John Voight: The Greatest Lie

A letter written by John Voight to the American people and read on the Huckabee show.


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. John Voight for President!!

    I’ve learned that Voight is a fine conservative, and that there are many more Hollywood types who have kept their conservatism a secret for many years, until the Tea Party movement brought them out. We provide cover for them as the movie makers couldn’t make enough money to make their movies if they had to depend on the Disney crowd to see them. Voight has had some very important movie parts here recently along side of known liberals. His portrayal of the father of Nicholus Cages’ character in the American Treasure series I’m sure was a pleasure for him to do, and reinforced his patriotism, as his character had been a preserver of American heritage artifacts all his life would reflect his real life love of things American.

    I applaude John Voight for his courage and patriotism in coming out on TV, even if it was on Fox and not CNN, where he might have been shot at upon leaving the studio from someone who works at that criminal network. It had to have taken real guts to read a letter like we see on this site and many other conservative sites every day, but rarely on any TV station do we get to hear such wonderful and encouraging words spoken by someone who would be considered a “role model” for some. I have grown to look to him for such words as he spoke on this program, because I need it, alot. I listen to as many conservative talk show hosts as I can every day. But every day sometimes just doesn’t seem to be enough these days when we see Obama doing more damage to this nation almost hourly in some cases. Like when before going to Martha’s Vineyard Obama passed part of the “Dream Act” by Presidential Directive. That angered me to no end, but it also frightened me as well. It scared me because it gives criminal Mexican illegals even more rights that my own children don’t have.

    We on the right side of history need people like Mr. Voight, but we also must pray for his safety as well. We cannot assume for a second that the powers that be would not take the chance to take him out, just like we hear from the head of the AFL-CIO screaming to his followers that he believes they are going to “take”, us, “out”! How far would Obama and his henchmen go to secure this next election? Would they go as far as murdering someone they really felt could harm them enough to endanger the rethroning of Obama as President? We could never prove who did it, and they could blame anyone they chose. So we need to pray for leaders like Mr. Voight and ask God to protect him from harm. Mr. Voight doesn’t scare Obama, but if Obama thought for a second that words like Mr. Voight spoke could scare others into voting against him, how much does Obama want to keep his job?

    1. I couldn’t agree more Will, Mr. Voight is a true conservative and a great example for our children of what it means to be a 100% Patriotic American!

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