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Is Obama, Carter Or Was Carter, Obama?

Something has always puzzled me, when Obama was elected President, he kept saying that he inherited the worst economy since the great depression. After three years of him not being able to turn the economy around, he said it was because he did not realize how bad the economy was when he first took office. I do not understand, how can it be worse than the worst economy, either it was the worst, or it is the worst, are you as confused as I am? Do you think Obama is just making excuses why his policies are not working?

Former President Bill Clinton, while sticking up for Obama in one of his speeches, said that the economy was so bad that no one could have turned the economy around in one term, not even him. Well there is a reason why that is true and it has nothing to do with how bad the economy was, it is because we need a Republican to do it. I can hear the Liberals screaming now, Bush left Obama with a bad economy, yes, and we have heard that for four years now, is not enough, enough? Any way, it was the Democrats that actually caused the problem, but that is another story. This country hired Obama to turn the economy around, not cry, complain and blame about it, which is what Obama has been doing for the past four years.

For those of us who are old enough to remember another President by the name of Jimmy Carter, will also see the amazing similarities between Carter and Obama, to start with both were incompetent and should never have been President. However, there is one thing that I need to bring up, Carter’s economy was much worse than Obama’s. During the Carter day’s inflation and interest rates both soared to double digits, going as high as 20%, while unemployment soared to 11%. Then there was the problem with Iran, with American hostages being held captive for over 400 days. In addition, how can we forget about gas prices, Carter had a terrible oil crisis, I remember, because I was there. Gas prices doubled, we had long lines at the gas stations and we had odd and even days when you could buy gas, if your license plate ended in an odd number, you could only buy gas on an odd numbered day, plus the lines stretched around the block and many stations only let you get ten dollars worth of gas.

Let us review the similarities;

  1. Carter had a problem with high unemployment, so does Obama.
  2. Carter had a problem with high interest rates and inflation, Obama does not.
  3. Carter had a problem with falling wages, so does Obama
  4. Carter was a weak leader, so is Obama
  5. Carter let Iran push us around, so is Obama
  6. Carter let gas prices rise instead of finding ways to get more oil, so is Obama
  7. Carter watched the economy shrink, so is Obama
  8. Carter stooped to class warfare to try to get reelected, So did Obama
  9.  Carter blamed the rich for the countries woe’s, so is Obama
  10.  Carter thought that raising taxes on the rich would solve all problems, so does Obama.
  11.  Carter liked to blame and apologize for America, so does Obama.
  12.   Carter saw gas prices double on his watch, so did Obama.

Wow, just like twins separated at birth, now let us get to the best part. Carter’s Republican opponent was Ronald Reagan, who was behind in the polls at the time of their debate. After their debate, Reagan saw a turn around and soared in the polls, why? Because during the campaign, all Carter did was demonize Reagan as some kind of monster, after the debate the American people saw Reagan not as a monster, but as man who was strong and could be President. Just like Obama and Romney, is it not?

Well, Reagan won that election by a wide margin, just as Romney is going to do. I saved the best for last, Reagan came into office and had the economy not only turned around, but also had it booming in three years time. You see, when Bill Clinton said Obama could not turn the economy around in one term and not even he could turn it around, he was right, but it was not because it is impossible, it was because they just did not know how to do it. Just as Republican Ronald Reagan got the economy moving again, we need Republican Mitt Romney to get our economy moving again.

As the saying goes, even Stevie Wonder can see that.


This is one man’s opinion.




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  1. I remember those days, it’s hard to believe that there could be a worse president than Carter, but I guess if you live long enough you see many things.

  2. Well, Chris, when you put it that way….Does it really matter? It’s laundry day, if the dirt doesn’t wash out, throw it out!

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