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Speaker Boehner Channels Obama in Tax Cut Deal

Republican House Speaker John Boehner was in full spin mode during several interviews concerning the recent addition of $100 billion dollars in debt that is inherent in the new “Tax Cut Extension” deal. The Hill points out how Boehner is not celebrating the tax cut deal as follows:

“The agreement that’s been reached to stop a tax hike on middle-class Americans is a fair agreement and one that I support,” Boehner said in opening a Thursday press conference.”Let’s be honest, this is an economic relief package, not a bill that’s going to grow the economy and create jobs.”

  While The Hill  article does mention the small fact that this bill is not paid for, and will increase the nation’s debt once again, Speaker Boehner seems reluctant to admit that fact. Instead, Speaker Boehner seems content on blaming Obama for this irresponsible continuation of Greek-style debt-spending. This has to make folks wonder if Speaker Boehner will eventually start to blame G.W. Bush for the debt-spending coming out of the current House of Representatives. Has Boehner come to the conclusion that the only way to retain the majority in the House of Representatives in 2013, is to channel Obama in blaming everyone else for his [and Obama’s] obvious lack of leadership? It certainly appears so here. The House controls the taxpayers purse strings, and therefor any increased debt-spending falls on the shoulders of the Speaker of the House.

One minute Boehner hates the tax cut deal and the next he  approves of it, all the while refusing to acknowledge the continuation of  increased debt-spending in the latest tax cut “deal,” that he promised to put a stop to when he took over the House. Boehner was just on TV again saying he approved of the tax cut deal, while again refusing to discuss the increased debt-spending inherent in it. How gutless is that? Blame Bush, blame Obama, do anything but accept the responsibility for the increase in debt spending that is being perpetuated by the Republican House of Representatives, and the Harry Reid-approved “compromises” that have been done here.

“According to the White House, when he signs this bill, he’s finished,” Boehner said.”For those of you who haven’t noticed, the president checked out last Labor Day, and has been unengaged in leading our country ever since. It has been one non-stop campaign trip after another. So he can campaign all he wants, but the Republicans are going to stay focused on jobs.”

The President indeed, has been in full campaign-mode on the taxpayer dime for most of his first term in office. He is not, however the Speaker of the House. You are Mr. Boehner, and we the people expect you to stop the debt-spending and the pathetic excuses you are making for allowing it to happen. Clear enough?

Update: Yes the tax cut extension bill passed both chambers today, (Friday, Feb 17) without ever being made available for public viewing and comment, as was promised when republicans took over the House in 2011. Despite the claims to the contrary, this bill will add $90 billion dollars to the deficit = more debt, according to the CBO: “The Congressional Budget Office put the tab at closer to $90 billion; regardless, dozens of Republicans were unhappy with the GOP leadership’s decision to advance the payroll tax extension with no pay-for.”


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