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The Scumbags Need to Resign; Yes, you, Brian Ross

The jokes are all over the internet. They usually begin with “A Woman Scorned”. The story is about Newt Gingrich’s second wife and her “revelations to destroy a career.”

You all have heard the media wagging their collective tongues over this sensationalism. It is tawdry, unprofessional, and down right tacky.

Brian Ross at ABC is credited with this yellow journalism. I personally attribute part of it to the Romney Wrecking Crews that have systematically sought this entire campaign cycle to secretly release stories about other Republicans to destroy them, note that that is my sole opinion. Brian Ross is having his name bandied about like he is some kind of professional journalist that has proven himself. Tonight, listening to Bill O’Reilly praise his character on FOX was actually nauseating. Brian Ross has proven himself to be capable of nothing more than senationalistic National Inquire style reporting,  except for the fact that would be an  insult to the National Inquirer.

Newt’s second wife, THE VICTIM, made a statement that Newt told her of an ongoing six year affair. Her comment appeared to have some merit and substance…right up until Ross decided to encourage her to make it sound tawdry. At his prompting, she added the accusation that Newt wanted some form of a sexually oriented threesome. That is not where she went until driven to it by by a journalistic dropout intent on creating some type of porn story for his fledgling network news.

The way the initial conversation went down is that she said Newt accused her of wanting him all to herself, and that Callista was OK with him doing what he wanted. Only in the sleazy mindset of a pervert, apparently what Ross possesses, would someone twist that well beyond what it could actually mean. I don’t know, as I wasn’t there. But perhaps the Gingriches could not work out a relationship that allowed for his broad expanse of interests into many many areas of life. I choose to believe that his entire personality was simply much bigger than her personality could keep pace with. he had interests that far surpassed her interest and it led to some type of personality conflict.

He handled the situation poorly. He turned to a woman that was incapable of understanding the broad vision which his personality was driven by. That was dumb. That was inappropriate. it was shameful behavior. Nothing justifies infidelity. However, to suggest that tawdriness was the nature of his behavior is purely speculative, and deceitful. Shame on you for your lack of character and professionalism Brian Ross. You should be fired for your conduct now, with respect to your reporting on the conduct of others that happened such a long time ago.

This hate mongering for the sake of a headline is the most despicable of performances, especially coming from of  someone who desires to be considered  a real journalist today.

Now, I have made my disgust at Brian Ross more than clear. Yet, I want to expand a little further still.. I wish to comment on Mitt Romney.

Mitt was a high level ecclesiastical leader within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He knows, or should know, very well that perhaps behind a testimony of Jesus Christ and all that that conveys is the concept of repentance. Mitt Romney has sat in councils of his Church where that he was required to render decisions about the worthiness of other Church members. He knows that the key concept behind those worthiness decisions is one based upon an individuals desire and intent to bring their lives in conformance with the doctrine of Jesus Christ. He know, or should know, that such repentance is a very personal issue and speak of an individual’s course for each person. He should know that when a person’s repentance is complete that they are entitled to full fellowship and acceptance. Lastly, he knows that when his role as a leader with Church rights to make those decisions has been removed, he is not entitled to know or judge the completeness of another’s level of repentance.

Now, why is this significant? Because, according to Mitt’s knowledge and commitment to his religious community he has a far greater obligation to assist others, and to not judge them from the standpoint of any role as an elected official he may fill…even president. Yet, when those who support him debase Newt Gingrich or other people’s character he remains silent, supposing that his silence somehow absolves him of accountability. The moment that the media began to attack Newt Gingrich, after he confessed his “sins” and had indicated that he had made amends to God than he , MITT ROMNEY, should have stood firmly in defense of Newt Gingrich. But Mitt chose to shuffle his feet with his head down in embarrassment, too afraid to stand for what was right and good (at least that is how I see it).

Now, in conclusion, I have no personal knowledge of what Newt Gingrich has done in terms of sin or evil, or even illegality. I likewise lack any knowledge of Mitt Romney’s personal dealings, other than a couple of deceptions conveyed to me by one of his relatives. I am completely unqualified to judge them. However, I can see and comprehend hypocrisy when I see it rear it’s ugly head, and with this story about Newt Gingrich I see hypocrisy in both Brian Ross and Mitt Romney, and it totally disgusts me.

For disclosure the author is an actively involved member of Mitt Romney’s Church affiliation.

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  1. I certainly agree that the CDN staff do a great job William,that is why I referred to it as an oversight, not neglect, while mentioning that we are all human and capable of making a mistake from time to time. It is also great that the informed readers were here to help us catch it and correct it in a timely fashion, which was my only goal.

  2. Everybody is on fire with the debate and Newt Gingrich. I wouldn’t be too sure who will end up on top of the ticket, but it looks like this was an interesting week at CDN. Everyone who contributed did a good job.

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