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Geraldo Rivera Visibly Shaking After Exploding At Fox Co-Host Over Benghazi

Geraldo Rivera continues his allegations that anyone claiming the Obama Administration could have mounted a rescue at Benghazi “is just preposterous!”  Geraldo appearing on Fox and Friends Friday morning, seems to have adopted the Left’s talking points, screaming at Co-Host Eric Bolling

“You are a politician looking to make a political point!” he added after Bolling challenged him, later repeating the point: “You are misleading the American people because you want to make a political point.”

Poor Geraldo, what is known is that Geraldo has always “leaned forward” championing this Regime’s talking points.  At one point,  he even goes after Charles Woods, Ty Woods’ Dad.  Pointing his finger and pontificating that Mr. Woods is being led down this path of misinformation, and declaring  how unfair it was to blame Obama for going to Las Vegas instead of saving Ty Woods was a “disgrace” according to Geraldo.   No Geraldo, what is a disgrace is for a journalist, who through his career has done his share of exploiting stories, is allowing his personal “leanings” to blind him”?  Stonewalling the American people is the disgrace, as Gretchen Carlson points out.

After we killed Bin Laden, the Obama Administration had no problem leaking out ALL the information just days after that event.  So what gives here Geraldo?   As for Geraldo’s claim that “he has consulted with four star Generals, and other military personnel and nothing could have been done to rescue those in Libya” —I’d like to point Geraldo to BlackFive.net.   Geraldo using the “Raid on Entebbe”, (in which a plane was hijacked by terrorists, kidnapping the Israeli passengers, and holding them in Uganda) as a comparison is pure hogwash!  Were the passengers being actively killed, and the LIVE feed being watched by the Israeli PM?  OF course not, Geraldo!  Geraldo stating it took the Israelis “seven days” to mount a rescue, is correct.   However, one of the big glaring differences Geraldo, is that Benghazi was an attack, not a hijacking, Benghazi was a battle happening in real time, not a hostage taking!  Thanks for trying Geraldo, but we get how the Left uses its talking points to confuse.

Let’s not indulge in fairy tales Geraldo,  your anger proves you are very invested and upset over the facts that your guy, Barack Obama, left men to die, facts you aren’t able to personally face yet.

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Rebecca Diserio

About Rebeca Diserio–After the tragic death of her first husband, LA County Deputy Sheriff Stephen Blair (Gang Unit, Compton, CA), in the line of duty, she became a Conservative Writer, Activist, and Speaker. She worked on Star Parker’s campaign, co-managing a district office. Currently, she is the CEO & Executive Producer of FIDELIS RADIO NETWORK, and host of the REBECCA DISERO show. She resides with her 3 sons, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

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  1. Someone needs to just hit him with a chair. Worked the first time, shut him up for a while. LOL

  2. I’ve been saying this for a long time, even to the extent of messaging Fox people. Ship Geraldo Rivera’s ass to MSNBC or CNN. He will fit well with their liberal lies and misleading point of views, as dictated by the Obama admin. Forget trying to be fair and balance because all the other networks are biased against Conservative values. They are all in the tank for Obama. I switch channels everytime a Fox show features Rivera, Beckel, Roginsky, Colmes, Williams, and the rest of the “idiot squad”.

    1. I am with ya on that, change channels from Fox to anything else rather than listen to Williams, Rivera, or Beckel. Why try to be “fair and balanced”? Why not be conservative 24/7? Who are you trying to impress, the MSM?, Independents?, other so called journalists?, the Left?, Hollywood?, they do not watch Fox anyway. I would watch Fox a lot more if I did not have to hear the Left BS from these libtards.

  3. Yes he’s the one spouting misleading information. Obama was there in the situation room watching real time and the next day in the Rose Garden he didn’t even mention the attack by name only in generalities. I saw Charles Woods on with Hannity and he said Obama didn’t even look him in the eye and muttered something and that shaking hands with him was like shaking hands with a dead fish. He said the same about Hillary also. I would also remind Geraldo that the left acused Bush of murder almost on a daily basis.
    Today Chris Wallace interviewed David Axelgrease and he lied too saying the president was on top of the Libyan situation all the time and in contact with everyone doing everything he could.He didn’t mention why he supported the You Tube video for almost 14 days. Of course not. Fire them all.

  4. Hey…Wait a minute…We can’t let Fox rid themselves of Rivera or Beckel…Colmes or Williams…Even the Great Roy or Gene had their idiot sidekicks…You must have the buffoons in order for the Greats to shine even more brightly…No matter how bad Beckel turns you stomach!!!! BLEECHHHH!!!

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