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Detroit Church to give out ‘Government Assisted’ Phones

Not to be outdone by Cleveland residents, this Detroit church is getting in on the “government assisted” cellphone giveaway.

The advertisement assures “recipients” that the “sign up process is easy and will only take a few minutes to complete”.

Just as the Obamaphone Lady made it clear, if you “are on food stamps, SSI, Medicaid or Section 8 you are welcome to receive a free cell phone”… well, that is, (while supplies last).”



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  1. Where are the “Separation of Church and State” people now? They are all totally silent when churches help Democrats, but if a Republican presidential administration conducted a vote-buying giveaway in a church, this would be front-page news.

  2. AK, ain’t dat da trouth!!! What do you want to bet it’s one stop shopping & voter’s are being registared at the same time. Who ever said “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” hasn’t met this goose in our White House! The Turkey Union is promoting ‘cooked goose’ for Thanksgiving

  3. Just some things to note:
    1) For years the number of apartment buildings that are not being wired for landline services has risen steeply. If a majority of residents do not want/cannot afford landline services the entire building goes without the service.

    2) Having access to a phone in the modern world is a necessity. Try to find a job without a phone number. It may be possible, but I have no idea how. If you need to call the police, the fire department, or an ambulance a phone works a lot better than shouting.

    3) Despite the advertisement showing a well dressed man and a Blackberry, these phones are probably refurbished and recycled phones.

    I agree I sort of shook my head when I first heard about this story, but the more I think about it this is the sort of government program that tries to improve the quality of life for people who are struggling, and also might help them get out of a cycle of failure.

  4. This is a major scam these phones are given numbers that have been cloned and given to people to use on someone else’s dime. It just happened to my fiancé her number on her old phone was cloned and her minutes were getting used and her bill was being affected while these losers were getting free phones from Obama so once again Obama is a crook.

  5. As the recent victim of this Obama cell phone scam, I do not plan on letting this slide by without some exposing what is really going on here.

    The Obama administration in an effort to avoid losing an election went into areas of poverty and lands filled with uneducated and otherwise unlikely to vote constituents made promises for Hope, Change, and Government assisted cell phones. This was a smart ploy on their part as it guaranteed votes and support from a populace who would otherwise have chosen to avoid the polls.

    Learning tonight that an unused line on my cell plan had used 928 minutes this month was more than angering. Printing out the numbers and contacting people till I learned who had the number and how they acquired the phone was far more angering.

    Come to an Easy-up tent (on corners in cities everywhere in Michigan) manned by two more slightly uneducated Obama crooks. Sitting with laptops (likely stollen) taking minimal information and handing out free phones. Doesn’t take anything but a persons word, not even an ID according to the woman who text me details about this when I called them out about where they acquired the phone.

    Long story short, a church handing out phones since just before the elections has made themselves look less than credible. They have lowered themselves to the corporate greed of a Non-American thieving President.

    Keep giving away your stolen phones, because this won’t last long. You have an angry woman on your hands and that’s worse than a hungry wolf!

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