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Democrats Provide More Support for a Universal Theory of Political Stupidity

It has been remarked that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result. That’s true, but that’s also the definition for stupidity.

We spend like there’s no tomorrow – and if we keep it up, there won’t be. We tax businesses into extinction.  We measure our economics in terms of compassion instead of productivity, never quite noticing the inverse correlation. We witness our once-bustling cities being transformed into dilapidated welfare hubs, surrounded by collapsing industrial infrastructure and sprawling shanty towns.

And yet, people continue to vote Democrat.

A conservative feels like he has stumbled into a Salvadore Dali painting and people have been eating the paintchips. He is baffled by his fellow citizens’ inability to follow what is going on or to do the right thing and vote the socialists back to the stone age where they belong.

But things become much clearer when a conservative finally comes to the realization that although he has been labeled ‘stupid’ by the elitists, it is not he who is stupid – but them.

What we have in America is the formation not of a “fifth column,” but rather an “idiot column,” comprised of dumbed-down kids, non-English speaking immigrants, moronic leaders, academic cowards, and journalists unable to understand basic economic facts and unwilling to report the truth.

In our increasingly democratizing nation it is no surprise that the increasing stupidity of our state-educated demos is reflected by the increasing stupidity of our elected leaders.

America’s representatives, and particularly, Democrats, are among the dumbest on the planet. Harry Reid, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Hank Johnson (D – Guam) are some of the shiniest colossal jewels of ignorance. But there are up and comers. Bobby Rush was just thrown off the floor of the House for delivered an incomprehensible diatribe about a case whose facts are very much in doubt — while wearing a hoodie. Whenever you see a (D), you might as well brace yourself, because something Dumb is about to happen.

And let’s not forget the Hope Diamond of stupidity herself –Nancy Pelosi. The woman is so dotty she once argued that welfare is good for the economy. She’s also the siliconized shyster who cackled, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” Turns out, it’s a lot of unconstitutional crap.

The stuttering, simpering Solicitor General Vermicelli (the worm, not the spaghetti) is now on the hook for defending said unconstitutional crap. At one particularly moving part of the Obamacare proceedings, Justice Scalia had enough of Vermicelli’s mounting pile of crap, and in one of the awesomest exchanges in court case history, perhaps even in modern history, told him point blank, “We’re not stupid.”

No, we’re not Justice Scalia, but the left’s problem is one of projection. It’s the Kantian fallacy of believing others approach the world similarly as you do. After all, these are the radical masterminds whose audacious legal arguments, in the always immortal words of Jonah Goldberg, boil down to “it has to be constitutional because it has to be” or “of course it’s constitutional, everyone I know thinks it’s constitutional.”

The Democrat Party is filled with supposed geniuses whose ingenious insight is the ability to throw a childish temper tantrum and point to the other party, “They did it!” These supple intellects invariably pull the reductio ad absurdum of “Democrats good, Republicans bad.” So where did all the stupid come from?

Prime among the suspects are those elected officials who unblinkingly dole out the cash to our failing education system, whose unbelievable pattern of incompetency leads to the next generation of idiotic voters. Teacher’s unions turn around and back Democrats, who keep the cash spigots turned on, provided the students remain stupid.

The “axis of stupidity” between shallow self-serving Democrats and systematically stupid voters is incredibly stubborn to remove, since both are resistant to facts, and unashamedly engage in the most moronic, self-defeating behavior.

The explanatory power of a universal theory of political stupidity is so profound it can reshape the way conservative Americans view politics. But what doesn’t seem to square is how such undeniably idiotic people could come together to form a massive conspiracy to undo America. Where are the masterminds?

The real masterminds are smart enough not to have their fingerprints on this mess. They are the kind of corporations that actually write legislation like Obamacare, an absolute mess of a document that appeared from out of nowhere and our legislators boasted about not having read.

The same goes for manmade climate change, a “scientific fact” concocted by the UN and leftist environmental think tanks.  Our lawmakers insist this “fact” is beyond serious doubt, though none have the credentials or the intellectual capacity to vouchsafe manmade global warming as “gospel.”

And forget about publicly discussing the fact that humans have little control over the climate. You won’t hear the rudimentary fifth-grade science level facts about the climate in any public discussions. If you did, the debate would be over. That is, if the American people knew what the hell you were talking about.

The greatest conspiracy is the one perpetrated through ideological subversion, because there are no faces to associate with the conspiracy. You can’t have a conspiracy without conspirators, right?

But our colleges and universities were penetrated by leftists a long time ago. The state-run, universally compelled education system was reorganized by such left-wing masterminds as John Dewey and formed a nexus of interest between leftists and statists. “We will make the people stupid and pliable,” the education reformers must have said, “and you just keep showing us the money.”

Due to public miseducation, the economic damage resulting from so many people holding so many erroneous socialistic beliefs is all-too-clear – now that the stimulus package, TARP, and the massive monetization of debt have not only failed to help the economy, but actually made things worse. Conservatives warned repeatedly that history and basic economics indicated that these boondoggles could not work. They were told by the left that they were hateful and stupid, and that maybe these actions would work.  After all, what was the conservatives’ proposal? To do nothing?

But the failure of these policies was no coincidence; no accident of history. John Maynard Keynes, the architect of the post-World War II order, provided both the economic guise and justification for the state to seize control of the American economy, and helped put into place the international infrastructure that would eventually collapse the U.S. and make its resources ripe for global redistribution. And that is precisely what The Fed has done, and the IMF and the UN, through various cons like cap-and-trade, promise to do it more.

What more can be said than the U.S. is falling prey to subversion by foreign powers? Our national stupidity has opened the door, and statist thieves are ransacking the place.

Only an infusion of political intelligence can save the host organism from being croaked by the parasites. While the best known inoculation is reason, this is not innate and must be learned.

Unfortunately, if someone who is reasonable attempts to discuss issues with the systematically stupid or the power-hungry, he will find himself whistling past the graveyard.  These people simply are not interested in it.

We conservatives have to be just as clever and mischievous as the left and attack our opposition through the agency of culture. Wielding such weapons as satire and ridicule, we have to trick the left into doing the right thing.  We have to buy enough time to educate the upcoming generation, perhaps even without their knowledge that they are being educated, in reason and political intelligence. Both time and money are running out.

My advice to conservatives is to use a limited variety of offensive tactics against the left: Sarcasm, ridicule, and exposing hypocrisy. Violate political correctness wantonly, and do it with relish and zeal.  Political correctness tries to put conservatives on the left’s ideological terrain.  Refuse to play their game, and mock them when they try to force you.

Most importantly, conservatism should be made into a counter-culture movement. This is the best way to capture the hearts of America’s youth.  It is also the surest way we will imbue in them a passion for reason, that rogue spirit that drove our Founders.

Note: Part of this article is cross-posted at Rogue Government. Kyle Becker can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and OwntheNarrative and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

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