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Governor Bobby Jindal, GOP Sweep Louisiana Elections

Governor Bobby Jindal won reelection as Governor of Louisiana in the most lopsided victory since it went to an open Primary system in 1975, garnering 66% of the vote. All seven statewide GOP state legislators will also continue new terms in January, 2012.                                                                                                                                    


Just like Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Jindal will not rest on his laurels in 2012 as witnessed by his statement after winning reelection:




“I will use every day, every hour of these next four years to make Louisiana the very best that we can be. I don’t believe on resting on our past accomplishments. I don’t believe in taking time off,” Mr. Jindal told a packed hotel ballroom of supporters.




Governor Jindal has ridden the sweeping tide of the 2010 elections where Americans across the country denounced the big-debt-spending of Liberal Democrats in State Governors races, along with the U.S Congressional elections where Democrats were given a historic drumming out of Federal, State and Local offices. When staring in the face of $15 trillion dollars of national debt in 2012, we can expect this trend to continue across America in the upcoming elections.




Congratulations go out to Governor Jindal and the voters of Louisiana for standing up for the true American values of a limited government, personal freedom and liberty for all.












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One Comment

  1. Bobby Jindal is a fraud! He is not a conservative. He is what I call him, ” The absentee Governor”. And the reason why is as soon as he deals with whatever the liberal Democrats want him to do, he does, and then he leaves town and doesn’t come back from whatever and where ever he is doing and is at, until he absolutely has to come back to deal with whatever it is the liberal Democrats want him to do.

    His big deal on the coast during the BP spill was nothing but a photo op, and posturing for reelection. He did nothing down there to save anyone’s life’s work, 22,000 businesses and people lost their livlihoods because he wasn’t a conservative governor, he was a whimpy liberal governor who didn’t want to oppose Obama to much. He should have told Obama it was his job to protect our state no matter how long Obama wanted to wait for the oil to ruin our coast line and the fishing industry. He should have got the National Guard down there to run out those guys in Black who no one knew who they were and have yet to find out. I suspect these guys in black uniforms with no patches, no name tags, no service tags, nothing to indicate who they were, but they were armed with M-16’s and ran everyone off who were taking pictures, trying to sop up the oil, save the animal life, whatever. Jindal should have arrested some of those guys and found out who they were. He should have ordered anyone and everyone who had some way to stop the oil to go out into the Gulf and do what they could. As a matter of fact no governor could send out anyone to try to stop the oil because Obama didn’t want it stopped. If Jindal was the man he tries to tell you he is, was, then there should have been something more to help this state even since the BP oil has stopped than what he has done. He’s done nothing.

    I know that Rush Limbaugh, and Saun Hannidy both believe that Bobby Jindal is a good conservative and does a lot for Louisiana. But it’s just no one from Louisiana has had the chance to show them the proof that he is not who he says he is. All they would have to do is just not mention him again as a conservative and people would forget hm.

    He did not make law that removed the corruption and the good “ol boy system of law making here. He allowed a man who was about to be convicted of taking bribs, and influence peddling, to take over the “Ethics Committee” that the conservatives in the legislature set up to really do what Jindal didnt’ have the nerve to do. This representative fired all the men on the committee, hired his buddies, and they immideately dropped the charges against him. This man right away deconstructed the Ethic’s law, took all the teeth out of it so it wouldn’t catch and punish anyone, and Jindal approved it. So Louisiana is just as crooked as it was because the Ethics Committee is run by a crook!

    And so on and so on. Bobby is running around the country campaigning for other Republican’s, campaigning for himself, and supposedly building up the image of Louisiana for tourist to come here and see how improved it is. It’s not improved. We still hold the highest drop out rate of all the schools in the nation. We still have the high unemployment rate that Jindal said he has eliminated. He hasn’t. He said he created 12,000 jobs. That’s a lie. He’s created about 1200 jobs in four years. And nearly none of them are on the coast that he let be spoiled by BP. He has not put all the pressure that could be brought to bear on BP to pay for all the people who owned businesses that were lost so those people could get their lives back together.

    He has done nothing for Louisiana. He voted against a $30,000 a year pay raise for the legislators only because the people were raising holy hell about it. But a couple of years later when the people were dealing with something else has allowed a smaller but still a pay raise to the delight of the liberal Democrats down in Baton Rouge. See, when we weren’t looking he gave them something. That’s the way he works.

    Bobby Jindal is a fraud!

  2. HMMMM you sure you live in Louisiana or is that La for Los Angeles Will? Did ya see the latest La jobs report by any chance? Did ya notice in this article that 66% of all voters voted for Mr. Jindal? That’s a whole lot of voters that he has completely fooled if folks were to believe what you say, Will.

    Louisiana has a 6.9 % U/E sure beats the national avg of 9.1% here:

    Someone is doing something right.

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