Are you growing mutant seeds? Try Heirloom Seeds!

Think Wal-mart is the answer for all your garden needs? Do you know what you are buying? Do you realize the lack of sustainability in Wal-Mart mutant seeds? Have you considered the mutigenic qualities (or lack thereof) of the produce that is grown from mutant seeds?

GMO Mutant Produce
GMO Mutant Produce

What is a mutant seed you ask? One that is genetically modified from the original. How many of us yearn for that juicy ripe red tomato from the supermarket? No one?!?! Oh, because you generally don’t find that kind of produce, but in your own garden. Those that are found in your supermarket are those strains of genetically modified beasts, I call mutants, tasteless and little to no nutritional value. Genetically modified seeds (GMO) have been spliced with genes from bacteria or viruses, or genes that make plants resistant to chemicals like herbicides (like Roundup).

These genes were not apart of the human diet until the first GMO plant was made in 1996. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says about GMOs is they “have not been properly tested and pose a serious health risk”.

Why do they spend millions modifying our food from their already delicious and nutritious state? Money. What do they say about money? The root (pun intended) of all evil? They modify the seeds to be more disease resistant, modified to be repel the insects that normally prey on our precious fruits and vegetables.

Sounds wonderful, does it not? Sure, but there are great sacrifices to be made. Usually in taste or the nutrient level. Do we know the long lasting affects? Have we yet to understand the ramifications it has on our Eco system and our own bodies?

This is why we seldom salivate for veggies from the supermarket. All this goes to increasing the corporate farmers bottom line.

Corporate Farming
Corporate Farming

In 30 countries around the world there are restrictions and bans on the production of GMOs as they are not proven safe. So why are they so openly accepted in the US, who can say!?!?

If you can’t or won’t grow your own fruits and vegetables, then I implore you to buy them from your local farm market. Where you can buy quality, mouth watering, nutritious produce at equal or less price than from your supermarket.

If, I think you are as I suspect, growing your own food, then please, do yourself, your taste buds and your body a favor and start growing wholesome and nutritious, God designed fruits and vegetables.

Heirloom Tomatoes Varieties
Heirloom Tomatoes Varieties

Here are some things you need to know about seeds…

There are three main types of seeds on the market currently:

Genetically Modified (GMO) Seeds, designed to be disease and pest resistant, but lacks in flavor and nutrition. You will not be able to reproduce the same plant from the seed of the parent plant.

Hybrid Seeds, a cross between two plants. Produces a unique plant with favorable characteristics, but lacks reproduction of the same plant from seed, as with GMO.

Open Pollinated Seeds, true to form, au naturel seeds. They produce fruit that is delicious and nutritious and when you plant a seed from the parent plant you get an identical plant. This is the ideal seed for lifelong sustainability.

You can find Open Pollinated Seeds at Wal-mart, but you will usually find it under the title of “Heirloom” seeds.

Heirloom Vegetables
Heirloom Vegetables

The definition of an Heirloom Seed by author Cassandra Truax of A Worm Tea Primer and blog writer of is:

Seed varieties collected for generations by everyday people. Such varieties are usually hardy, pest resistant and have other desirable qualities, as well as being open pollinated. Heirloom seeds are important store houses of genetic diversity.

Heirloom seed varieties are typically 100 to 150 years old. To be considered heirloom, typically, a seed cultivar has to be at least 50 (some say 100) years old. And it must be open pollinated. Last but not least is quality. For a seed to be passed on, it obviously had a good quality or qualities.

What draws most gardeners to using heirlooms seeds, is the flavor of the fruit. One has yet to experience a good tomato (for instance) if one has not tasted the bountiful flavor of an heirloom tomato.

Purple Cherokee Heirloom Tomato
Purple Cherokee Heirloom Tomato

Don’t expect heirloom plants to look like their GMO or Hybrid counterparts. There are black heirloom tomatoes called Black Krim which is rich and earthy, and has almost a smoky flavor. There are many tastes and varieties that will not disappoint in the heirloom family of seeds.

Black Krim Heirloom Tomato
Black Krim Heirloom Tomato

As natural, unaltered state, heirloom seeds have all the good qualities we need without modifying the flavor and nutrients out of them AND reproduce the same plant over and over again, thus being open pollinated.

There are many places to purchase heirloom, open pollinated seeds. Yes, Wal-mart usually has a few, but I would urge you to buy from seed companies that specialize in these sustainable and prolific seeds.

Such places are:

Baker Creek Seeds –
Orchard House Heirlooms –
Victory Seeds –
Seeds of Change –

There are many more out there, but these are just a few, what I would call reliable companies that I have worked with.

If you are looking for Medicinal or Tea Herb seeds, I have found My Patriot Supply ( a good source for these types of seeds.

I have yet to find any studies on the health ramifications of eating GMO foods. Not only does GMO help the corporate farmers bottom line, but it also helps companies like Monsanto control our future food supply by controlling the seeds ability to reproduce, thus controlling where and when we can purchase our seeds.

Genetically Modified Corn
Genetically Modified Corn

Keep the genetic diversity of Heirloom seeds going by growing nothing but heirloom, open pollinated seeds. Not only will they keep your garden going from year to year, but provide healthy and tasty food to put on your table.

If you are growing your own food in your garden, you may as well grow the right kind of seed. A seed that reproduces, provides a superior and proven plant, year after year. You will without question, notice the difference in taste and nutrition over GMO produce.

Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden

Heirloom Seeds that have been passed from generation to generation are far more hardier and as some studies show, have more nutritional value than GMO.

With companies like Monsanto out to capitalize on sterile seeds and pushing them into our homes and gardens, it is important to think of our food security using open pollinated seeds.

Stop the mutant! Grow hardy open pollinated heirloom seeds, for sustainability of life.

Taste the difference!

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  1. I hope the media or some media is lobbying to put Monsanto and their madness out of business. The government or someone in the government is advising the public to eat more fruits and vegetables and like you state in this report, no wonder we seldom salivate the produce from the supermarkets.
    I am asking you JB Hasman or you CDN if there are groups of people trying to do something physically at the doorstep of the white house, the legislators, the supreme court and the churches, about the CRIMES being committed by people altering what the Creator has given us for food?
    Is there someone in the US that will come to the rescue? Probably here lies one of the causes of human nature wickedness. The great book says that the mind 0f man only has evil thoughts continually. Upsetting the Creator’s work I feel gives rise to natural disasters and the men and women at the government level I wonder if they are aware of this. Everything that the Creator made, so says the great book WAS GOOD. Can we really blame the devil, if he or she exist. MAN’S OR WOMAN’S THOUGHTS ARE CONTINUALLY EVIL. When will Monsanto and his henchmen be stopped? Or is there someone higher up in the Monsanto ladder the powerful one, who has the wealth? Is that person that powerful?

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