. May be so. But it doesn’t mean that I’m far from the truth.

    1. Right on Norm. I can’t help but think that we should let it all burn down and then try and rebuild from the ashes. LET IT BURN.

  2. Revisionist Theory:

    Forgive my math. “It took 110 years for the American people to get mad enough to carry out another war for independence.”

    Actually it’s more like 148 years. The editing process for comments is very unforgiving.

  3. I will never give up. I will fight to keep my country, if it really does come to that. I am not ready to watch the nation I was born and raised in, where freedom used to reign, fall to Socialist totalitarianism.

  4. Well, Kyle, you & the comments certainly gave me something to think about while I was chopping celery for tomrrow’s stuffing….One thought kept coming to the front…Perhaps this sense of ‘entitlement’ has developed because so many have never known a life without these ‘freedoms’ & don’t have a true understanding of WHAT freeom IS….or what it means to do ‘with out’…. Entitlement…. has become the adictive drug of choice for milions. Wanting our children to have what others have, we as parents are the enablers…& provided the magic mushroom. Maybe it’s time to grit our teeth & start saying “NO” This is admitedly easy for me to say as my children are adults, but then Great grandmas should take it to heart as well.
    I’d love to add some brillant thoughts on the economy & foriegn policy, just not aware we have any of them left.
    Maggie, know that you will not stand alone.
    May each have a blessed Thanksgiving…as long as we stand, ‘they’ can’t start the count

  5. Google “Poorest States in the US” – all republican dominated.

    You guys are all about hatred. Hating the poor – just like Jesus, right?

  6. So, simple question are the American poor in desperate straits or aren’t they? Mitt Romney ran his campaign on clicking off all these dreadful numbers about foodstamps and poverty, women and college students being unable to find jobs but it seems the focus of this post is that we don’t really have a poverty problem in America?

    So which is it?

    And did you ever study any real history.

    Who exactly started World War 1 and which battles did the US participate in which were equal to the Somme or Verdun?

    How did we save Europe from Soviet Dominance? Ever heard of the Warsaw Pact and which front, East or West, had the heavy perponderance of German Military Might?

    Which President first put forces in Vietnam? Hint it was 1954. Also what was Vietnam called in the 20th century before our involvement?

    And as for Saint Ronnie, The Myth of Ronald Reagan wasn’t that he got the Soviets to pass a universal healthcare coverage for their citizens. It was that Reagan goaded the Red Menace into an Arms Race which bankrupted them.

    Who met Saddam Hussein in 1983 and which President in the 1980’s provided arms to Saddam to fight Iran?

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