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Can We Trade Obama For Putin?

Who knew, after the past four years of calling Obama a Socialist, it turns out we were wrong, it is now confirmed, he is a Communist. I guess we all owe Obama an apology, only calling him a Socialist for four years when he was a Communist must have been a big hit to his ego. But now the truth is out and I think we all should apologize to Obama for calling him a mere Socialist, after all being a Communist is one step up from being a Socialist. Let’s not forget all his supporters that were screaming “Obama is not a Socialist” for the past four years, they deserve an apology as well, after all it turns out they were not lying to us.

It seems that the Russian newspaper Pravda, which was formed as the official Communist publication of the former Soviet Union, came out with a story the other day claiming that Obama is without a doubt a Communist, after all, who would know a Communist better than Russia?

The author, Xavier Lerma, goes on to say how Obama’s “cult of personality” has mesmerized the ignorant in America, who will follow the hope and change icon in much the same way as ”fools” still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia, “Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.” Now I think at this point I deserve an apology from all the Liberals who have been calling me a racist and a bigot for calling the followers of Obama idiots over the past four years, seems I was right for calling them ignorant idiots all along.

Mr. Lerma went on to say that even President Vladimir Putin was more of a capitalist than Obama. Listen to what Putin said recently, “During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.” Putin also speaks and promotes smaller government and less taxes.

Now, my question is this, if a Communist says that he has learned his lesson, that Communism does not work, what the hell is wrong with Obama, why is he trying to take us down the same path that collapsed the Soviet Union? Many people, including myself have said that was Obama’s plan all along that he wanted to end the American way of life, now we know he just might do it.

Mr. Lerma also noticed some other similarities with the former Soviet Union and America.  “Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law,” We see everyday attacks on Christianity, The ACLU and other atheist groups in America are on the attack against religious symbols. Lawsuits against religious freedom and expression seem to be an everyday occurrence.

For years, I have been watching videos on YouTube with people who fled Communist countries and came to America for freedom, but noticed that America was starting to resemble the countries that they fled. Now we have a former Communist, telling us that we are headed in the wrong direction, when are the American people going to wake-up, when we have a hammer and cycle on our flag?

Is there a reason why the former Soviet Union is now becoming more like America used to be? Of course there is, because the America of yesteryear worked and Communism does not, is that so hard to understand? I guess it must be, because America has chosen a President who wants to take us down a road that will surely fail. But many of us in America knew what his intentions were all along, the rest were Kool-Aid drinkers. I only wish Pravda had published that piece a week before the election, maybe more people would have woken up.


This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. I think Putin is a real man.
    He also stood against the public vulgarity of that filthy punk rock band and that really impressed me. We were once a country that didn’t tolerate that behavior. We were once a country that respected Good, Truth, and Beauty.

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  3. I would be very careful about saying something like that, Chris. Putin is not a Communist, but he is an anti-American Russian nationalist.

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