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The left admits they want to take our guns

Earlier this year DailyKOS, a left-wing extremist site published the conditions under which they would like to take guns from Conservatives:

As a person of principle let me be very clear to any “conservatives” who troll the Kos for proof that liberals want to take away thier guns.  Here you go conservatives:  We liberals really do want to take away your guns and never let you have them back.

  • If your gun is an UZI
  • If you are using a gun with an extended clip…we want to take your gun
  • If you are concealing a high powered automatic weapon designed to best law enforcement…we want to take your gun away from you.
  • If you are a mentally unstable student or postal worker…we want your gun right now!
  • If you are currently intoxicated with alchohol or some other drug…give us your gun, right now.
  • If you have a criminal record…you may not have a gun, hand it over and never ask for it back
  • If you are angry at your spouse and it’s a hot summer night and you just stumbled into a gun shop…You may not buy a gun today, you must wait 72 hours from today to buy your gun so go to a hotel/motel and think about what we just saved you from…we don’t want you to have a gun!!

There are so many logic errors in this list that it’s almost sad that anyone spent the time to write it.

First, they decide that only Uzi brand sub machine guns should be confiscated – why the hatred of the brand? Other than the fact that it’s made in Israel, by Jewish workers, I can’t figure it.

On the second point, this moron is lining up directly with the UN small arms treaty. “Extended clip”? Psst, I think he means magazine, but I digress. So like 6 rounds, 11 rounds.. how many rounds is extended? What will the definition be next month?

Then we get into the laughable: “If you are concealing a high powered automatic weapon designed to best law enforcement…we want to take your gun away from you.” Concealing a high-powered rifle is a serious task. Have you found an inside the waistband holster for a 338 lapua rifle with a 6-14x scope on it? Me neither. I also don’t think any weapon is specifically “designed to best law enforcement.”

What is more important than a  point-by-point ridiculing of liberal illogical thinking is that this is a step to more. Understand that if they can get you to accept these rules, when they push more oppressive rules later, you will bend easily then too.

What if the next set of demands from the left is that “If your gun is a Remington” or “if your gun has a plus extended clip”  (yup, still call ’em magazines) or “if you are concealing any gun regardless of your states permit”?

That’s the point. We can no longer draw lines in the sand only to have them walk over them. It is time to say “..this far and no further!” It is time to stop the insanity at our front doors.  It is time to become an activist,

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Rich Mitchell

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