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How Many More Bumps In The Road Can America Endure?

Once again, we see that without a teleprompter Obama is nothing but a big gaffer. It seems that our elegant speaker in chief, is only elegant when words are put in his mouth. Most of the time what he truly believes comes out when he is off the teleprompter, except for the time he said he was going to visit all 57 states, at least I hope he doesn’t believe that there are 57 states, but with Obama, you never know.

We now have our latest bump in the road, four Americans murdered, American flags being burned, people being murdered in the streets, Iran is closer to having a nuclear bomb and the Middle East is in turmoil, but don’t worry folks, it is just a bump in the road. I understand Obama likes to lead from behind, at this point I would like to see any leadership from Obama, from behind, the left the right, up, down, for God’s sake Obama will you just lead, you are supposed to be the leader of the free world, so lead.

Four years of so-called bumps in the road is just about enough. Nothing seems to be urgent enough for Obama, everything is just a bump in the road. Well, I have to take that back, Obama-care was Urgent enough for him to halt any work on the economy, which we now see that pretty much everything he told us about Obama-care is turning out to be a lie and still a majority of the American people don’t want it. It is a disaster. Under this President America for the first time has lost its triple A rating and went from first place in the world down to 18th in the world standing, bump and bump. How about the six trillion plus in debt he accumulated, he’s “not concerned.” Another bump.

After passing his stimulus package for so-called shovel ready jobs, he famously laughed when he said, “shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we thought” just a bump in the road I guess. Of course there is nothing wrong with the economy, he famously said “The private sector is doing fine.” You see to him it is just another bump in the road. Unemployment still over 8%, don’t worry America it is just a little bump in the road, gas prices approaching $4.00 a gallon, just another little bump. The take home pay of Americans has fallen 8.3% in the four years Obama has been in office, prices are rising at the supermarket, and you guessed it, nothing more than a bump.

The country is falling apart and what is Obama’s claim to fame, he has played more rounds of golf than any other President in history. Plus he hob knobs with celebrities and goes on shows like The Pimp With The Limp, where he is asked such thought provoking questions like what his favorite color is, very Presidential I must say, do you have to wonder why we are not respected around the world anymore.

I do not understand how this President can stand in front of the American people and with a straight face, ask for another four years. He truly must think that the American people are just plain dumb. I guess he believes if he plays everything down, by calling them bumps, America will not notice, well Mr. President we notice, we notice. America elected Obama to fix the economic problem, but all he has done for the past four years is cry, complain and blame, if he was C.E.O. of a private corporation and did the same job that he is doing for America, he would have been fired after the first year.

Mr. President if you truly love this country like you say you do, will you please step down and let someone in that knows what they are doing, we cannot afford any more bumps.


This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. Excellent,excelent comments Chris.You’ve said it all. Notice with the cover-up in the middle east with our embassy being hit they tried to blame it on this little known film hardly anyone saw before finaly admitting it was a planned terrorist attack against us.Obama doesn’t want any talk of terror or teror attacks on his watch which is why they do this. Calling acts like this “overseas contingency operations” “man made disasters” and in the case of Ft.Hood “work place violence”. They’re all part of the war on terror.Still people vote for him because they want free stuff.Romey is so right with his 47% comment.

  2. I listened to Obama address the UN, I heard sounds flowing out of his mouth. I waited & I waited (while praying that something, anything presidential & strong would be heard) I waited…Nothing, Zip, Zero. Thank goodness I learned early on not to old my breath! Then this morning I was rivited as PM Netnyahu spoke….The comparison is similar to matching a Pop Warner QB to Tebow & expecting the same results. Hang in ther America! Our Day is near! Thanks,once again Chris

    1. Jan, I could not agree with you more. When Obama speaks it is the same old same old. Time for him to retire, forcefully.

  3. I agree Chris, what a poor excuse for a president, keep up the good work Chris, lets hear more.

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