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Should We Really Feel Sorry For The Poor?

One of the things that I am criticized for (believe me there are many more) is when I make the statement that poor people are poor because they make themselves that way. Just like rich people are rich because they make themselves the way they are. (Well, except the ones that inherit their money) So many times, I am told how insensitive I must be to feel like that. Poor people are poor because society will not give them a break or they have no education or they come from a broken home or some other excuse that they think justifies the poor. Well to that, I say BULLCRAP.

What one person can do, another person can do. I am sure that you have heard of Andrew Carnegie, he became a multi millionaire in the steel business in the late 1800’s. Carnegie was born dirt poor in Scotland, his family came to this country with hopes of a better life. At the age of 13 he had to go to work to help support his family, he had very little schooling. However, he worked his way out of poverty to become the second richest man in the country, just behind John D. Rockefeller. Once he became rich, he was known to help his family and friends, the ones that never became anything more than they were born into. His first job at age 13, he was paid 4 cents an hour, by the time he died, he had given away over 150 million dollars. However, what made him reach the top of the heap, while those around him stayed poor? It was dissatisfaction.

Why do poor people today, not have that dissatisfaction? Well maybe because they are not really that poor. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are many truly poor people out there that have nothing and are homeless. I am talking about the people that live in government provided housing, receive money from the government every month as well as food stamps. These people are considered poor, yet are they? They are living like kings, compared to the many people living in other countries such as China or North Korea.

However, the government in their effort to try to help the so-called poor, is robbing them of that all too important ingredient that makes a person rise from poverty to prosperity. The dissatisfaction of being poor. Let’s face it, if the government is giving someone a place to live, clothes on their back, food to eat and money to spend, why would they bother to try to do anything else, when the government is providing all the necessities they need in life? When you see people standing on the welfare line, wearing $200 sneakers and talking on $600 i-phones, how poor are they anyway?

Poor people are poor because of the way they think, their attitudes, their actions, their outlook on life and their belief system. Just like the rich people are rich for the same reasons. Nobody holds anyone back in this country, this is America, it is still the land of opportunity. If you have enough dissatisfaction in your life you can make it. Unfortunately, the liberals in this country keep telling the poor that they are poor because of the rich, it is the rich people that are making them poor and keeping them poor. When in reality, it is the liberals and the government that are keeping them down in life, by robbing them of that all to important dissatisfaction. You have to wonder, how many more Andrew Carnegies would this country have produced if the liberals and the government would just get out of the way? A lot more I think.

This is one man’s opinion.

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    1. can you teach a man to fish if he lacks intellect, or physical capability. You are thinking in limited terms you need to expand your view of why people are poor.

  1. I am a LEO in Florida and I deal with these “poor people” on a regular basis. I’m sure there is an exception to any rule but let me tell you the people I deal with need to be more correctly described as “poor in spirit people”. They have no honor and they blame all their misfortune on everyone else when in fact it is their own bad decisions that that make them poor. And the amazing thing is every one of them have a medicaid card and food stamp card in their possession. Our government is financing these people to continue to make bad decisions.

    1. The government is not financing those making bad decisions. It is financing people that the governmment and society failed. Bad presidents, corrupt officials and bi-partisan bickering. You must have long range plans of how you want the country to grow. That is Management 101. It seems no one has taken that course
      in college.

  2. The ability to pull your boot straps is not only because of family wealth, a person can become rich in this country and if were so easy just about everyone would be wealthy and who would clean their homes, be a nanny, drive them around and see about their portfolios.

    Middle class people are poor in comparison of the romneys, gates, and buffets of the world. If you are working a nine to five job, you are poor unless you are the owner of a company or a CEO.

    Those who are on welfare lines with 200.00 SNEAKERS, and 600.00 phones are most likely doing something illegal, like stealing those items from others or purchsing stolen goods or gifts from relatives/ and or friends who are not on welfare. In order to obtain medical assistance, and welfare benefits you must have a minor child in the household or be mentally ill and have an address.

    As i stated previously,a person cannot place illegal activities on a application for assistance; in order to have a home or move into one must have legal activities. People apply to legitimatize themselves, yes they are technically not destitute, but the basis for them is welfare in many cases. The money from assistance is not enough, hence illegal activities and cutting those people off from government help will produce more crime and sickness in society, but the real issue is that it will not happen in your neighborhood if you you are well off. The poor continue to prey upon the poor. Elderly are beaten, raped and robbed. women are attacked coming homes from the job which pay meager wages. Children are shot by stray bullets, from the illegal activies of these piriahas’ of society.

    In street terms “do not hate the player, hate the game.”
    Welfare benefits are not enough to live off of, and concern should not be helping americans, but the subsidies companies specifically oil companies and some farmers and other business receive more than those in the entire country on welfare and foodstamps.

    Do not forget subsidies to other countries who are not deserving, but you feel that americans should suffer,; i beg to differ. Capitalism must be allowed to grow, but not taking care of the poor, sick and elderly is a disgrace of the highest porportions. We come to the aid others, with out a second thought. This is the ” land of milk and honey” Giving some food and help to the poor of this country shows our compassion and respect for those who have less. Scorn and villifying of the poor has created a class system in this country can be compaired to other countries. If there is 8% unemployment means 8 out of 100 people do not have jobs. What happens to the eight. Guess. No,they all do not start their companies.

    Welfare, public assistance, temporary assistance for needy families ( 5 years of help after that you are on your own) and foodstamps are their option even if they are trying to start a business. Yes, let them shine shoes, clean some store windows, cleaning car windows, that is their own business. They will still be poor. The meager amounts that are distributied in the greastest country in the world, are not creating a society of deadbeats, if you receive 130.00 per month and supplemental assistance for food not just food you need, meaning the rest you get on your own some how. You need a home/apartment or live in a shelter. Public housing is not comprised of good for nothing deadbeats. Many are civil servants, college gradutes, home attendants, cleaning personnel, licensed pratical nurses, the poor working stiffs.

    If public housing was comprised of ony welfare recipients they could not survive and crime would be unbearable. In big cities like New York where the average one bedroom apartment is 1,200.00-1,500.00 without amenities, with the exception of a few roaches and mice. Public housing is based on 30% of your income. Low income people are not making that much per month. PUBLIC HOUSING IS THEIR ONLY OPTION AND SOME HAVE TWO JOBS.

    Do more research before you make such opionions that have divided us by class? People hating those with less because they are entitled to help. A rational person cannot believe welfare “is the life”,I want for myself and my family. Everyone is not intelligent, able bodied, attractive, without mental disabilities. If that were the case we all would be basking in wealth and the person who wrote this article would be on their yacht or in one of their several homes.

    If you are not rich you are poor. There are levels of being poor. the working poor and the just plain poor.
    People with limited education are not always in a position to help themselves due to their lack of intelligence. Not everyone is innovative, and has the ambition that most millionaires possess.; hence everyone would be rich and who would wright articles, deliver our food, cut our hair, help the sick; all physicans are not rich, they are doing better than some but wealth even eludes thim. Yes, they are not on food stamps, but if the doctor is in a car accident and can no longer work, he or she may be faced with the possibility of welfare. So you see poverty can strike anyone for various reasons.

    The selfish lack of compassion is due to the eroding of religious beliefs, racisim and narcissism. We are our brothers keeper. Do not criticize others unless you have walked in their shoes.

    Those who feel that no has or did anything to hold people back, think again. Racism is still pervasive in this country and will be for the next 200 years. Jim Crow policies of the past, do effect current decendants in terms of family wealth. There were doctors, lawyers, surgeons with degrees that were not allowed to practive thier trade. Today woman are paid less than men,; latino women are paid 56% less than whites. If that does not place you in poverty, I do not know what does. Native Americans forced to live on reservations and their land being taken away once minerals are found on them. Treaties were broken and lies were told and still continue.

    Stop being angry with the weak and suffering and do something to help others than criticize. Yes, God helps those who help themsevles, but some need help. If help is getting government assistance than so be it.

    Your criticism stinks of racism. Obma cannot get respect in his won country. At least Bush could dodge a shoe, obama cannot escape from the racisom in this country and that which resides in you.

    1. You automatically lose any credibility with your accusation of racism. That is the last bastion of the weak minded. He no where mentions race, or even hints at it. In fact, because of sheer numbers, there are more white people on assistance than black. Maybe you should look in the mirror and take the plank of bigotry out of your own eye before you look at the supposed splinter in his.

      1. well that is a typical ignorant and racist response. Those who think once you mention race you want a handout or you are racist yourself. Nobody is looking for and hand out, when you are destitute, but help should be offered when one lives in the greatest country in the world. Your lack of compassion and disdain by the mention of race is a obvious expression of racism. One cannot talk about the price of their horse and buggy in a country knowned for the automobile. People just don’t have them anymore unless you live on a farm.

        These racial issues are not made up, by those seeking feebies. Open your eyes and get educated and maybe you will not make ignorant and uninformed statements.

    2. Boy you have a real problem. I think he wrote his new article with you in mind.

      1. The real problem are those with their heads in the sand thinking all is good. Everyone is not doing well and it needs to acknowledged. Attacks on a person instead of their opinion is immature and shows lack of education. This article was printed to fuel the ignorant. Yes, i went there because I am not president of the united states and can stoop to your level.
        My responses are based on the fact that people like you still think at such of low level of intelligence.

        1. Another condescending liberal, we all agree you are the smartest person on the planet, everyone is wrong and you are right. Make you feel better?

    3. Hey voice, is there any subject that you liberals won’t spin into a race issue. What an asshole. It’s people like you that are dividing this country. Once again, you are an asshole.

    4. are you kidding me, i do not feel sorry for the poor. They get collect 30,000 in benefits. for example”:

      1. section8 vouchers1,200-2100 dollars per month to live in private rentals not public housing
      2. free medicaid-6000 dollars value for health insurance
      3. food stamps-200 per person per month
      4. 7000 EIC benefit

      in fact America is too generous to the poor

      1. Chris Vaca’s approach on this subject was, as usual, factual, informative & with a provacative slant motivating a conversation, that, after almost a year is still getting attention. But that’s ok, it’s an on going debate in almost every community that seems to rely on a variety of ‘preceptions’. That’s ok, too, IF we allow these differences into considertion & don’t automaticaly dismiss ideas that are different from our own. “POOR” in itself is subjective. There is ‘poor’ as in the lack of finances, there is ‘poor’ in the lack of morals, there are ‘poor’ enviorments & so on. (To Me) the most tragic is the the “poor” who lack spirit & soul. WE ALL have areas of our development that could be considered ‘poor’ & centainly don’t want to be ostracized for them.

        Kathyrn, some good points.. I suspect by “too generous” you mean with constanly giving financial support. I DON”T disagree. Some earlier referenced the “teach them to fish & they will feed themselves” This could well be the all the opportunity they’ve needed & they can move upward on their own, BUT if they can’t or won’t learn…pull the life line….I have this from personal experience, years ago I was a single mom with 3 kiddos & lost my job, unemployment in the area was at 13% &my ex didn’t believe in child support, I applied & got food stamps that helped me feed those children, I found work the next week, but that helping hand gave me gas money to get to work & feed the children until I got my first check.

        It is the ABUSE of this program that needs to be taken to task from reciepent to administration.

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