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Obama’s Xanadu Comes Crumbling Down

Boy, how Obama has fallen since the time he came into office with all his talk of hope and change. Very little of what Obama promised us has come to pass. The man who gave a good speech, turned out to be just a lot of hot air. As time went on America saw that Obama was nothing without his teleprompter and in reality was not a good speech maker at all. So much has changed in the past four years, which only proves Vice President Joe Biden was right, when during the Democratic primaries of 2008, he said America could not afford to seat a President that needs on the job training, it was probably the only time Joe has made any sense, and America has paid the price.

I always said that in my lifetime, I would never see a President who was worse than Jimmy Carter, but I guess I was wrong, no wonder why Carter likes Obama so much, because now Carter knows he is not the worst President anymore. But America has only itself to blame for the situation we find ourselves in, we elected our first black President, but like I said back then, big deal, we have a black President that has no clue how to run a country. Obama is the perfect example against affirmative action.

However, all his inexperience is now coming to a head and everything that Obama has tried to do is coming back to bite him on the ass. We have a President, who like the Indians in those old movies used to say, speaks with a forked tongue, and after four years how can anyone believe a word he says. His biggest so called accomplishment was ObamaCare, which after two years is still unpopular and he doesn’t even bring it up on the campaign trail. A president who said he was going to work with both sides of the aisle, but rammed it through without a single Republican vote. As a matter of fact, when talking to John McCain about the bill, he famously said, “Elections have consequences and I won.” In other words he told McCain to shut-up, it does not matter what you have to say.

Well, now Obama’s world is crumbling in front of him, the economy he said he was going to fix is still broken and stuck in neutral. In his own words, he said the unemployment rate would be at 5.4% by now and our G.D.P. would be up at over 4%, wrong on both. People are hurting all around this country and his plan for the next four years is to keep doing the same thing as he did in the last four years.

All his make nice, nice policies to try to make our enemies like us is a complete disaster, the Middle East is on fire and still he will not blame our enemies, which are Muslims, instead he still wants to blame it on some video. Moreover, how about the lies and the cover-up, does he think the American people are stupid? I think that is exactly what he thinks. In addition, all those billions of dollars in so called loans to Green Energy Companies that were just payback to big contributors of his presidential campaign are falling apart. One by one, we see all these green companies filing for bankruptcy, billions wasted and thousands of jobs lost, this administration stinks of corruption. All this money wasted on green energy, while gas is up at $4.00 a gallon and he stops the pipeline from Canada, which would not only give us more oil, but create thousands of jobs as well. Obama also stopped permits for drilling on government lands, which means less oil and no jobs. His domestic policies are a joke and his foreign policies are a joke, so how on earth can anyone in their right mind vote to re-elect this guy, it just boggles the mind. We have a president who once said that,

“This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” what a joke that sounds like now.

Famed columnist Michael Goodwin, who voted for Obama in 2008 now says, “He failed as president because he is incompetent, dishonest and not interested in the actual work of governing. His statist policies helped consign millions of Americans to a lower standard of living and his odious class warfare further divided the nation. He had no intention of uniting the country — it was his Big Lie.”

Obama’s Xanadu is crumbling all around him, his failed policies are making a mockery of America around the world and a slew of his supporters have jumped ship and swam to the other side. Even Iran’s President,  Ahmadinejad said, America is becoming weaker because of all of our debt. How come our biggest enemy can see we are in trouble because of our debt, but not the president, he is either ignorant or blind, either way the house of cards he has built is crumbling and it is time for him to fade into history.

This is one man’s opinion.

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