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The Divider-in Chief: Why Barack Obama’s Partisan Presidency Must Go

The president acts not only like he doesn’t like his job very much, but he doesn’t like this country very much. At least, that is the takeaway of someone who has watched his criticism of the country while he has traveled abroad, his bowing to fellow foreign heads of state, his unwillingness to embrace American exceptionalism, and his recourse and appeal to foreign authorities like NATO and the UN, rather than his acknowledgment of the proper jurisdiction of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Maybe voters can accommodate Mr. Obama this November and free him up to do something more suited to his miraculous talent for soaring, un-American rhetoric. Like community organizing, for example.

It’s not where he’s from, but where he stands that makes Barack Obama such a strange presence in the White House. The president acts as if he is a member of royalty holding an office below his station as a favor to us trifling and meddlesome Americans. Electing such a man as our nation’s leader is an unusual and dangerous turn of events in our history. It perhaps says more about our gullible electorate than about Obama himself, but that’s another story.

There are certain memorable images that reinforce the perception that Mr. Obama is less than enthused about leading this country, such as his failure to salute the flag while on the campaign trail in Iowa. A truly patriotic American would not forget such a courtesy, especially acting as a politician thrust upon a public stage. You don’t just forget such basics of national decorum.

Such warning signs that Barack Obama was a different kind of political actor went unheeded by the public. It is as if the Aztec natives had their Sun God, and could not see that they were following a mere man. Our duly elected head of state now acts as if he is unbound by our country’s laws and not even compelled to act in its best interest — such as his offering of missile defense access with the Russians and by funding the Muslim Brotherhood. Citizens don’t generally demand “flexibility” of their president on such issues as national security, although there may be a need for compromises that benefit our country. But there are numerous occasions when the Mr. Obama has “compromised” with our adversaries and enemies with no discernible short-term or long-term benefit accrued. The lack of reciprocity proceeding from the Russian “reset” is one of the most blatant.

Barack Obama also seems ill-suited for the office of the presidency by his demeanor and temperament. His projected image of aloofness and political transcendence noticeable during his first campaign and Honeymoon period has been tarnished in his fourth, and hopefully, last year of his presidency.  The emperor not only has no clothes, but no makeup, either. As his approval ratings have dwindled, and even some in his unquestioning base have bridled at his warmongering ways, Obama has had to contrive deflection issues and even partially engage in some ugly politicking.

The Sandra Fluck condom-baiting and Trayvon Martin case are prime examples of media fixations meant to distract us from the president’s economic ineptitude and foreign policy bungling. Obama has played into this misdirection by phone-calling the Democrat activist Sandra Fluke to console her for being called an undesirable name by an ideological adversary, and by personally interjecting race into the Trayvon Martin furor by stating, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” While Mr. Obama once appeared to be above the office of the presidency, he now appears below it.

The president had his opportunity to unite the American people, and he has failed. Some of this would require stifling one’s ego and making concessions to those one disagrees with. Let the left say what they will about our previous president, but he at least was conciliatory — even to a fault. And while the left continues to rail against conservatives with the “Bush did it!” rejoinder, we are not only unhappy with some of Bush’s policies (such as Medicare Part D, at the very least), but we are not fawning cult-worshipers who will blindly follow a leader regardless of what he does. Our current president not only followed suit on nearly every one of the Bush policies the left claimed to despise during the former president’s term, but Obama has doubled down on them. It is intellectually dishonest to rebut conservative complaints of President Obama by pointing to similar complaints that have been made of his predecessor, and disregards any sense of proportionality. We continue to move towards economic catastrophe without abatement, and the Democrat Party that Obama heads seems completely oblivious. This throws into question whether or not the party has the nation’s best interest at heart, or more to the point, whether they care about their own petty political fortunes more than the nation as a whole.

What has been missing during the entire course of Barack Obama’s presidency are steady and sure signs that he truly reveres this country as it was founded. There may be the cynical insertion of well-worn political slogans in certain speeches, but there is no grand narrative of Obama’s vision for America consistent with anything most citizens are familiar with. The concept of the “post-racial” presidency was a nice fantasy, but it has proven to be that — just a fantasy.  Other than healing the racial divide, the president appears to have had no other mandate. He certainly didn’t have any bankable fiscal experience or governance skills. What he had, as was all-too-conveniently glossed over by the activist media, was a radical frame of mind and a fancy for demagoguing. Although his predilection for indefinite government expansion and remedial redistribution may play well within the cloistered left-wing talking shops of our universities and non-profit agencies, it is certainly foreign for a president to openly and brazenly tout them, as he did in his Osawatamie speech.

The problem with the leftist media and their pet politicians is that they continue to try to mainstream their ideas in a myriad of ways.  Yet leftwing ideas are at their core foreign not only to this country, but to human nature. That is why they don’t work, and I dare any left-wing advocate to prove otherwise. Many Americans know this, because we know what works. Disagree with capitalism on ethical grounds, but don’t argue that it doesn’t produce a relatively high degree of wealth for most. Acting as if it is an evil, unjust system is just asinine; and false promises of a utopia where we are all equally as well off, albeit with dominant state planners just doesn’t fly here, because we know this is wrong by reason and experience. Americans are a pre-eminently commonsensical people, if you strip away the veneer of stupidity projected by the media, and though we are slow to move, there eventually comes a point where the inertia of public sentiment overcomes even the most sophisticated of political deceptions.

President Obama serenaded us with healing, inspiring words during his candidacy and delivered belligerent class warfare rhetoric and unending criticism once elected. But it is even worse than a matter of tone. The disparity between economic reality and appearance can only be kept up for so long. While, to quote Milton, “the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven,” that only holds true for those who rule a kingdom. And we are not all disciples of the Lucifer-adoring Alinsky, like our president has been shown himself to be.

People don’t set out to “fundamentally transform” nations they hold dear. This radical goal would entail altering the essence of our Constitution and not reforming the government, as even conservatives desire. What makes us conservatives is we desire to conserve the core essence of limited government, individual rights, and economic freedom, which we do not simply hold out for our own benefit, but even of those whom we disagree with. It appears the president does not share these basic tenets, and instead rules as a partisan on behalf of his own preferred interests at the expense of others.

Our nation can tolerate divided government, but not a government that divides the people. As the divider-in-chief, this president is a disaster.

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  1. ‘It’s not where he’s from, but where he stands that makes Barack Obama such a strange presence in the White House. The president acts as if he is a member of royalty holding an office below his station as a favor to us trifling and meddlesome Americans.”

    I am curious as to where you pull this gem of wisdom from? I would say, as many others on both sides of the isle, that Obama has been the single most humble president, and has done more to further the cause of the common man than any president before him… Your entire piece is garbage, only because it reeks of desperation from a man who has very little credentials.

    Enjoy your self pity when the second term ushers in an era of stable economic policies and sound social policies (such as a continuation of health reform) to ensure that those who are not waking up every morning to screw over the common man to afford his yellow hummer can afford healthcare.

    1. So Obama has been a post-racial president? His foreign policy has been successful? He has been non-partisan? “Get in their face,” “teabaggers,” ‘bring a gun to a knife fight,’ Republicans are your “enemies,” the police “acted stupidly,” etc., etc.? His economic policies have been successful? By what measure? How is presiding over an economy that has labor force participation at such abysmal levels helping “the cause of the common man”? Millions of people are so frustrated by this over-taxed, over-regulated, over-governmentalized economy that they’ve given up. But you won’t read that in the rosy pages of the activist media. When I make an argument, I back it up with evidence. I don’t try to besmirch the messenger’s reputation — and you are off base questioning my credentials, I assure you. Hope we can have a more fact-based discussion sometime.

    2. Please stop drinking the kool aid!
      Open your eyes; when it boils down too, he’ll has no use for you as well.

  2. Stable economic policies?!?! Sound social policies?!?! Whatever you do, bud, I hope you don’t operate heavy machinery as unrealistic as you obviously are!

  3. The last picture in the article says it all. Obama is not an American. He doesn’t act like an American other than being an American criminal, and any foreigner can do that. And that’s just the point, is any foreigner can do and act like Obama does, but a real American who was born and raised here would never act like Obama does.

    Take for instance the liberal Democrats who’ve been President. Even they have done some good things for the country and even though they were liberals couldn’t just let the country go down the drain while they stood by and watched their destructive policies take affect. On top of that, had a administration that had such bad people in it that they to were coming up with policies that were equally as destructive and this President, and he just stood by and watched all the damage those things were doing and did nothing to stop the damage that was tearing the country apart? Even the most hardcore liberal would go that far. But Obama does. He makes threats, he makes empty promises, he attacks individuals who oppose his decisions, he takes billions of our tax dollars and gives it to his supporters, and campaign contributors and that worse part is no one in the government seem to be able to stop him.

    He won’t go through this Congress since it’s a Congress that opposes his policies. Even a liberal Democrat wouldn’t so much so hate the conservatives in this country and who were elected to Congress that he has advertised that he will go around Congress every chance he gets, and those times he chooses? What the hell is that? He is breaking the law everytime he does that. He has broken the law so many times he would get ten lifetimes in prison. But first someone has to have the guts to stand up and say “Enough is enough, I am going to stop him now, he’s gone to far!”

    When do we get to watch that happen, when this person who is NOT an American who acts like some foreigner who has come from someplace that hates this country, and American’s elected this person to the Presidentcy and there are people who like that?

    There has never been anyone who has ever been in our government who has ever done the kinds of things to this country like Obama has done, and continues to do. He must no only be removed from office, but he and all his people punished so that their followers will see that no one can be allowed to do that to this country ever again!

  4. And when Obama is defeated, and his administration replaced, we can’t just let these people go back to their jobs at Harvard and Columbia University’s. They must be arrested, tried for sedition or treason or the worse crime we can get them on, and take them away from the class rooms that created people like Obama. We have to stop the very thing that created Obama. We must abolish all the programs for Blacks that created Obama since it seems that it’s those programs that created Obama and all the Communist Black city council-persons, state representatives, and US representatives. Not prohibit Blacks from running for these things, just stop the ones who are coming from Socialist and Communist organizations who are running under the Democrat banner. Unless they want to run as who they really are and that would be like when Obama was elected to the city school board, he ran as a Democrat but was a member of the Communist Party in Chicago, that is what needs to be shut down and those people arrested and put in jail.

    If they want to know what they are doing that’s wrong, at least we can tell them that they are running for office under a fraudulant party because they aren’t Democrats, they are Communist and must run as a Communist. Why lie? What’s the matter, you’re not proud to be a Communist? Then run as one. If Obama has been forced to run as a Communist, then he may not have been elected and he wouldn’t have gotten so far up the political latter and become President as a Communist candidate.

    I think if these people believe they have a right to exist in this country, which I don’t believe they do, but if they believe they do then they should be forced out into the open and made to run as who they really are instead of being allowed to hide inside the Democrat Party. Of course it was the Democrats who hid them, the Democrat Party should be also forced to not allow anyone who is not a Democrat to run for office but who is not a Democrat, but a Communist. Democrats need to police their party for traitors!

  5. The problem is that we couldn’t try Obama for “treason” because in order to be tried for treason, as a traitor to America, you have to be a citizen of the country. Since Obama is not a citizen, I guess he would be tried as a terrorist or some kind of foreign usurper. I don’t even know what you call someone who has done what Obama has done, and not that what he has done and what he represents is so unusual, or bad, but he has won the Presidentcy and is not a natural born citizen. What kind of criminal would he be called since he is a foreigner, and foreign subversive, I don’t even know the word.

    That’s why he is able to get away with what he’s doing and that is because he not a citizen who has to obey our laws. He doesn’t come under our laws. We can’t prosecute him under laws other than those that pertain to foreign agents or spies. Is that what he is, a foreign spy?

  6. In the past you could trust that a Democrat wouldn’t flush the country down the drain. Even a Democrat would cooporate with Republican’s every once in awhile to accomplish something good for the country even if it was to make Democrats look good come election time. As a matter of fact the closer to election time the more Democrats would do good things for the country in order to make them look good and Republican’s look bad. They would do that by passing something they could sucker Republican’s to vote on and it would be a trick. Republican’s wouldn’t vote against it because it would make them look even worse than Democrats were making them out to be. But never in our history has there ever been a man who would not allow any good to come from him or any of the Democrats. He doesn’t believe that it’s his job to play politics with Republican’s. He believes that it’s his job to bring this nation down according to what he has been taught all his life about America. He hates this country and will not be stopped doing what he has set out to do to us as a people. He hates American’s. He has no love for even the suckers who have voted for him. He will and has made law that has affected even those who voted for him. Unless you are a multimillionaire who put alot of money into his campaign coffer, or supports his goals of bringing America down and you own a very large bank or investment corporation, to Obama you’re mud.

    See, it take alot of money even for Communists to get down what they need to do. Only the Nazi’s were able to supress the people by force and fear, but even they needed money, and lots of it to build their war machine. But in this case these fascists don’t need money for investors or bankers to get done what they are doing, because they have all the money they need from taxes WE pay. Even running out of money hasn’t stopped them because they have borrowed all they needed from other Communists, but it was the Chinese because they were the only ones who had that much. And after that they printed all they needed. We need to shut the mints down as for printing money to loan to the government. Just tell them no. Don’t the Congress run the mints? And not without permission of the Senate either like we were kept from finding out when Republican’s ran in 2010. They said they were going to kill ObamaCare as soon as they got into office. What they didn’t tell us was it was going to take the Senate going along with them also. We weren’t thinking about the process of how those things happen, but didn’t they tell us they control the purse strings? They said they were going to “defund” ObamaCare. But where is it? They lied to.

    We have a foreign terrorist in the White House destroying the country, representatives who won’t do their job, no one will stand up for what’s right and enforce our Constitution, and it looks like we might be stuck with another do nothing candidate as Republican candidate for President in 2012. We’re going to have to go to war to put an end to all this.

  7. Maybe if we send a serious message to those who say they can save the country from the inside, and they know how to do it, that if they don’t, we will have to go to war against the government itself. Maybe if we send a serious message to those who are on the inside and those who have the means and the way to save the nation, that if they don’t do something we will act on our Constitutional Right and take the government back by force, that they will take us serious and begin the process of shutting Obama and his hate machine down.

    We the people hold the power. But we may not be able to wait until November. We’re being told that the only “legal” way to change the government is with our voting rights. Our vote is a powerful instrument that can bring non violent change to the country, and has for generations. But things have changed. We have a man in office who is being supported by Communists who have power inside the government, and Islamists who have power who are outside and inside the government, and Obama knows how to use both in order to control not only our representatives, but us out here in the land as well with threats of sending the Occupier’s on us.

    I have hear that there are people who have had enough of all these people who are supporting Obama in the country and they have had enough of just keeping our mouths shut and let them screw up and get in trouble. Well we keep waiting for them to get in trouble and they never do because Obama is protecting them from prosecution. But I know that if we tried to do what these people are doing we would be arrested right away, because we’re doing something wrong by standing up for our rights to?

    Something needs to happen that will capture the attention of the American people that will expose who is behind all this evil and destruction. There ARE evil people behind these events but many American’s don’t see it because they are watching CNN. Their attetion needs to be diverted away from CNN and towards what it happening right in front of their noses.

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