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Crime, Guns, and the Second Poorest Congressional District in the Nation

When Michelle Ray posted a story about the Top 100 most dangerous places to live in the USA, I saw that the 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania was well-represented. The GOP candidate for that District, John Featherman, was previously featured here for a campaign ad starring a naked woman.

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Campaign stunts and shocking videos aside, Featherman is facing an uphill battle not only to get into office, but also to bring attention to a much-neglected area in Eastern Pennsylvania. The 1st District encompasses Chester, the city that took second place on that list of dangerous places. The Philadelphia region in general is no picnic, and has a long history of political shenanigans and graft. In spite of stricter gun laws in the area, obviously based on that list, crime levels are high. But, as conservatives, we already know that gun laws do nothing to prevent gun crimes.

Philadelphia policemen are so used to the concept of criminals carrying around weapons, that they simply don’t know how to deal with law-abiding citizens carrying sidearms in the open. What is particularly disturbing, beyond police not knowing gun laws, is that at least some of them think it’s a bad idea for non-criminals to walk the streets armed.

At least Featherman has a clue about what the problem is on the streets in his District. “As a former columnist for the NRA, I encourage all women concerned about their personal safety to explore, educate and train themselves in firearm safety,” he stated. Now, to be fair, he was addressing the issue with me in mind. I have no doubt that if I pressed him about what law-abiding men should do, his answer would be roughly the same.

“Chester is one of the most financially distressed municipalities in the nation. It contributes to the 1st Congressional District being the 2nd poorest in the nation,” Featherman explained. “If I were the Congressman there for 14 years — 8 terms — and I made no improvement, I would hang my head in shame. Bob Brady has failed the district and is responsible for much of the continued crime and poverty.” Brady has enjoyed the support of Democrat dominated constituency that obviously hasn’t learned the definition of insanity – they apparently keep expecting a different outcome each time they re-elect him. Featherman is a long-shot at best in this District, so it’s likely that Chester will remain on lists of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation. But who knows? Maybe the people will figure out that things won’t change as long as they keep voting the same people back into office.

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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  1. It is not the function of the federal (national) government to solve issues of a local nature. What are the politicians within Pennsylvania doing to improve this situation? They are the ones responsible.

    1. The political dynamic in Philadelphia in particular isn’t quite that simple. You are right about the limits of Federal government in general. But in this area, failure to lead on the Federal level leaves chaos beneath. It could be considered a failure to lead by example, and a failure to serve one’s constituency. Bluntly, the people of this Congressional District need someone that gives a damn about them, and is willing to fight for them. Featherman is the only one they have for the moment. The rest of their civic leaders aren’t in it to be leaders – they are in it for the perks.

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