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TPX/CNN GOP Debate: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Last night in Tampa Florida, The Teaparty Express/CNN GOP Presidential debate was held at the Florida State fairgrounds. The weather was quite nice for the event, although temperatures were in the 90’s for most of the day. Florida is also considered to be a very important swing state that could decide just who will become the next Republican President of the Untied States in the 2012 presidential elections in Nov. of next year. There is also another GOP debate to be held right down the I-4 corridor in Orlando, Florida later on this month. Could the Sunshine State actually determine the next President-elect in 2012? Does anyone remember the sore loser antics of Al Gore, and the hanging chad controvercy in the 2000 elections? Florida will have 29 electoral votes next year, up from 27. Yes, if the 2012 Presidential election is a close one, Florida could very well determine winner. Thus, last night in Tampa we saw some candidates showing a form of desperate aggression, mainly against the frontrunner, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Depending on who you are supporting in the election, this could be viewed as good, bad or just plain ugly.

The whole idea behind having a Presidential debate is to help the voting public decide who they would like to see as their candidate through asking questions that will show the people just what kind of a President the candidates would be, and how they would run the country if elected. It is also a forum for candidates to try to show just why they would make a better President than the other candidates. Sooner or later, these debates become contentious, as is the nature of the beast in any debate. Last night we saw a good amount of questions posed that resulted in a ramping up of attacks that were mainly directed at Governor Perry. The Gardisil/HPV vaccinations and the Texas in-state tuition for illegal immigrants headlined these attacks. How Governor Perry handled these attacks could hold the key to just who supposedly “won” this debate. In my opinion, they are all winners based on the fact that they stand unified in their conservative principles and strong opposition to what Barack Obama has done to this country in a very short time.

THE GOOD aspects of the debate:

The Tea Party questions submitted during the debate from grassroots voters across America were well thought out and informative for the most part. CNN Moderator Wolf Blitzer came off as respectful and pretty much non-partisan during the debate, which was a pleasant surprise considering the leftist slant of the last debate on MSNBC. Candidates were alotted a decent amount of time to answer the questions, giving us a better insight into their views about how to restore America and their solutions to today’s problems within our government. Another good aspect of the debate is that we were offered a good glimpse of just how front-runner Gov. Perry will handle the pressure during future debates. There is no perfect candidate, yet a candidate that shows an ability to function under pressure such as Rick Perry did last night, points towards a solid leader that could handle the constant pressures of being our next President. Newt Gingrich is pretty much unflappable in the pressure category also, as referred to in this article on the debate, Newt deserves a cabinet position in 2013. We saw Herman Cain shine once again with his “problem-solver” theme and he was given ample time to answer the questions. John Huntsman was given numerous, (some may say too many) chances to state his positions on all the topics, and this shows us once again that he should be running as a Democrat. That kind of exposure is always a good thing for serious conservative voters to witness. Due to the Tea Party Express co-sponsoring this debate, they were allowed to control the theme to the point of negating the always present Liberal media spin that function as an arm of The Democratic Attack Machine. We must not let the Liberal media control the conservative Republican presidential debates, as that only serves to undermine all conservative candidates at every turn.

The last good aspect of this debate is that we see just how viable and important the Tea Party groups will be in the 2012 elections. Much to the dismay of the Liberal media, the reality of the situation is that the 2012 elections will be driven by grassroots concerned citizens slapping down the big government nanny-state creators of the fake Democratic Party led by far left radical Barack Hussein Obama.

THE Bad aspects of the debate:

CNN’s handlers and political planners made the point to spend way too much time on Rick Perry’s Gardisil controvercy, taking valuable time away from discussing other important topics, such as the non-use of the E-Verify program, Real ID leglislation to protect our voting process, The Fast and Furious DOJ/ATF-enabled gun-running scandal and possible actions to be taken, or the rampant pattern of DC politicians seemingly being above the law when it comes to felony income tax evasion and a slew of other criminal acts. The Unions complicity in the educational system failure is another topic that was left by the wayside to spend way too time on the Gardisil issue. Again, this is what happens when Liberal media puppets are allowed to control a GOP debate and the questions asked. Another bad aspect of this latest debate was the obvious slant against certain candidates while failing to call out other candidates on their shortcomings. Make no mistake, this debate was a pile-on- frontrunner-Perry affair. For example, while Michelle Bachmann has championed many wonderful, totally conservative causes while in Congress, why wasn’t she asked about her lack of results, which was pointed out in the last debate? It is one thing to vote against an issue, while it is a totally different one to actually move a bill through congress and get it passed. probably much to the dismay of the Bachmann supporters, she in fact falls way short in actual leglislative achievements in government at any level. I believe it was Newt that said we need results, not rhetoric, and Herman Cain repeated that mantra last night.

Another bad aspect of the debate was shown in how Blitzer failed to point out that several candidates were twisting Perry’s words and ignoring the facts in his responses while attacking him. That also points to the Pile-on-Perry slant throughout this debate. Huntsman stated that it was treason for Perry to say we can’t secure the border, when in fact, Perry said it wasn’t feasable to build a several hundred mile fence, yet he also stated the need for 4500 troops and border control agents and 1200 more national guardsmen stationed at the border. Blitzer could have stopped Huntsman from stating mistruths about Perry’s border solution, but instead chose to allow Huntsman to effectively lie on national TV. Perry called for securing the border, period.

The last bad aspect of this debate is the fact that the most knowledgable candidate in the debate was pushed aside and ignored at very critical times in this debate. That was evident when Newt Gingrich was left out of Rick Perry vs. the rest of the field battles during discussions about Perry’s policies and record as Governor of Texas. Newt has steadily warned the Liberal media puppets during these debates about their idiotic “gotcha questions” that have the agenda of making all of the conservative candidates look bad, and is a blatant attempt to divide the GOP. I suspect Wolf Blitzer purposely kept Newt on the sidelines to avoid the major backhand Newt hit Chris Wallace and the Liberal media with during the Fox News debate. I did notice Newt shaking his head in dismay when he realized that Bachmann and Santorum fell into the media trap of prolonging the discussion of the Perry-Gardisil issue in order to gain more stage time. It is also a bad thing when conservatives give the DNC these types of soundbites to use in ads and fake news stories to denounce the front-running conservative candidate, Gov. Rick Perry today.

THE UGLY aspects of last night’s GOP debate:

The ugliest aspect of this debate, which over-shadowed the rest of the insightful, well-thought-out question and answer session was the apparent mob mentality brought out against Gov. Rick Perry. Huntsman, Bachmann and Santorum played right into the Liberal agenda of making the entire GOP look like a bunch of petty attention-seekers and non-viable candidates by propagating the lengthy Gardisil issue. That lack of self-control, respect and the refusal to accept the fact that Perry said if he had it to do over again he wouldn’t do it, and added refusal to move on towards the next issue was flat out ugly. Huntsman’s participation in this flash mob didn’t surprise me one bit, as he looked like he was just waiting to call Perry “treasonous” because of how Perry had referred to the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke as treasonous for his part in devaluing the U.S currency. Five years from now, when we see rampant inflation crushing the families of the working class citizens across America due to Bernanke’s monetary policy, I,m betting that a hell of a lot of Americans will be calling for Bernanke’s head on a pike. Huntsman thought he was being cute in saying Perry doesn’t think we can secure the southern border. Does Huntsman have a hearing problem? Perry called for securing the border with more manpower and technology, therefore showing Huntsman’s false statement to be as ugly as it gets in a Presidential debate.

I,d like to thank the wonderful folks at The TeaPartyExpress and all the various Tea party groups across America, for their part in giving conservatives a real debate and the chance to study all these 2012 Republican Presidential candidates in a more fair and balanced atmosphere. Next up is the GOP Presidential debate later this month, also here in Florida, ( Orlando) to be aired on Fox News in conjunction with Google.

Moderated by Special Report anchor Bret Baier with panelists Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday” and Megyn Kelly, anchor of “America Live,” the debate will incorporate video and text questions submitted by the public on

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  1. DJ, The Gardisil issue wasn’t overblown. It is at the very core of repealing obamacare. I have examined Perry’s executive order from top to bottom, the only thing Perry regrets is not pushing it through the legislature. He still supports the idea. And that, my friend, is at the heart of the issue. Government’s job isn’t to inoculate every kid to protect against STD’s. But Perry thinks it is.

  2. Seriously, this 2012 administrative team is the last economic hope for the United States and Americans:

    President Michele Bachmann
    Vice-president Newt Gingrich
    Secretary of State Mitt Romney
    Secretary of Treasury Ron Paul
    Secretary of Commerce Gary Johnson
    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

    “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his.”

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