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Oh, The Stain on Cain


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About A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. You forgot that mole in the corner of his nose! I can see why the other commentor mistook him for Will Smith. lol

  2. You need to add more flies around Obama!

  3. Thanks, Tony. You always tell it like it is.
    Love Thomas’ comment.

  4. Another GREAT one – and SO-O-O TRUE!!! I spend an average of four hours a day on conservative political action sites and I always look for your cartoon first. Thank you for your talent and your perception.

  5. Yea, The Liberals are cranking up their Media Drive-Bys. Funny how Obama’s Administration has been the Most Corrupt and Scandalous in American History. Many of his Czars had to step down in his wake. Next to go down in Flames will be Eric Holder(aka Fast and Furious). But yet, any grain of dirt no matter how small that comes upon a Conservative, the Liberals jump on it like flies on stink, even if the alleged dirt was, let’s say, 12 years ago. We need to get use to this though, because Obama has nothing to run on except the smear campaign. Their will be alot of dirt clogs slung between now and Election time, and many liberal media drive-bys, but as they drive by, THEY WILL BE SHOOTING BLANKS.

  6. Another great one..

  7. As usual Tony, well done! This toon shows exactly how the left wing media operate! I honestly hope that Mr. Cain will stop trying to explain. “We the People” know exactly what’s going on!

    • Thank you Corkie. I sure am wishing that more people were as vocal as you are. Our country could use more fire in the belly patriots.. Please keep it up my friend!!!!

  8. wowthisisinteresting

    Great toon. I like. Deeper message missing. Is that it? Nothing to think about here – just the same ol’ propaganda feed? Okay. Still good but unfortunate. Nothing here for anybody to think about but party line. Oh well. Next one maybe? (Not holding my breath, but I know ya got it in ya.)

  9. If the liberals didn’t have the double standard, they would be completely without standards.

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