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Obama and Jesse Jackson Want You Dead

The President of the United States and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson want you dead – or serving a life sentence in prison. If they have their way, you’ll get to choose between those two dire fates if faced by a violent criminal.

Using the Trayvon Martin shooting as political capital, the Obama administration and anti-gun rights activists are using the self-defense event as a reason to dismantle Florida’s “stand your ground” law which allows Floridians to use force when acting in self-defense.

If the massive anti-gun lobby gets its way, a victim pursued by a perhaps faster and potentially armed assailant would either be defenseless or a felon. Rape victims could not use concealed handguns to defend against stronger and faster attackers – unless they wanted to spend more time in prison than there assailants.

First, understand that the eye witness that called 911 said that Trayvon was on top of the neighborhood watchman beating him violently just before Martin was shot by him  in self-defense – a fact reported by the police.

The media, however, is telling a different story – one of a child trying to escape a maniacally overzealous vigilante using Florida law solely to allow him to kill a black man.

While the details of this case are being looked into by a gubernatorial special investigation and a U.S. Attorney effort, the real fight is about Floridian’s right to defend themselves.

Getting caught up in the race-baiting arguments of Jesse Jackson is causing Americans to turn the single incident into a call-to-arms against laws like Florida’s “stand your ground” provision – a law meant to protect victims from violent criminals.

At some point,  sanity should reign in the administration, but hope for that dwindles by the day.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I expect that if Zimmerman is cleared of criminal charges by FL that Eric Holder will try to prosecute him for federal civil rights violations.

    Next the DOJ will sue States that have CCW and Castle Doctrine laws as they’ve done with Arizona’s immigration law and those States with Voter ID laws.

    Attempting to revive the losing issue of gun control will backfire on the Democrats come Nov. People won’t stand for being disarmed.

  2. This administration has shown their hand in their opposition to gun rights and it is frightening. This case is a tragedy regardless. I don’t believe the cops would fail to make an arrest if there was any reason to.

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