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Illegal Immigration in Italy Possible Coronavirus Cause?

Outside China, in Europe, Italy is thought to be ground zero for the Coronavirus pandemic. Many have sought to understand why. The Right Wire Report wondered why as well. Many believe it was just time and chance, but perhaps not, and perhaps the pandemic started many years ago. Prato, Italy, is the historical capital of Italy’s textile business. It has ...

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China Virus Quarantine May Kill the Economy

The politician’s response to the coronavirus is the medical equivalent of the 10 percent across–the–board budget cut where politicians faced with a budget shortfall take the coward’s way out and cut every budget. Thereby treating the useful just as harshly as the useless. Real leaders would eliminate the useless while protecting the useful, but down that path lies criticism about ...

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Italy Reports Biggest One-Day Increase In Cases, Deaths

Italian officials reported the biggest one day increase in both coronavirus cases and deaths in Italy. Officials announced Sunday that the number of deaths from coronavirus in the country rose to 1,809, which is a 25% increase from the day before as well as the largest one day increase in any country so far, the New York Times reports. The ...

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Watch Live: President Trump Delivers Remarks at a Reception in Honor of the Italian Republic

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at a White House-hosted reception in honor of Italy. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM EDT. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication page for details and requirements.

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Russian and Italian Nationals Charged with Conspiring to Steal Trade Secrets From American Aviation Company

A Russian national and an Italian national have been charged in the United States with conspiring and attempting to steal trade secrets from an American aviation company. Alexander Yuryevich Korshunov, 57, and Maurizio Paolo Bianchi, 59, were charged by a criminal complaint on Aug. 21.  Korshunov was arrested on Aug. 30 at Naples International Airport in Italy.  The complaint was ...

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Watch: Trump Delivers Remarks at Naval Air Station Sigonella

Trump givng speech

President Donald Trump delivers a speech to U.S. service members at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. The event marks the last stop on the president and first lady’s 9-day, 5-nation international trip. The president is scheduled to speak at 11:15 AM eastern time. The event marks the last stop on the president and first lady’s 9-day, 5-nation international trip. They are ...

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President Donald Trump’s schedule for Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Trump signs executive order

President Donald Trump will start his day with the presidential daily briefing provided by the intelligence community. At noon, the president will sign a Memorandum Regarding the Investigation Pursuant to Section 232(B) of the Trade Expansion Act which will likely require the State department to start a “232” investigation into imports from a certain country (China?) to determine if the quantity ...

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Fundraise and Fore! obama’s Answer to World Events

Israel issued warnings over security problems with Egypt. Militants from the Sinai Peninsula crossed over into southern Israel Monday and fired on a border security fence, killing one Israeli. The IDF moved tanks and other armed forces to the Israel-Egypt border in response to the attack. Egypt is on the offensive against Israel. Egypt’s presidential election results lean towards victory ...

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EU Plutocracy on Verge of Collapse

Top Judge Puts the Brakes on Merkel’s EU Bailout Scheme/EFSF Expansion The EU plutocracy started coming apart at the seems back in September of this year, as Germany’s top Judge, Andreas Vosskuhle, head of the constitutional court, said politicians do not have the legal authority to sign away the birthright of the German people without their explicit consent. It is ...

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China to Help Fund Latest EU Bailout Package? No Deal

French President Nicolas Sarkozy placed a phone call to China’s President Hu Jintao after European leaders reached another last-minute deal to increase bailout funding in an attempt to tackle the regions worst debt crisis in over two decades. Apparently, Sarkozy’s pleas for China to contribute upwards of $100 billion (U.S.) to the EU bailout fund fell on deaf ears, as ...

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Italian Protest Claims It Was Inspired By OWS. Turns Out Violent.

Well, color me surprised.  The Italians had their own “Occupy Wall Street” styled riot protest, and it turned out violent.  That seems SOOO unlike Europeans too.  And it sounds like unlike Liberals, now that I think about it.  Oh, well.  It could never happen here.  Right?  Watch the video below to see what a “peaceful” protest in Italy looks like.  ...

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Amanda Knox Could Still Be In (Double) Jeopardy

Yesterday, Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder.  If that had happened in the United States, she would be a completely free woman.  In our country, you cannot be tried for the same crime twice.  This protection is afforded under the Fifth Amendment and is known as Double Jeopardy.  Once you’ve been found "not guilty" or once you’ve been acquitted, the alleged ...

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Amanda Knox Had An Angel From Idaho

When Amanda Knox steps out of the airplane and breathes American air on Tuesday, she might want to think about what she’s going to write in her "thank you" card to Greg Hampikian.  You may already know about Knox’s murder trial and subsequent acquittal in Italy, but you may not have heard about one of the men who played a ...

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