Circular Firing Squad of ‘Christians’ Take Aim at D’Souza

Writer, filmaker Dinesh D’Sousa

Recently, King’s College President Dinesh D’sousa resigned his post at the religious school in New York because of a supposed sex scandal. It’s interesting that this scandal would erupt now as D’sousa’s popular movie on the life of President Obama comes out in DVD.

D’Sousa will no doubt be all right after losing his job. I’m sure some conservative think tank will hire him, or perhaps he’ll commit himself to writing full time. Regardless, one has to wonder at the circular firing squad that attacked him so viciously over what many of us as Christians think of as pretty much a non-issue.

The scandal erupted after former colleagues of his discovered that he ‘might’ be sharing a room at a hotel with a woman who was not his wife. Forget the fact that he has been separated from his wife for two years and is getting a divorce. Forget the fact that the woman he was supposed to have shared the room with is his fiancé. That doesn’t matter in the eyes of the supposed ultra conservative colleagues of his who are no doubt closet libs who are upset at the success of Dinesh’s latest movie criticizing the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

According to The Blaze article, the author of an article in the Christian magazine, The World, is to blame for bringing about this scandal. The author, Warren Smith, was a former public relations person for the college and a former colleague. Perhaps Smith holds some sort of grudge against D’Sousa? Regardless he alleges that D’Sousa attended a Christian conference with his fiancé and that they shared a room together. D’Sousa denies this charge in an article he wrote for Fox News last Wednesday. The organizers were so distressed about the supposed affair that they ran to the nearest magazine and spilled their guts to a writer who was all too willing to write up a scandal sheet. Oops. Is that something Christians normally do? I’m skeptical.

My response to this so called scandal and the circular firing squad that followed is this, “Big F’ing Whoop!” Here is where the Libertarian in me gets the best of me. These so called Christians didn’t go to their beloved colleague and confront him on their concern about his behavior. They immediately sought out a remedy designed to ruin D’Sousa’s career as the President of a College and perhaps as a Christian Conservative author and film maker. To me, that is not Christian at all.

Is any one of us perfect? Do we live in the real world, or don’t we? Am I your judge? Are you mine? God may judge and it is His right, but I don’t feel comfortable about destroying a fellow Christian and costing him his professional life. That’s just plain wrong. Do any of us know of nice unmarried couples who are living together? Do we ostracize them for it? This is not on the same par with Bill Clinton, his lying under oath, sexual harassment of employees and supporters, or his affair in the White House with an intern and a cigar. Not by a long shot. So why all the fuss?

I have a message for my so called Christian Friends at the World. “F” You! Oh I’m sorry. That’s not appropriate. I want to be more like Christ. So here is what He would have to say about so called religious people who deliberately hurt others in His flock.

“Serpents, brood of vipers! Blind guides. You strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel. You bow before the letter of the law but ignore the heart of the law. Faith, mercy, good deeds. You hold shut the door to heaven against man. You won’t go in yourselves, nor do you let others enter. You are like whited sepulchers.  All fair and clean without. But within, full of deadman’s bones and all corruption! How can any of you escape damnation!”

There. I’m done. I feel better.

The Bible tells us that none of us is without sin. If it were so, then Christ would not have to die as a sacrifice for all. After all, if there was another way available for us for salvation, then Christ would have been a fool to go through such drastic unnecessary measures to redeem us all. So stop judging one another and enough with the circular firing squads. We have enough problems without holier than thou Christians destroying the lay man or woman because we somehow don’t measure up to the standard. None of us is up to the standard. All we can do is our best to live the lives He would want us to live and to love one another as He loved us.

What they did to D’Sousa wasn’t loving. It was despicable. Shame on you. If I wanted to read scandal sheets, I’d go to some other smut magazine on the shelf. You lower yourselves by being this tawdry. Shame on you.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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  1. Joseph & his coat of many colors & the tremendous burden of envy that these ‘accusers’ must carry.

    Today, so many identify, so it seems, by the ‘group’ or individual they attach themselves to rather than than look for the greatness within their own self. I suppose it creates a ‘self-esteem’ as opposed to ‘esteem of self”. It’s a great deal easier to critize & tear down than to build.

    “Coveting thy neighbor” isn’t new or unusal, but to a Christian…it is a sin. So it just might be a good idea to keep the stones in our pockets & work for the common good.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I love Dinesh and he did a fabulous job on 2016 so I was really surprised when I saw on the cover of the liberal NY Daily News that is so blatently biased a headline that said “Director of Anti-Obama film found in hotel room with woman while he is still married.” I said Oh NO Dinesh how could you.I didn’t read the article,but thanks for clearing that up Jeremy. I agree with you.

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