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Sandra Fluke, a true Freedom Fighter

“Thank you for calling this hearing on women’s health. …and for allowing me to testify on behalf of the women who’ll benefit from the affordable care act contraceptive coverage regulation.”

– opening remarks from Sandra Fluke.

Since the United States is an auspice of the United Nations, “activists” messages such as these are starting to make sense. After studying Sandra Fluke’s testimony over women’s access to medical care, it is obvious that we have a failure to communicate. For most, she appeared to be a young college activist wanting free condoms for her sexual pleasures. To others, she is a freedom fighter fighting against the atrocities conducted against women by religious organizations.

Over the past year, there have been discussions over public funding of abortions (defunding Planned Parenthood) and churches conducting abortions. For 40 years, some are still engaged over whether a zygote deserves to live. To a 30 year old, Roe versus Wade is an argument from the 1970s…that’s so old school. Then shortly after the passing of the healthcare act, the fact that religious organizations are forced to conduct murderous acts was the debate. Some feel that life begins at conception and to them; abortion is a murderous act. Over the last year, the fight has been over religious freedom and murder.

For the new conversation, the discussion is over women’s access to medical care. Sandra’s use of contraception was just a masterful play on words. She really meant to say prescription medicine, like marijuana. Throughout her testimony, she addressed the medical access even accentuating it with her gay friend’s experience. As most people were mocking a well-to-do college student wanting free condoms, she was on a crusade.

“When you let university administrators and other employers other than women and their doctors, whose medical needs are legitimate and whose are not. A woman’s health takes a back seat to a bureaucracy focused on policing her body.”

– Sandra Fluke

The media has only added to the dialectic ensuring that every moment is captured. While listening to the Bill Press show, his sub explained the complexities of contraception, even throwing in a mocking of Rush Limbaugh and how stupid he and his comments were.

With President Obama’s phone call and a complicit press corp, it only exemplified her cause. She will become a life long activist to rally other young activists in this war between generations. The older generation speaks for a sovereign United States and a Constitution whereas freedom of religion and Right to life are supreme. The younger generation speak of a United Nations, women’s rights and freedom of worship whereas a collective utopia is pursued. It is loud and clear that this discussion is far from over just as the Occupy discussion. The problem is that we speak two different languages which has created another dialectic within our conversation.

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One Comment

  1. It should be noted that she already was a “lifelong activist” long before she pulled this publicity stunt. 30 years old and has never held a real job in her life. Now all of a sudden she is supposed to be speaking for “all women.”

    Correction: She may be speaking for women who lack critical thinking skills by design, and who think a nanny state is the new great future for America. From what I,ve seen, she surely does not speak for “all women” or the “younger generation” as Liberals behind this charade would like the more naive ones to think.

    Abortion poills are smack in the middle of this charade, yet they try to make it about “women’s health.” More rat poison, younger hipsters?

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