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Reverends to the Rescue


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Excellent toon Tony! This should make everyone stop and start using their brains! Granted, this case is very contoversial and as a result should be left to the investigators to sort out. For Sharpton, Jackson, Lee, the New Black Panthers and even members of Congress; let alone the President to incite more racial divide in the country is obscene! Literally obscene! They are abusing their “power” and IMO should be admonished and fined!
    Well done as usual Tony!

  2. Look people no one can talk about the price of horse shoes if they do not have a horse. If this tragedy never happened there would be nothing to say. I am sure if African-Americans invoked stand your ground on a white person there would not be an out cry, but the person would not be free. There would have to be some video of the event happening and the person better have a pristine background. If it were not for “Al and Jesse and other activist especially MLK we would be on the back of the bus. MLK was called a trouble maker. So if you don’t want to hear us complain stop violating our rihts and treating us like criminals all the time. I dont want to hear statistics about the percentage of blacks committing crimes. If the economic advantages that would not be the case. People are not getting off from work with the attitude of ” I’m going to rob someone one after work” We work hard more hours for less money and are too tired to think about crime. So don’t let your ignorance get the best of you. Get your heads out of the sand. We have stereo types about you too. Serial Killers, rapists, cannibals and theives, yes theives where every there is great wealth there is a white man stealing. Maddoff, and others white collar crimes but crimes and don’t forget about the banks that we Americans bailed out. So look at your selves before you cast judgement on other races. Most black people are just trying to survive, not live survive. You enjoy life we exist. Work, home, sleep, Work home sleep. Activities, Tv, Cable if your are lucky and sometimes the movies. Far as sving money for retirement and college five jobs could not put your kid through college with just $7.25 per hour taxes, rent, food medical expenses, clothing and vacation what is that for most people. Some people never take a day off. These drug addicted thugs with their pants pass their butts are not a true representative of the majority of African-Americans. Wake up people don’t believe the hype. If you stopped every white all the time you would find something on them too. Especially, guns yeah right to protect themselves for us. Most never even see a black person up close. We don’t even live in the same neighborhoods. If we do we are in the same economic bracket and their is not fear. We all get allong just fine. Some whites flee because they feel there goes the neighborhood but you cannot escape. People of color are dominating the country and we all best rry to get along. The meek shall inherit the earth fools.

    1. Wow, your point of view is messed up. What you described “taxes, rent, food medical expenses, clothing and vacation” and “Work, home, sleep”, well welcome to reality. As far as $7.25, that is called poverty. There are people of all races that live in poverty. There are also people of all races that don’t live in poverty. Grow up and stop using your race as an excuse. If you don’t like being poor, then work towards advancing your career. You don’t have to go to college in order to escape poverty. There are also ways to go to college when you can’t afford it: scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

      A high school kid in my neighborhood started a lawn service, simply cutting grass for a few neighbors. He didn’t have a high school degree, much less a college degree. He took the money he earned and invested it in his little business. He bought himself some better equipment and grew a good reputation by doing a good job and being polite to his customers. His little business began to expand and he started having more customers than he could handle, which also lead to alot more funds. Instead of turning down more work, he decided to hire one of his friends to help him. Now he has his own landscaping business and is involved in working with large government contracts as well as his residental customers.

      If you don’t like working multiple jobs at minimum wage, try to find a solution. If you don’t make an effort then you have no one to blame except yourself. Race has nothing to do with it.

  3. wow….this is exactly what we crackers are talking about. We are in the same exact position you “black folk” are in. LOOK, what more do you WANT??????????????????????? Seriously, what should we “American” Indians do for you… or wait I should say, white folk do for you? Your BANKS are in for the democrats, check it- I did. I’m going to tell you something else. Go to your neighborhoods where the majority of black people live… they trash the friggin crap out of it, they live off government housing. Why don’t you all better your lives instead of living off the hand outs, why don’t you honor people like Thomas Sowell and black people that have some common sense? Never put MLK in your group of American haters, he was someone that tried to better your “race”. I didn’t have enough of my people left to stand up for us. However, we are now all American’s and if you want to live in this country then act like an American and stand up for your country and stop acting like a wimpy victim. Good grief, have some pride.

    1. Sorry, Tony… I loved your pic… you can delete my messages… Haven’t had my coffee yet, couldn’t go running.. excuse etc…. Thanks again for your contribution, I love them all.

  4. Go check out the Ethnic neighborhoods… *all* the businesses have gone under or moved away, because they were trashed by the Ethnics.

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