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That’s what Barack Obama will cost you by the time Mittens, Santorum, Gingrich someone kicks him out of office this fall — provided 1.8 million dead voters don’t help re-elect him Dictator and King Forever.



For another way to look at it, here’s a table that shows the Trojan in Chief’s deficit spending as a percentage of the GDP. Give him this: The table shows that Zero the Zero Accomplish-er will finally accomplish one thing; at the end of his 4 years he’ll double — in a quarter of the time — the previous deficit records of Reagan and Bush, who served a combined 16 years in the White House.

Meanwhile, the Liar in Chief today renewed his Twitter march to pressure Congress to extend the $40 payroll tax cut, which means, if it passes despite significant opposition the first time he offered us this rotten olive branch, we’ll all get to fill our gas tank halfway a little more often … that is until the price of gas marches toward $5 a gallon later this year — principally because The One let refineries close and blocked construction of the Keystone pipeline in favor of powering America with unicorn farts, or something.

I’d rather put the $40 in a pot with everyone else’s “tax cut” and buy Barack “I dream of a day when little black lies and little white lies will walk hand in hand together and make me king” Obama a one-way ticket back to that little Asian country called Hawaii or Kenya or Indonesia or wherever the hell it really is that Barry Soetoro comes from.

Because, in the end, all the Loser in Chief is trying to do is what he said he’d do the night he was elected: “fundamentally change America.

And you need to look no further than his new African-Americans for Obama ad, or frankly look at anything he’s ever said, to know that the Marxist in Chief inherently believes in redistribution of wealth (so that’s why my socks keep disappearing in the dryer!), “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs”

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One Comment

  1. You want to talk about facts! It’s 2012 and the facts (not created by racists) are in!

    It is FACT that Republican candidates are making up how Marxist Obama is. They have chosen to run against an Obama that doesn’t exist. Obama is a centrist (nothing wrong with that) and no matter how far he bends to prove he is not a radical leftist they continue to campaign against him as if he is.
    Can someone explain to me how Obama can be a #socialist, a Marxist, and a communist all at the same time?

    It is FACT that Some America politicians and even the church are being so negative about obama. CLAIMING that Obama is hates Jews. They have sang this song till we are tired. One Jew said in Dayster TV. The media is being fed with crap. It hurts. You want Jews to hate Obama because you are racists.

    It is FACT that Because impeachement is NOT a “punishment”… contrary to what conservatives think it is. It is simply a process of removal from office. It requires no crime and it is PURELY a POLITICAL process. So if the racist conservatives want to show their true colors and go for impeaching Obama… let them….

    It is FACT he’s a Christian which you’ll know is almost as bad if you’ve read the Bible and the Qur’an. It is also FACT that it’s because he isn’t a white is why you bigots don’t believe he’s Christian. According to you, You must be a white man to be a Christian? Disgusting!

    It is FACT that You’re making the assumption that Obama is inherently unqualified. Since there is no one who holds the office of president prior to first being elected, all candidates are more or less the same. None of them have experience as president so we are all left to grasp other criteria to evaluate. Obama met the minimum requirements needed to be elected. There is no difference.

    It is FACT that Obama will NOT be the downfall of anything except Mitt Romney. The administration has already agreed to give religious institutions a break on contraceptives so there goes that argument. You should have screamed about the Constitution when Dick Cheney was running the government and led us into spending a trillion dollars in Iraq 10 years ago, killing 5000 and maiming 40,000 more- just for the oil! Where were our Constitutional rights back then?
    Republicans need to work for the GOOD of our country. They are afraid of doing ONE THING, for fear that Obama will get an ounce of credit. Hence, nothing gets done.

    That’s easy, because they are hate-filled racists! The scumbags here Believes anyone that does not look like him is Evil. Spoken like a refugee from the fact challenged Fox News.

    ◦You know he’s not a Socialist.
    ◦You know he’s not a Nazi.
    ◦You know he’s not a Muslim.
    ◦You know he’s a U.S. citisen.
    ◦You know there are no death panels.
    ◦You know the economy crashed under W.
    ◦You know government isn’t any bigger than it was under W.
    ◦You know there’s no conspiracy to turn the U.S. communist.

    But you repeat these ridiculous lies anyway, because you can’t say the real reason you hate Obama: YOU CAN’T STAND A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    1. The good news is how easy it is to see through the thin logic of your comment. Start with racism, continue with hate and all along the way ignore the numbers and facts – that’s what children do.

      How you came about your facts, you alone should question. The rest of humanity is simply shaking their heads wondering what sense is there to make of you?

      Go back into the darkness from where you came and ask it, why did you tell me these things? When it doesn’t answer.. come back and learn the truth – if you’re ready.

    2. You must be black! First you are so certain that is why he is disliked. I don’t like the White half either! I believe every thing you said is pure B.S. Am I a Consertive Republican? No! I do believe he is trying to take us under with the help of Polosi and Soros. I still think Herman Cain was our best hope to come though this. OOPS he is black!

    3. Obama is NOT a socialist? What rock did you crawl out from under? His narxist ideology, in which wealth redistribution is at it’s roots was exposed for all to see in Obamas “Share the wealth” statement to Joe the frigging Plumber in 08!

      Grow up and educate yourself instead of expecting the well-informed and concerned citizens of America to believe the pack of lies you posted here.

      1 undisputed fact for you to ponder, IF you can handle it: Barack Hussein Obama has racked up more debt in 3 1/2 years than all of Bushes spending in 8 years! Then again Greek-style insolvency due to a heavy Obama-led debt load is always loved by the sheep who don’t have to pay the damn bill when it comes due!

    4. Oh oh, people are calling out the “Food Stamp President with the truth. Time to start crying racism, bigotry and oh the lovely “they hate him because he is a black man” garbage, when he isn’t even half black to begin with. hahahaha

    5. Socialism, Fascism, and Communism are all tied together in the fact that they call for the “State” to become all powerful by “redistributing wealth” ( to buy votes from ignorants) collapsing the free-market system and creating civil chaos as we see in Greece today. Obama does indeed fit all three models one way or the other.

  2. Wow, seems I pissed off some righties with my truthful, awesome rant.
    They disagree with him on health care:

    They oppose his decisions regarding the wars:


    Given this, how can Obama POSSIBLY be a socialist when socialists themselves oppose his policies?
    L.T.M. really? That our nation’s own Socialist Party USA opposes Obama’s policies on health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the economy proves nothing to you? And Obama has no Marxist leanings. Marxism advocates the eventual disintegration of the state, something which Obama has done nothing to implement. If anything, he’s empowered the state, not the other way around. Marxism advocates the liberation of the working class – Obama has shown little interest in establishing a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Obama’s policies are the antithesis to Marxism.
    Thank you. and by the way,

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