Far Left Radical Extremism on Full Display

Sometimes words are not needed to show just how disgustingly hateful certain members of Congress can become. See for yourself, and drop in a comment below about this disgusting disply of Liberal lunacy. (unless you condone this type of hate-speech)

That display of hateful rhetoric was spewed while speaking to delegates at the 2012 CA Democratic Party Convention. Thank you, Mrs. Waters for providing the perfect example of just what the Democratic party of 2012 has become. PS: Has Maxine Waters been brought back up on the ethics trial for her TARP fraud-bank bailout graft to her husband yet? Nope! Why not, Republican Leaders in the House?

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One Comment

  1. That’s right, I forgot about her fraud case being investigated and fully exposing her for what she’s done to this nation. She is nothing but a racist Negro, who is one of the most outspoken about why White people should be made to pay for everything she believes her People are owed for what they had to go through in the last century up to 1963. I think she forgets that, and that is her people have had it good and more rights and freedoms than any other race. That alone is what Ronald Reagan described as “reverse discremination”, and tried hard to get it out of our legislative perview so that if her people wanted to go to a better school, or get a better job, they could without worry about being told “no” just because they were Black. Well, all those things were changed by a few simple laws being written. The overwhelming dispensation of rights more than any other race needed to have been stopped right then. But, nooooo. They wanted more. They wanted money, more rights, more housing, more schooling, more this and more that, but here’s the one thing that was never required of them. And that is, Blacks were never required to adjust their behavior, their cultural habits, and their attitudes towards what and why they were being given all that they got. They were never required to adjust their attitude in that they were never required to be more understanding that now they were going to be just like everyone else, and they weren’t going to be any better than anyone else standing in line at the grocery store. And their attitude towards a Black man standing in line behind the White man they were waiting on, had more of a right to be treated nice to than the White man standing before the Black behind the counter. That their job now was going to be to treat everyone just as fairly as they would treat each other. Well, there’s the problem. They believe they should pay the Whites back for how they were treated and the real problem is the government has abandoned the Constitution in how our laws are made and what they need to say and do for us, and to us, and have gotten on the side of the Blacks. So now Whites are being controled by racist policies that do nothing but turn the tables on White people.

    But what wasn’t Blacks were crying for was the fair treatment that they saw in the White society? Wasn’t it the good education and medical treatment they saw in the White controled society? Wasn’t it the job availability that Blacks saw in White controled society that they believed they should have that was the whole reason for what they were demanding? But what liberals didn’t tell them was they were going to have to come up with the energy to do better than they ever had before in school in order to access the better higher education they saw White people being able to access? No one told them what it was going to take on their part in order to be able to get into Harvard?

    The other things that liberals didn’t tell them was in order for them to be able to live in a neighborhood that had no crime, high value houses, clean neighborhoods, good schools, concrete streets and sidewalks, that they were going to have to completely change the way they liked living and become law abiding? A desire to keep their homes in good repair and mow the lawn, trim the bushes, sweep the curb in front of their house, and send money to the neighborhood schools, contribute to the community chest and provide an eye for undesirable’s coming into the neighborhood jeapordizing the security of their neighbor’s? No one told them any of that? And no one told them that.

    In other words, (Ms.)(I hate that women’s lib crap changing the prefix from Mrs. which joined the woman to her husband), Ms. Waters is just another Negro who didn’t get the memo that she couldn’t be just like she was when she lived in the ghetto, when Negro’s were told that now, they had all the same rights that everyone else had, and that they were going to have to be responsible for not only their own actions, but the results of the having of access to the opportunities that everyone else had. We weren’t going to hold their hand, they were on their own just like everyone else starts out, and if they were going to be successful they were going to have to put out! And if they ever expected to have the kind of life they had always had to admire from a distance, that now they were going to part of that life, but at a price and that price was they just couldn’t act like a Negro, that had to change. Not change from being a Negro, but being like Negro’s had been when they didn’t have to be responsible for their behavior and attitudes.

    Now, they have to be just like everyone else has to be, show self control, be law abiding, and remain decent and work hard to try to be as successful as they could.

    Now, if that’s to much to ask for out of these people, then we made a mistake by letting them into main stream society and allowing them to have rights without being responsible for having those rights. Well, Maxine, we can just put you and your people on a boat and send you back to Africa and then you can just do whatever you want since you will be with your own kind.

    Otherwise in a society like is found in America where there are all kinds of people all around you, and you have to be as courteous as everyone else is being, and mind your own business like everyone else is doing, and just do what your are supposed to do as best as your talents will take you. If that is to much to ask, then you are free to leave anytime you wish.

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