Meet Little Baby Inconvenience

This is a model baby at 12 weeks gestational age. Over 1 million babies are aborted at this age every YEAR.


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  1. This is just propaganda, when cells get aborted, thats all they are cells its not a baby, there is no brain no heart and no consciousness so it doesnt make that cells a baby just a clump of cells that have the potential to turn into a baby but it isnt yet. so unless their is no heart or brain in that tiny baby I doubt thats what the cells look like when they get aborted.

    1. Leann,
      You are not correct, I know for a fact that baby is pretty much develped around 12 weeks gestation. I was 14 weeks last year, when I fell from a seizure, causeing my placneta to rupture and me losing my baby. I was able to see the baby after my body passed it, and thats exactly what they look like. And if we want to be techinical everyone is a bunch of cells! You need to research pregnancy better too, at 6 weeks the heart is fully developed and beating!!!!!And the first thing to develop is the brain! A zygoat is only a group of cells in the first two weeks. It grows very rapidly!!!!!

    2. It’s still a “human being” The “clump of cells” as you so richly put it cannot be anything other than human. And BTW, the heart starts beating at three weeks. Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet. And it’s not a growth like a cyst or a tumor; it’s a seperate little person like you and me. The womb is just a vessel for the baby to grow to maturity where it can survive in the outside world. The misnomer is believing it’s some foreign “clump of cells” or more commonly called a “fetus” instead of a human baby, thereby making it easier in our minds to terminate. But the reality of it, an abortion IS a termination of an individual human life.

    3. I will again take a stand to show what the reality of abortion is and just what it kills! Children, future healers, surgeons, scientists, engineers, musicians, great future parents, even a few good politicians in the millions aborted since R v W. How can the pro-abortion rights groups continue to spew their lies about fetal development when there is so much medical evidence to the contrary? How can they continue to deny that most aborted babies have measurable brain waves and heart beats, the usual signs of life we look for to see if a person is dead? How can politicians stake claims to office knowing they are allowing mass wholesale killing of the unborn, and but for the abortionist’s cruel, and destructive intervention, 98 percent of the aborted babies would begin their lives outside the womb after full term pregnancies. Does anyone explain to those seeking abortions what an abortionist actually does to the head, body, arms and legs of an unborn child in a D & C abortion, that they are literally ripped apart, no anesthesia being administered, and their heads are crushed? Why does PLANNED PARENTHOOD so vehemently hide the truth from its victims, the hapless, ill-informed, often ignorant mothers who go to them for these “services”? Those who provide such murderous “services” will all be judged by a higher power for their continual destructive, murderous deceit! We will not have to worry about what happens to them, because the Hand of God will pass Judgment, and no man’s action, no man’s judgment will be needed, because our Creator is very jealous of his vengeance! He will avenge those unborn who were murdered. To those who harm the least and most vulnerable of His children, (the unborn and any other child), they would be better to have a mill stone around their necks and be drowned in the deepest, darkest part of His ocean, than face his judgment for this! I studied abortion law in Law School more than 25 years ago, and I can tell you that then, as now, there are very few exceptions where an abortion is actually necessary. I also know of cases where teen-aged girls go back for more than one abortion, because their attorneys (who advocate for them to get abortions without parental consent) fail to inform their clients of alternatives and fail to provide even the most minimal information to help these children make a better decision the next time. The system has failed, and our Country is paying for it again and again, and I do not mean in tax dollars or medical expense, I mean in the astonishing human toll, the loss of valuable future lives and talents. Imagine how many great possible future leaders have been aborted. Imagine the mental and emotional trauma for many women and girls who later learn the extent and truth of what they were misled to commit. They are literally “pawns” in the political – economic games of those who are at the foundation of ABORTION. Thus, I believe the snakes of Planned Parenthood would be better to crawl back under the rock that they (and their godless founder) emerged from than see another unborn child needlessly aborted for CONVENIENCE! I pray for their inherent, insidious evil to be fully exposed and ultimately defeated!

    4. Leann, this is propaganda:

      That is a Planned Parenthood ad. Did you know more people die of Christmas tree fires every year than died the year before abortion became legal? And furthermore, though stats are not easily tracked, it can be deduced that anywhere from 25 to 80 women now die from legal abortions in the US annually. (You can figure that out by using a figures pro-choice organizations give us: they claim a woman is 12 times more likely to die in childbirth than from a legal abortion procedure.)

      I suggest you sift through the truth for yourself, and not let what some claim is “women’s rights” get in your way. You may be shocked to know that the very first feminists, the suffragists, were mostly opposed to abortion. Susan B. Anthony said: “Sweeter even than to have had the joy of caring for children of my own has it been to me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally, so their unborn little ones could not be willed away from them.”

  2. That is not true at all, Leann. Read and view scientific photographs of prenatal baby development – this IS what an unborn baby looks like in the mothers womb. And if you watch an actual video of an abortion, the fetus try to escape…so there is a nervous system already and they can feel pain.

    1. What you said is the truth, but it seems there are so many who do not want to believe this. Truth hurts…but, what is being done to babies hurts more. When I hear about how partial-birth abortion is done, and the other one where they inject something and it burns the baby…they DO feel pain. THAT is documented. They are in a place that should be the safest place in the world, and we allow this to be done to them in the name of “choice”… call it what it is… murder.

  3. P.S. And the heart has already formed and is beating at this age, which every mother can hear at an ultrasound at this exact same development!

    1. I saw my daughters heartbeating at 6w 5d gestation! At 9w my ultrasound showed a baby, with a head, a body and limbs beginning to grow… I have no doubt that this is what a baby looks like at 12w. They are not just a “clump” of cells! Just a short 6w later, at 18w gestation, you can tell by ultrasound if your baby is going to be male or female…. That’s when we found out our daughter was in fact, a baby girl 🙂 They grow very rapidly into actual babies….

  4. Okay, but, just because something looks like a little baby doesn’t mean that it is a baby. That fetus DOES NOT have a brain. The fetus will not develop a brain for many, many more weeks into the prenatal development process. And I’m not even trying to argue a pro-choice stance here, I am just saying that this isn’t issue isn’t as cut and dry as you people seem to think it is.

    1. Sorry Rick, but the brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop at week 5. At week 6 or 7, the brain develops into five areas. The brain will continue to form until long after the baby is born.

    2. Rick For the Love of God!!!! you need to hit your knees, I mean get down on them, and pray that God will remove the scales from your eyes… What part of “its a baby” don’t you get? Obviously you don’t have a brain, and you are a person….Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by the enemy.

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