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Speaker Boehner to Obama: Get out of Campaign Mode and Start to Govern

 In the following Newsmax interview with Speaker Boehner, President Obama was called out for his being in perpetual campaign mode recently, while not doing his job as President of the United States.

Newsmax interview with Speaker Boehner.

In the interview, Speaker Boehner expresses his wishes that President Obama would work with Republicans on common ground issues of importance such as Obama’s current jobs bill, the trade agreements, China’s currency manipulation bill and big government over-regulation that is hurting American businesses and stifling job growth. He also expresses his concerns with the current  "boiler" regulations that will cost thousands of American jobs unnecessarily. Speaker Boehner must be applauded for trying to do his job as Speaker of the House and carry out the business of legislation,even in the face of the president running around the country in campaign mode while making misleading statements about Republicans and their [ supposed] refusal to work with him. Is Speaker Boehner is expected  to fly around the country in the people’s corporate jet with President Obama in order to work with him on critical issues? 

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One Comment

  1. Apparently without Obama doing enough governing, (according to House Speaker Boehner), Boehner and his team must have a lot of free time on their hands. House Republicans really do little except block, create obstacles, filibuster or just ignore whatever Obama was doing as he tries to govern. Intuitively, it seems odd that Boehner be complaining that Obama was not doing anything. (?) Think about that. However, I imagine being critical and making an issue that Obama is not giving Boehner stuff to block, gives Boehner something to do?

  2. If you have a point to make here, I’d like to hear it with a few facts to back it up instead of babbling on incoherently. Tell the people who are paying you to do this while hiding behind the mantra anon. that they are not getting their money’s worth and to give you some actual talking points to parrot.

    There have been no less than 5 appropriations bills on Harry Reid’s desk, all created and PASSED IN THE HOUSE, and which Harry has chosen to ignore, just like Obama’s fake jobs bill that he refused to put up for a vote yesterday, which Obama has been screaming to do for 2 weeks now. Now who is doing what? Who is blocking what? Considering that the Fluff in chief demanded Congress pass his jobs bill WHEN THEY DIDN”T EVEN HAVE IT, we see through his cheap rhetoric, just like we see through yours. Clear enough? Now get back to your Occupy and Beg for other’s to support you scam.

  3. Not clear about which machinations of legislative procedure (it gets complex) that you might be referring to in your ambiguous comment just below about something-or-other (unidentified) being on Reid’s desk, however, we both know the vast majority of congressional Democrats support Obama’s jobs bill. Did the Republicans attach something to the job’s bill making it unsavory or do something otherwise to block it? Or, are they just ignoring it? I do know that Obama held a short press conference this morning. His message also included his advancing his legislative agenda (governing) to create jobs. His closing comments included a warning to Republicans: “I’d love nothing more than to see Congress act so forcefully that I can’t run against them as a do-nothing Congress.” Obviously the Republican House is still ignoring “jobs” (blocking it ~ *yawn*.) Rather than concern themselves with jobs or economy, Republicans seem more focused on pushing other appropriations and initiatives, for example, to triple “government spending” for legal defense that would challenge legislation that repealed DOMA, (meaning: republicans pushing for government spending on “anti-gay” stuff.) We all understand that if Obama is not supporting the right wing’s agenda its characterized by the right wing as “not governing.” We all “get that.” Nice comment however..

  4. DJ,

    Thanks for asking for clarification from me. Please do ask for clarification if I write something you do not understand. My point would be that while it is the case that most of the effort and work scope of House Republicans since Obama’s election has been their opposing Obama governance, his polices, initiatives, etc. It seems somewhat odd Boehner would actually complain about Obama not governing (advancing his policies, initiatives, etc.) That being the case, do you suppose it possible Boehner’s complaint is driven by something “political in nature” rather than something genuinely “honest in nature”? Seems there’s a political election coming up, however… surely politicking could not possibly be the motivation behind Boehner’s comment? Just checking.

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