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Chick-fil-A Support Day Part Deux

It’s Friday! So, where are you having lunch or dinner today? Now, you might have managed to go to Chick-fil-A, and been a part of the smashing success for people that believe government needs to stop strangling businesses over the beliefs of the business owners. Of course, the whining leftists have come up with their own idea for today, albeit not as smart. They’re planning on going to Chick-fil-A today, and engage in same-sex kissing in protest against the restaurant chain.

_rockinfree (CC)

Now, my first thought is that these people had better not decide to set foot inside the restaurants, if for no other reason, because they will probably keep local law enforcement hopping. I’m making a basic assumption that they are not aware of the law, and the fact that in theory, restaurant managers would be well within their rights to call authorities to remove them from inside the restaurant, if they were kissing there. Arguably, they could do the same if they’re outside, if they pose a public safety risk, by blocking the entrances, or getting in the way of auto traffic in the lots.

While that would be amusing to watch, a second thought occurred to me. Wouldn’t it be lovely if these protesters were met with yet another round of Chick-fil-A supporters waiting to eat there? Now, I am saying simply go there and eat again, nothing more. If there happen to be same-sex couples around, ignore them. Let them yell if they like. See my first thought above. If the same-sex protesters get too rowdy, as long as Chick-fil-A customers are just there to eat, they can sit and watch in amusement as the police come and take those folks away. But, given that there’s a chance that you’ll end up seeing those couples kissing at your local Chick-fil-A, it might not be a good idea to bring along the kids, unless you’re prepared to or have already had “that” conversation with them. I know, should be obvious, but it is worth saying.

So, if you’re willing, please do – Eat Mor Chikin!

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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  1. To The LEFT, GOOD DAY AT CHICK-FIL-A and a GREAT DAY FOR FREE SPEACH. AMERICA I still have hope after seeing the rising up!!!!

  2. Liz- given the element conducting the “Kiss In” if it develops into anything I suspect the kisses will be more than a peck on the cheek.. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of them try to test the limits of public lewdness laws.

    The object for some will be to get arrested so they claim to be victims of Chick Fil A bias.. That’s where normal people with cell phones could come in handy- they can take pictures of the activity and call police.

    As of now (1545 eastern) there’s not much media reporting, and I’m seeing terms like “slow start” in the outlets that are talking about it– It’s still to early to say, it’s still early in Pelosi country– but with luck it will fizzle

    1. I think it did fizzle out. However, I did see one report of vandalism – spray-painting the side of a restaurant. Wish I could say that shocked me, but it didn’t. There was also a report that the MSM was guilty of harassing Chick-fil-A employees, presumably to get sound-bytes for their coverage. Oh, the irony!

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