A Rebuttal to Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Wake the F*ck Up!’

** Warning: Foul Language*

Samuel L. Jackson’s little bedtime story is nothing but a dream. It’s time for him to wake the f*ck up! This is Reason.TV’s rebuttal to his foul mouthed fairy tale.

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  1. I am loosing respect for almost all the Hollywoods people! I am totally disabled. I spend a lot of time watching movies. That is slowing up real fast. I am discarding them because the actors are the stupidest people alive. Am thinning them out fast the last year or so. I don’t care if they are for Aboma! But keep the bull shit out about the STUPID people they claim are against them! They are not helping him by being negative about people that do not believe the way they believe. When Jackson said I voted for Oboma because he was black! That made me believe he was a idiot! Now this is too much!

    1. I can certqinly agree that Hollywood as a whole is tarnished & I also find ‘certain’ pretenders movies on my forget it list.It seems that there’s a great deal of feeling insecure in themselves that makes it necessaary to draw anykind of atttention to themselves…hmmmm sounds like their hero. Keep in mind that ‘stupid’ is a disease w/o a cure & bragging or whinning is a side affect.

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