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The Reporter Who Confonted Biden About His "Rape" Reference Is Now Under Investigation

Do you remember Jason Mattera, the reporter who confronted Vice President Joe Biden for his claims that “rape will go up” if President Obama’s “Job’s Bill” isn’t passed?  (here’s a reminder of it below)

Well, it turns out that Biden’s camp is so upset about it that they’ve asked for Jason Mattera to be investigated to see if he broke any rules in capturing the Vice President off guard.  It kind of makes me think of the “pay to play” policy that this administration has been accused of, only in reverse.  You see, if you get on the Obama administration’s good side, then nice things can happen for you, but if you get on their bad side, then they (seem to) seek punishment or retribution.  This does not bode well, my friends.

Hat tip to Red State for bringing this story to my attention on Twitter. (and subsequently, their website)

What do you guys think?  Do you think the reporter had it coming?  Or is it a sign of bad things when confronting a politician can get you in trouble like this?  I know that some anchors on CNN had very harsh words for Jason Mattera “deceiving” the Vice President.  What’s your take?

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One Comment

  1. Think it would be fun to punch him on the mouth just to see the amazement on his face. Biden is one of the more vapid in politics today.

    1. AMEN Antonio. “Do as I say, not as I do.” seems to be Mr. Biden’s motto. But he says so much.

      Who misplaced his MUZZLE??? The first time he spoke, on camera after getting the nod as VEEP candidate, BHO grimaced at him. Now, the whole nation is sick of hearing from the blowhard.

      I’ll chip in for a new muzzle, anyone else? 😉

      Don’t go away mad, Mr. Biden, just SHUT UP AND GO AWAY…

  2. I think the question was pretty simple. Biden made a public statement to the press and now he doesn’t want to be questioned on it? Really?…if you don’t like public scrutiny Mr. Biden, get out of public office. You answer to all of us, so be prepared to answer when asked.

  3. NO!! What Biden needs is a dressing down by a person who knows what to tell him that will stand him up straight and make him take notice of what it is that he is doing and what he is saying. He needs to have a citizen be able to yell at him and talk tough at him and if he pulls that damn crap “Do you know who you are talking to?? I am a sitting US Senator!! Have you ever seen the movie “The Shooter”? That was the last words this actor playing the part of a Senator, said just before he was taken out of his misery. Joe is nothing but a bully, a red neck bully. If any stupid touchy-feely liberals sissyfied Socialist wants to make a law “banning” “bullying” then the example they need to use is Joe Biden.

    What Joe needs is to put before a Federal Judge who is not afraid of him and would slap a contempt of court charge on Joe in a heart beat! Joe needs to be put in front of a Federal Judge on charges of “influence peddling”. Joe Biden is the biggest influence peddler in Washington. That’s where he gets that errogant attitude of his towards anyone who wants him to explain himself. Joe Biden doesn’t believe he has to explain himself, or his behavior, or his words. Joe Biden needs to be empeached.

    Where does he get the idea that Obama likes him at all? Obama probably hates Biden’s guts because Biden is exactly the kind of American politician that Alinsky warned Obama about who was scum and a back stabber. Biden represents everything that is wrong with politics, past, present, and I don’t want to say “future” because I do hope that at some time in the near future we will be able to stop this sort of man being elected. I want to see a “public coach” who will go in and set up thing just as if they are campaigning and this man’s job will be a person who tells how they are screwing up by voting for someone like Biden, and what this man has been doing in Washington with their blessings. That is what some of these towns who are so stupid and would vote for somebody like Joe in a heartbeat because they won’t put forth the effort to find out what kind of man they are voting for. This public coach will go in and tell the people things about somebody like Joe that Joe wouldn’t want to anyone to know about. And just dare Joe to show up to dispute what this man was saying. I would like to see somebody like Biden object to what this public coach was saying and have the proof right in his hand that Biden wouldn’t be able to deny? I’d like to see Joe storm out, mad and know that it wouldn’t matter if he did do a background search because this public coach would expose that to. He’d have to be connected with people who work strictly underground by the public coach not even knowing who they were, but did get positive confirmation that these undercover people work for conservatives to get the truth out to the people of America because the media won’t do it and we can never trust some politician to tell the truth or be honest to us.

  4. I think Harry Truman said it best: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

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