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Elizabeth Warren


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. This is a racist cartoon. warren has come out discussing her native american heritage. she is an inteligent women hwho is running for office she has done nothing to show that she is anything but intelligent. This type of bigoted commentary is not acceptable, which leads me to beleive what is fueling the non-bipartisan actions in congress. The disdain for the current potus is evident. I have yet to see obama in lion cloth with a spear and a goat in one of these cartoons why because it is offensive just as this cartoon . comments of “he does not understand how thing work, he a nice guy but he just does not understand things.” Muslim comments when the man has attended a christian church for many years. Birther fanatics, saying he was born in Africa. The actions of the current Republican party are purely racist. The are no longer deserving of respect that they once held. Jeb Bush could have won and beat Obama. He is qualified intelligent and his own individual. That is the problem with Jeb he cannot ride the crazy
    right winger birther train, muslim comments and other ass kissing puppet activities they want the nominee to put forth. The racism that burns in their hearts cost them the white house. The cannot think clearly because they are fueled by so much hate. The gop has presented unsuitable candidate after the next. They lack integrity, moral fortitude and cannot stand their own ground on issues, because the are puppets for these tea party idiots. Palin, Perry, Cain, etc. they just kept sending anyone who will push their agenda, not who is best for the country, one may say if they push their agenda that is best for the country, but the agenda they are pushing is just about power at all costs. so wake up people. just keep sacrificing your values for these nuts and you will lose all future respect of potential voters as well as respect around the world.

    1. you have as much whining in your comment as you do spelling errors and unintelligible jibber jabber. Get a brain and go buy some common sense or stop commenting on conservative websites because you are just too easy a target…

    2. Many times the best defense for a conservative, is to let a liberal speak. Thank you Voice, keep speaking.

    3. LOL, Voice.. You are a great source of entertainment here for me and my wide awake friends.

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