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Public Opinion: Ford up – GM, Chysler down after Obama bailout

Survey results released on Sunday from Rasmussen Reports shows that the bailout of GM and Chrysler has left the bailed-out with a poor public image while Ford, the only major American car maker not to take public money, is enjoying rising popularity.

When 1,000 people were asked if they viewed each of the car makers as very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable, Ford came out strong.

44% of respondents said they looked favorably upon Ford, while only 12% and 13% said the same of Chrysler and GM respectively. When looking at all positive responses, 78% of responses were positive for Ford, 54% for GM and 43% for Chrysler.

The unfavorables are equally as enlightening. Ford saw only 13% unfavorable ratings, GM 45% and Chrysler 43%.

The assumption would be that the bailouts hurt the car companies that took them, but why work from assumption? The survey then asked respondents how the bailouts affect their impressions of the big three.

The President and V.P. have been out campaigning hard on the auto bailout. On Sunday the President used his weekly address to remind Americans that it was a major achievement. 55% of respondents said that the bailouts were a bad idea. 57% said it made them more likely to buy a Ford and 52% said it made them less likely to buy a car from GM. 17% said they knew someone that bought a Ford simply because the automaker did not take tax payer money to weather the recession.

Perhaps the auto bailout is not something the President should be touting so loudly.

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One Comment

  1. The survey size was 1000 people. That’s less than 1 response for every 300,000 US citizens.

    Better yet the survey’s methodology was completely flawed because it did not take into account whether anyone in the study had intended to buy a ford in response to the bailouts, or whether they were intending on buying a car at all.

    With such a flawed approach, you might as well ask the Chinese if they will vote for Romney or Obama and make a press release of that…

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