U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown's Wife Caught Red-Handed and Red-Faced, Resigns

The latest longtime member of D.A.M, as in the Democratic Attack Machine, to be exposed recently has been working in the media at The Cleveland Plains Dealer newspaper for 18 long years, promoting liberal talking points and spinning the news stories 24/7. No big revelation here you say right? What if it was exposed that the news-person we are talking about here is none other than the wife of a sitting United States Senator? Meet Ms. Connie Shultz, also known as… Mrs. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, whom has resigned from the Cleveland Plains Dealer when she was caught at a Tea Party event where the probable challenger to her husband’s U.S. Senate seat in 2012, Josh Mandel was speaking. There is a picture of the lovely couple there, courtesy of Connie Shultz via The Washington Post.

Note: The Plains Dealer still has “Connie Shultz” listed as a writer on their website here as of this morning. In the ultimate example of backtracking blather, Connie Shultz-Brown tries to defend the straw that finally broke the camel’s back(and this story), here.  In true Liberal fashion, while stating a total denial of wrong-doing there, she basically issues no apology, makes numerous lame excuses, and shows a total lack of honesty and integrity. Here is just a little taste of her fake apology upon announcing her resignation from the above linked story, and the now-obvious reason for being at a Tea Party event, along with the subsequent trashing of her husband’s possible opponent in 2012 in her writing:

I didn’t mention all the speakers in my column, but there was one who showed up at the end of the event whom I should have named: Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. (emphasis mine)

For months, The Plain Dealer has identified Mandel as the likely 2012 Republican opponent of my husband, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. Mandel is raising money for a Senate race, but has not declared his candidacy. He frequently attacks my husband in public interviews and speeches, and the Tea Party event was no exception. (emphasis mine)


Mrs. Sherrod Brown has been writing Liberal propaganda articles for 18 long years at the Cleveland Plains Dealer, and yet in true media-malpractice ( CYA) fashion, the newspaper’s editor supposedly never new Mrs. Sherrod Brown would skew the news articles in favor of her very own husband’s Liberal Democratic political party. Isn’t that amazing? Integrity and honesty in unbiased news reporting? Not at the Cleveland Plains Dealer, as is painfully obvious in the editor’s  very own statement after this fiasco was exposed.  If you still believe that Connie Shultz , AKA Mrs. Sherrod Brown is a fair and unbiased reporter, let’s take it a step further and see what her very own editor,  Debra Adams Simmons, at the CPD had to say about Mrs. Connie Shultz-Brown: (hat tip to Paula over at Redstate.com.)

“Her steadfast commitment to social and economic justice, her advocacy on behalf of women and her courageous efforts to speak truth to power highlight a distinguished career. Although Connie is moving on, hers will continue to be an important voice for the region.” (Emphasis mine)

Notice the liberal cutesy catch-phrases highlighted above? How about that last line where they all but admit that this propagandist of the left will still be working in the media to trash the Tea Party and conservatives in Ohio in the very near future ? This is how the Democratic Attack Machine works. When you shine sunlight on the nest of leftist roaches, they just scurry to other hiding places within the media and are funded by the Liberal operative organizations of the fake Democratic party.   Now watch how quickly the Liberal media sweeps this episode of just how dishonest the Liberal media arm of the Democratic Machine truly is under the carpet.  My guess? It will not even be mentioned on MSNBC,  ABC, or CBS and probably not by CNN either.  This is in fact, a major story about the wife of a sitting United States Senator working at the biggest newspaper in Ohio as a proven member of the Liberal Democratic media machine, and therefore should be reported on nation-wide.  Also of note is the fact that this fiasco was happening right under the current Speaker of the House,  John Boehner’s nose,  in his state of Ohio. This shows us just how low these people will go to promote their Liberal ideology and try to force it on all Americans through stealth media manipulation.  How disgusting.


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. This is just more proof that these subversive’s are everywhere constantly pumping Socialist/Marxist propagada into the brains of the American people 24/7/365. These liberal run newspapers, news magazines, TV networks, radio programs, TV talk programs disguised as news, all run by liberals/Socialists/Marxists/Communists.

    When our government got rid of most of the laws that would keep people like her unable to get a job at a newspaper, or anything else for that matter, that’s when all these subversives started taking over. They did it with the courts, and their followers and members getting high level jobs in colleges and universities so they could teach their poison to our children making sure we couldn’t do anything about it. And what laws I’m talking about that our government got rid of that has allowed these kinds of people to exist in our culture and the laws that created things like the Committee On Unamerican Activities, laws prohibiting subversives from obtaining critical jobs in media, the kind that Connie Shultz had, laws that made being Socialist, Marxist, and Communists meeting together in the home of one of their kind against the law, they could be arrested, and investigated for subversive and unAmerican activities that if put into action, like Mrs. Shultz getting a job as a writter on this newspaper, could undermine that foundation of this nation through brain washing techniques applied to the unsuspecting readers. And look what their ideology when gone unchecked has done to our government, her husband gets elected by a unsuspecting public.

    When a lie is told as if it were the truth, how can you know that you are being lied to if what you hear is part truth, part how you really feel, and then language which sounds right but is Communist mind control techniques used to control people’s choices of who becomes their representative in Congress, how are you supposed to know? You can’t unless you talk to people who know how that language and mind control techniques are applied to people tells you what you are listening to is a lie. Or someone who in on conservative talk radio tells us what is being told to us, or that we are reading that sounded like the truth, but was a lie, or is lies.

    Marxist and Communists are expert in making up the language and in coming up with techniques that can get you thinking that “Well, maybe we need a law like that.”, or “Maybe I’ve been wrong in how I thought about those things or how I’ve been treating those people.” And before we knew it we gave the country over to the Connie Shultz’s and Mr. Brown’s of the world in this country who seemed like ordinary people, but they are not, they are subversives and Socialists who don’t believe that you should have the right to have what you have, nor do you have to right to keep what you’ve worked for, and that you owe more than what the government says you owe already, or that it’s your patriotic duty to give up your private property to them because it belonged to someone else before you and you owe it to someone else who didn’t earn it.

    America was safe from invasion from these kinds of people long ago when we had the belief that America deserved to be safe from the poison and destruction these people could rought on our nation. But in the name of “Fairness” and “Equality” we shouldn’t think those kinds of things about people, is what liberals told us. They lied. They were subversives. They were Marxist trying to get in and take our freedom and liberty from us in the name of the people. Yeah, who? The Connie Shultz-Brown’s, that’s who.

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