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Santorum’s Sweep of 3 [Non-Binding] Caucuses Proves He is the Only Conservative Running?

At least that is what the political operatives were saying last night on Fox News, especially Charles Krauthammer while he was on the O’Reilly show. This comes after CK stated that Santorum is the first “admirably worthy conservative alternative” to Mitt Romney in the Washington Post  back on Jan. 5.  Today, the big political “news” is that Rick Santorum has swept all three of last night’s caucuses/fake [non-binding] primaries in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota. Brett Bair (also of Fox News) referred to these three caucuse/primary votes last night as non-binding beauty contests, with no actual delegates being won by a victory. For the rest of this week, expect to hear such flowery phrases as “Santorum has gained momentum and could see a campaign fundraising boost”  or  “Santorum is the conservative alternative to Mitt [ Jello} Romney,” blah blah blah.  This is the political dog and pony show of faux sensationalistic media circus acts that sadly passes as news reporting today. Is it any wonder that people are so politically uninformed today that they would elect a junior Senator from the political corruption capitol of the world as the President of the United States on an undefined “Hope and Change” fraud? In a nutshell, yes it does and yes they did.

Mr. Krauthammer is largely considered to be a brilliant political analyst with excellent oratory skills today. Keeping that in mind, how do his “Santorum is a worthy conservative” statements stack up against Senator Rick Santorum’s actual voting record?  Not very well, if you were brave enough to check out the truth in that fact-sheet. Krauthammer appears to have fallen into the exact same category of the once respectable conservative pundit and leftist basher extraordinaire, Ms. Ann Coulter. That would be the “say anything for a buck and to get attention while ignoring true conservative principles” category that Coulter exhibits today in her “vote for the proven conservative Mitt Romney campaign.”  Is she referring to this Mitt Romney,  when she went on her recent tirade of praising Romneycare  after trashing it back in November?  Ann Coulter’s recent flip-flop off the conservative high dive into the “elect the only candidate who is moderate enough to beat Barack Obama” cess pool of say-anything-for-a-buck irresponsibility, is an astounding about-face. When Coulter speaks about the mob-mentality that she has explained in recent books so often, maybe there should be a chapter titled “Us flip-floppers have to stick together.”

As far as Charles Krauthammer goes, he has to try to protect his high-paying, high-wire conservative commentary act [and reputation], while also putting out enough controversial statements, [see Santorum is a worthy conservative above] that gain attention, TV viewers, and readers, to justify his next fat contract with Fox News. The fact remains that, as proven in the above-linked article on Santorum’s voting record, he is a proven big-government conservative. How’s that for the ultimate in oxymorons?

Finally, the only proven conservative in the GOP candidate field, Newt Gingrich is being trampled, lied about, and smeared by the likes of Coulter, Krauthammer and the establishment GOP in true Democratic Attack Machine  fashion.  Is Newt Gingrich really a proven conservative?  This article  shows us just what Gingrich accomplished in a very tough political environment. Despite the D.A.M. lies and misinformation about the balanced budgets during Speaker Gingriches tenure, (which are heavily promoted in most browser searches) this article points  out just why Gingrich is a danger to the old guard, establishment GOP that has had a big hand in our trillion-dollar-deficits.

Amid all the tax-cutting and agency consolidations (in Newt’s plans if elected POTUS) would come a return to a fiscal policy that he said emanates “directly from the Reagan playbook.”

“I think these kinds of steps would move us toward a very dramatic job growth, which is the best way to move towards a balanced budget—by getting people off of unemployment, off of Medicaid, off of food stamps, get them back into earning a living and paying taxes,” he said.

Gingrich wants to limit the size and scope of government, which would cut off the big government grifters entrenched in DC from buying votes and influence with taxpayer dollars. Gingrich also wants to limit the government to spending less what they take in each year, as in creating a true balanced budget, yet the mainstream media talking points never include these important facts.  Our government has gotten so big that we are now approaching $16 trillion dollars in debt, which equals our entire GDP.

Ask Greece how that scenario works out. They too, ignored the serious-minded fiscally conservative candidates for the last 20 years or so, only to elect moderates just like Mitt Romney and numerous” big government conservatives”  like Rick Santorum. Barack Obama has loaded up the back seat of the failed Chevy Volt with our entire economy and will drive it right off the Greek-style debt cliff if given another four years. Electing so-called “electable moderates” and “big government conservatives” will also crash and burn the U.S economy just like the firebomb now known as the Chevy Volt will do, when it plunges off the debt cliff and hits rock bottom.



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  1. What part of this story does “non binding” have relevance. Would the Romney or Gingrich supporters be proclaiming the “non binding” point had their candidate fared better in these races? mmmm not so much I bet. The voters in these states went to the polls (or caucuses) to voice their consciences like those in FL and SC.

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