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Food-Stamping, The New American Craze

Well it looks like Obama’s plan to get as many people as he can on the Government balance sheets is working. It just goes to show you, it does not take long to change the direction of a country, in just four years Obama has managed to get this country on the road to a European type society and that is not a good thing. Look at the condition Europe is in, it is a mess, I guess Obama wants to show the rest of the world that America can run itself into the ground like everyone else, because we all know that Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism.

I bring this up because as I was sitting in McDonald’s, having one of my favorite meals, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a large fries and large soda, which I like to bring up because it drives Liberals crazy. Because I am 6’2” 185 pounds, not over weight at all, while Liberals want us to eat like rabbits, I like to eat what I enjoy, while the Government still lets me that is. However, as I was sitting there enjoying my meal, two women were sitting behind me and I could not help but overhear their conversation. It seems that one of their friend’s father had lost his business and had to move in with one of his children, while I was thinking it was terrible losing his business (because I lost mine as well) I thought it was really nice that one of his children took him in, that to me is what a family is all about.

As I listened, one of the women was saying to the other that she thought her friend was an idiot for taking his father in to his home, she said she would never do something like that, she would just tell her father to go down and get on welfare and food stamps. She also said the government would also pay his rent and give him money to live on, even a cell phone, so why should someone burden themselves like that. Then she said something that stuck in my mind, she said, “the whole country is Food Stamping, so why not take advantage of it.” Food Stamping, I guess this is the newest craze taking hold of the American people.

The thing is, it is not just those two women that think like that; even people who consider themselves Conservatives are coming around to the Food Stamping of America. I hear Conservatives saying that if a person earns less than $50,000 a year, they would be foolish to continue working and paying taxes. Why should a person go out and bust his ass working and paying taxes, when his neighbor is sitting at home watching T.V. all day having everything he needs to live being taken care of by the Government?

It seems that many people were expecting Romney to win the election and to get this country turned around and back on track. Since that did not happen, I think many people have said hell with it, and have thrown in the towel. I mean let’s face it, how long can someone sit there and watch other people collecting Government money, while they bust their asses without feeling like a chump or sucker.

After listening to those two women at McDonald’s I started thinking, maybe Obama’s plan is to brainwash people to turn to the Government instead of turning to their families for help. Make Government the go to guys, not your family, because the Government knows what is best. I do believe that is how a Communist Government starts. The thing is, I cannot blame Obama for the direction of this country, because Obama could not exist without the votes of the American people, the American people voted for a left turn and now they are going to get what they voted for, and I feel bad for our country.

With over 48 million people on food stamps, many American people are saying “come on in the water is fine.” Now I am thinking, why not? I will see you all at the food stamp office; we can all go food stamping together.

This is one man’s opinion.




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One Comment

  1. I will not say anything other than this: My “significant other” clears $40k a year from government hand outs. If you are a “single woman” with children it can be much higher.

    The government is the sugar daddy and men exist to support the sugar daddy.

    When enough men stand up and say to hell with this system, you’ll see just how civilized we all can be.

    We wanted to see just how far the rabbit hole went…. Turns out it is a hell of a lot deeper than I could have imagined and I am afraid to go any further. It’s no wonder so many women initiate divorce.

    Prepare now. Men will eventually grow tired of supporting this system.

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