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Conservatism-The Opposite of Fascism: Part 2

STOP! Did you read part 1?

 4. You use the media as a political propaganda machine to target a specific audience and to push your agenda on others. You make sure the media demonizes your opponents and takes your side on nearly every issue. You use your propaganda machine to play on the fears of others.

I can’t think of many examples of Conservatives changing or manipulating the media for their own personal gain. Of course, every media outlet is propaganda. This site is propaganda for a certain cause, and Addicting Info is also a propaganda outlet. That’s just how media works. It’s a propaganda versus propaganda war, it’s nothing new. This leftist ploy is nothing sort of playground tactics. Ironic, isn’t it? We can all guess which news outlet these Liberals are talking about. (Fox News.) Liberals consider one major news outlet for Conservatives, is dominant control of the media, whereas ABC, MSNBC, CNN and sometimes CBS usually side with the left. Look here, in America, we have freedom of speech, and a free market. The beauty of the two of those is, media will portray what they want, when they want it. But, the people can decide which news sources they appreciate and will follow and which ones they won’t. Also, media demonizing their opponents? Let’s look back at MSNBC’s Wawa Gate

Come back tomorrow for 5-9. 

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Tanner Brumbarger

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