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EU Plutocracy on Verge of Collapse

Top Judge Puts the Brakes on Merkel’s EU Bailout Scheme/EFSF Expansion

The EU plutocracy started coming apart at the seems back in September of this year, as Germany’s top Judge, Andreas Vosskuhle, head of the constitutional court, said politicians do not have the legal authority to sign away the birthright of the German people without their explicit consent. It is quite refreshing to finally see a top judge demand that politicians decease in creating unconstitutional laws without the express approval of the citizenry. The Judge went on to further explain that if Merkel and company in the EU plutocracy want to continue to grant powers over the German people to the EU, they must do so by calling a referendum and change the constitution. This certainly derails the mini New World European Order plans of taking from the citizenry to continue to support the EU plutocracy.

The main problem seems to be the fact that Merkel and company want to constantly transfer funds and manipulate bailouts in secrecy, as Carsten Schneider the finance spokesman for the Social Democrats of Germany demanded that Chancellor Angela Merkel and finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble clarify their “true intentions ” before the (bailout) vote on Thursday. [We have no wonder how Schneider would feel about Nancy Pelosi’s statement of “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it,” which she made when she was the third highest politician in America, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.]  As we can see from this article from Reuters, the EU debt crisis pain will undoubtedly be felt in America, as well as around the globe. The EU debt crisis has already claimed  the heads of the Greek and Italian governments with more to come in the following weeks, as the truth about the implications of just what the EU plutocracy has done in the past few years comes to light.



It would also appear as if the Germans are well aware of Barack Obama’s part in all of this, as we see this little snippet, also from Carsten Schneider, of the German Social Democrats: “A new multi-trillion programme is being cooked up in Washington and Brussels, while the wool is being pulled over the eyes of Bundestag and German public. This is unacceptable,” he said. The New World Order that billionaire manipulator, George Soros so fondly speaks about could very well be on it’s way to being blown into oblivion if the EU collapses as many are predicting today. As Mike Shedlock so aptly put it,”the German court has already killed eurobonds. Now, if the top judge’s call stands, leveraged EFSF just bit the dust as well. Clearly the German court has had enough of Chancellor Angela Merkel, her cronies, and all the politicians who want to rob German taxpayers for their own agenda.” It then comes as no mere coincidence that when the EU bailouts started they always coincided with the unscheduled meetings between Merkel and Obama.

Germany and America both have explicit constitutional mandates limiting the power of those elected into government for the sole purpose of protecting the citizenry from being ruled by a tyrannical plutocracy. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel have trampled both of their country’s constitutions at very dangerous levels, while taking advantage of the ever-increasing world financial crisis where we see the widening gap between the middle class citizens and the elitists running the plutocracy become a source of massive civil unrest. Germany’s top Judge took a stand against Merkel and the EU’s unconstitutional usurpation of power from the people’s Democracy of Germany. Does America have such a courageous judge, one that will stand up for our constitutional laws and protect the citizenry from the tyrannical rule of the Liberal Plutocracy Barack Obama and company have been building for three straight years now? If so, what will it take for you to make a stand, civil unrest, chaos and blood in the streets? By then it will simply be too late. The plutocracy will simply declare marshal law, and the citizenry will be left with the choice between fighting for their freedom from a dictatorship or flight from their beloved America.
2012 can’t get here fast enough!

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One Comment

  1. The Grand Experiment of Socialism which is what the European Union is, has failed to produce the wealth that it’s proponents promised. They said that in order to keep the weaker countries from failing economically they should join up with the stronger countries and their wealth and commerce could be shared, that way “equality” could be achieved and all the countries could work together in order to be able to compete with the other industrialized nations in the world economy.

    But guess what happened? Countries who were weaker did not benefit from the wealth generation capacity of nations who were heavily industrialized like Germany and France. Just because some weak country was in the EU didn’t mean they would be protected from their spending programs instituted on their nations. They got bunches of money from countries like Germany in trade, but if you spend to much money it doesn’t matter how much money you are getting, you are going to fail. Italy and Greece are failing because they lacked the intellegence and thrift mindedness to spend the shared monies to build up their industrial base. They thought they could just spend the money on social and domestic spending programs on their poor, because they don’t have jobs to keep their people from being poor. Instead they just kept the poor poor by not doing what they should have done with the EU sharing, and redistribution of wealth coming from the stronger nations.

    America is the only country that can have some area’s of the nation that are stronger economically and some other area’s that are weaker, some area’s of the same nation that are more industrialized and have jobs, and some other area’s that are less industrialized and don’t have jobs, and are experiencing the same thing that is going on in the EU, but right here in our own nation. We are a very unique country where whole area’s of the nation that are the size of Europe, can compete with other parts of the country that are comparitively that size of the rest of those countries outside of Europe like Great Britain. We’ve got it all. That is why America is such a huge economic powerhouse. We can generate huge amounts of wealth from all the different industries and manufacturing, along with all the small businesses that individuals created to fill in the spaces for the service businesses that support all the manufacturing and industry.

    But when you take two of the three legs out from under the stool with bad regulations that force those manufacturing and industries to shut down or have to leave the country in order to keep doing business, the remaining leg, the small service businesses cannot hold up the country economically. Then when you add Socialistic economic policy and practices to the formula that is unloaded onto those remaining businesses, they collapse and can no longer do what they were doing to hold up the country. They can’t provide the jobs that all the manufacturing provided and that is just like trying to support all the weaker European nations that didn’t try to build up their industrialization to make themselves competitive with the stronger nations. Had they done that they wouldn’t be in the fix they are in now. And then when you add Socialistic policies to try to hold up those weaker nations because they wasted the money from the Socialist redistribution programs, they fail just like our nation’s weaker states are doing by the Obama administrations trying to borrow or print money to send to the weaker states and then try to raise taxes from everyone to pay the money back. With no or little jobs there’s just no way the people can keep up with the demands on the government. That is called Cloward-Piven. And it is a economic therory that brings economic collapse as the end of it’s practice by enforcement of that kind of economic policy.

    Here, stronger states want the regulations taken off of them and the heavy taxation so they can survive. The same with the EU nations like Germany, who wants to break from the EU so it can survive by creating more jobs and less taxation by not being in the Union anymore and go back to printing their own money again. Just like those states in America, we want the government to stop printing money and distributing it around the country. It’s because it is hurting the stronger states, and causing the weaker states to go bankrupt, just like Italy and Greece are doing.

    It’s all just simple economics. But if simple economic’s are ignored regardless of what you should be doing, then you are doomed to fail. Hopefully the EU will desolve before it brings down everyone, strong and weak, by trying to save everyone with spending and printing money that is worthless. The more the EU prints and spends the worse it gets for everyone. Just like the U.S. it has to stop printing money further devalueating the dollar, and the EU needs to disband and let the nations sink or swim. Just like here, the government needs to take it’s hands of those businesses that should be allowed to fail, so that those who can survive can grow.

  2. Excellent points Will. I especially like the three legs of the table analogy. When 2/3 of the U.S become welfare States, the table( economy) collapses because the 1/3 actually working and paying taxes is crushed under the burden of the other 2/3’s. A man will not work for $400 a week to give $175 of it to big government, while his neighbor lives as well as he does while never working a day in his life.

  3. Socialism is destroying our economy. Socialism is and always has been destroying Europe, Great Britain, Africa, and the only reason why it isn’t destroying the Scandinavian countries is the governments have learned to balance spending with taxation and have brought it up slowly paying particular attention on job growth in order to pay for all the government provided programs like socialized health care for everyone. But it’s starting to catch up with even those nations because of population growth and bad immigration policies in order to get more people coming to those countries that will pay more taxes. But what is causing some place like Norway’s Socialism to collapse is there aren’t enough jobs to keep their balance between working people paying the taxes that are paying for all the benefits for all the immagrants coming into those countries now.

    See, everything is tied to jobs. America could have socialized medicine but only if our government paid particular attention to other economic factors that would promote job growth, which would include providing a economic environment that didn’t run their big corporations off taking those jobs with them. What our government did was they didn’t care about how many jobs were going out of the country. They thought there was enough to make up the difference in lost taxes. But they failed to realize how all these industries were tied together which provide the survival of all of them so long as you didn’t cut the legs out from underneith what it holding the economy up. The Socialist Democrats thought they would just raise taxes and make the people pay them. But they made another mistake. And that was they were spending the money being paid in by the remaining taxpayer’s to take care of those who were now made poor from job loss. You can do that for just a short while and then you start going down, especially since some of the other existing job providers decided in order to make more money, because they were loosing money from the poor weren’t able to spend the money that the economy needed in order to stay healthy, keeping the demand high, left the country to.

    This put a huge load on the remaining companies who were now left holding the tax burden that was spread out over the whole economy. The government created more and more poor from the higher unemployed were falling on government benefits in order to survive, were drawing off more and more money, and then when you add the governments borrowing and printing more and more money as countries who would lend money to the U.S. dried up, was forcing the government to have to raise taxes on the remaining companies and working poor to pay more to take care of more people.

    The Socialist spending programs are eating themselves up like some giant alligator chomping off chunks of it’s tail, working it’s way up until it runs out of alligator to eat. Eventually this monster created by the Socialist Democrats eats itself up and there’s no more left to give to the poor created by higher taxation and more bad regulations on the remaining companies in order to squeeze more compliance to pay more taxes, fees, costs, and more strain on it’s budget. The government has gotten so big that it’s spending programs are killing it slowly but surely.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the EU with a dozen countries money pouring into the EU treasury, or America taxing it’s way to prosperity by Socialism being the driving force behind all economic policy decisions. All is going to fail and collapse the entire system unless the individual countries in the EU decide they aren’t going to let the EU’s spending and taking care of the poor they created, and forcing the countries who can continue to pay the taxes, pay until they to become bankrupt. They don’t want to become bankrupt. They want to survive. But they realize they aren’t going to survive if they remain in the EU.

    It’s to bad that the states of this Union can’t susceed from it, and become autonomous. Of course I know that is ridiculous to even suggest. No, what needs to be done is we need to change the government so that the whole country can survive. Europe can’t do that since it’s a bunch of different countries. So they can leave the EU and go back to making their own stuff that the EU has continued to sell and countries like Germany can survive on their own.

    Getting rid of the Socialist will be the only way America is going to survive. And make sure they don’t ever come back in to mess things up again. In the EU’s case, it will have to desolve in order for the countries in it can survive. Those countries like Italy and Greece will survive by being allowed to cut spending and cut taxes and slowly come back. And it will be slow.

  4. As a matter of fact, DJ that is exactly the reason why some Blacks, who got off Welfare and Food Stamps, have changed from the Democrat Party and went to the Republican Party in order to be able to vote the Democrat out of office, because he was tired of seeing his neighbor living like a king off of the taxes the working Black was paying. The working Black saw the high taxation and benefit regulations put upon the working Blacks, and everyone who has a job of course, being given to his neighbor so he didn’t have to work. That really woke the working Black up and that’s why we gained another conservative to our ranks and the Democrats lost another vote who were voting themselves pay raises each time they voted to keep the Democrat in office. There is a saying about that, and it kinda goes that when the people find out that they can vote themselves a raise and don’t have to go back to work, that’s when the economy will collapse.

    And that’s what we are seeing in Europe, and right here in the U.S. from Socialism. And it all started out being liberalism transforming into Socialism. When Obama said he was going to “transform” America, this is what he meant and that was to transform our economic system from a Capitalistic economic system, to a Socialistic economic system or from one that prosper’s to one that is enslaved by poverty. I look forward to seeing more and more people wake up and realize that for the past 50+ years America has been on the wrong path to prosperity. I hope that they will begin to see that America has been on a path of economic destruction brought on by those people who were influenced by Communists coming from Europe telling them how wonderful Socialism is and how much America needs to go in that same direction. This is a lie!! Liberalism is the death of any nation it is instituted in.

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