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Occupy Reality


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Why does this look more like a stinky Lollapalooza concert than a democratic protest?!?!?!?!? JUST SAYIN’!!!!

    1. From your viewpoint as shared, OWS “looks like a stinky Lollapalooza concert.”

      A poll that Time published found that 54 percent of Americans view the OWS protests favorably while comparatively 27 percent have a favorable view of the Tea Party. In your case, would logic factor that the Tea Party is viewed by Americans as something less than a stinky Lollapalooza concert? 😉

    2. You may call us bums, but I would not be sleeping on the streets if it weren’t for this economy! You can call us names but you will not change reality. Almost EVERYONE is on our side, good luck being the minority!!

  2. Again A.F. Bronco, nice graphic. Thought I’d share an extrapolated flavoring of one individual voice of OWS’s actual real-life “economic illiterates.” Frankly, we got all sorts in our ranks with varying degrees of literacy and perspective.

    1. My opinion doesn’t differ that much from this obviously intelligent young man in some areas. But, if he votes for Mr(cronycapitalism)Obama he immediately goes into the hypocrite bin. Many of these issues are what the “tea party” were talking about all last year, as they were called racist and right wing extremist. This young man should have been at the tea party as as apposed to aligning himself with anti-capitalist such as Van Jones, Steven Lerner, SEIU, anarchist, anti-semitics, communist and NAZI’s with the backing of George Soros money and the media.
      Not speaking for you here, but many who are calling for the collapse of the system(Capitalism) have no idea of the hell that awaits them, and all of us if that happens… It’s the government that need to be tweaked, not more government intervention and Crony-Government-Capitalism…. The problem isn’t at Wall Street it’s in D.C. Let’s start by getting rid of one of the biggest crony-capitalist of them all, Obama and the lobbist.. Let’s get back to the constitution.

      1. Mr. Branco I respect your talent however as for the message itself…we’re pretty much done with it. It is wasting everybody’s time at a moment in history where we have no time to waste. Our future is at stake, and the saps rambling on about socialism who fell for death panels and other nonsensical lies isn’t allowed to hijack the conversation anymore. We’re not going to allow you hijack our future for tax cuts for corporations or for never ending wars or whatever other sociopathic lunacy the wealthy exploiters of the other 99% have ginned up. I will not go silent as their shock doctrine wrenches away the last glimpse of democracy and hands it over to lobbyists and entrenched corrupt industry. If your messaging insists upon hijacking honest debates about our future by calling it Socialistic Hitler Fascist Death Panel WMD Terrorist Job Killing Kenyan Muslim Regulation Tyranny Van Jones Steven Lerner SEIU anarchist anti-semitics communist and this week NAZI’s with the backing of George Soros… you can no longer be taken seriously. Seriously. We really don’t have time for your dishonesty. You are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Your messaging is near being relegated to a dustbin. Try tackling a toon that asks conservatives to take a look at themselves? Consider #OccupyWallStreet a nationwide intervention, because some people are drunk on greed and power.

        1. Seriously, if you cannot reach or “touch” into the humor/irony of your of your own audience – make anybody here actually think – you’ve absolutely hit your ceiling and reached your pinnacle moment here. This is a historic political moment, we both understand it. You can stay in your cocoon or you can challenge people to think. I suggest it would be a waste of your mind and your talent to push propaganda…. rather than make anybody think. Whatever. I wish you the best.

          1. BTW thank you for the compliment on my art…
            I know most of the OWS folks want to be a part of something big and noble, but seriously they’re just being “useful idiots” for ultra leftist power seekers they don’t understand.

        2. I really don’t have to say anything, your movement is speaking for it’s self… I think the movement should continue to keep doing what it’s doing, and that is showing the rest of the country the true colors of the left. What ever propaganda your getting has twisted your world view point. Think?… You seem to be so cemented to the Saul Alynski, Marxist ideology you can’t see what an awesome country you live in already.. The greatest country in the world with more opportunity than any where on earth, other than the universities where they teach students that if you take out a loan for an education it’s the banks fault if you don’t want to pay it back. Some education.
          This entire movement is rooted in leftist propaganda.
          Europe is crumbling under the weight of socialism, and we are too. So called “greed” is the reason the poor in this country would be considered wealthy among most of the rest of the world, why we enjoy most of the gadgets we enjoy, and lifestyle…. What system would you replace ours with that would maintain our way of life and freedom?
          I think your movement should “Occupy” Cuba for couple weeks to see what they have to look forward to after they collapse the system. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind them craping on police cars, being violent, disorderly and trashing the place.

  3. Wow…. a poll from TIME? No left-leaning demographic to “helpfully” tweak their findings over there.

    You can thank the DC for our economy – they have ENABLED every behavior that you OWS supporters claim to loathe… and yet instead of rooting out the cause of the problem you want to give the cause of the problem more power & control over our lives. How in the world does that make ANY sense? Who bailed out the banks with OUR money? DC. Who bailed out the automakers with OUR money? DC. Who bailed out Wall Street with OUR money? DC. Nearly every single problem with our economy can be blamed squarely on gov’t sticking it’s fat fingers into pies it shouldn’t be. It’s really not difficult to understand our system, but apparently that’s more than can be asked of some – of course I attribute most of that to the fact that our young people have been lied to in our liberal progressive university system & indoctrinated with this garbage. What system would you suggest we implement to fix all these problems? Obviously handing large amounts of control over to the gov’t doesn’t work… and yet that’s just what you people are screaming for. They could tax us ALL at 100% & it would never be enough. They’d spend it all & borrow more from China.

    The type of government we have RIGHT NOW is exactly what our founders were trying to avoid when they laid out the Constitution.

    All I can say is that common sense certainly is not common. Sad, sad, sad.

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