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A Sign of Gun Control


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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      1. I think all assault weapons should be banned. No one needs one and only crazy NRA members would think other wise. I’ve been a Republican all my life and am a gun owner and support gun ownership ,just not these kind of weapons. We should all contact our elected officals and demand they outlaw all assault. Thank you

  1. An unarmed populace is a controllable populace. Hitler knew this. Stalin knew this. and today ???

  2. Just curious, but I don’t think there was a law against people having concealed weapons in the theater. They just didn’t bring them, because most rational people don’t walk around armed. I also hate to say it, but during the confusion of a lone shooter in a crowded theater someone else shooting might not have been helpful. I’m not saying the person would have had bad intentions or would be incompetent, but just maybe not helpful.
    By the way, I may not agree with you politically, but you are a very talented artist. I also think it is very noteworthy that you acknowledge your comments.

    1. The movie theater this happened at had a sign stating no weapons on premises, so concealed weapons weren’t allow. The shooter was the only one armed and choose to take controlled the situation and murder all these wonder people.

      Now there are so many situation where am armed citizen broke up an act of violence. Just thumb through youtube and you will see hours of security videos showing this.

      Like this one for example…


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